Drain Repair in Regina, SK

It’s important to get Regina drain repair service as soon as you notice problems with your system. You rely on your drainage system to effectively remove wastewater from your home—not only because it’s convenient but also because it’s designed to keep you safe from diseases and infections. Whether you flush your toilets, do your dishes or run the washing machine, all that dirty water has to go somewhere. Your drains play a huge role in distributing liquid waste down to the sewer line, where it continues going to Regina's public sewer system.

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We have all experienced clogged drains in one way or another, where our plunger or snake have served wonders in clearing nearby blockages. Although you may not think about how well or badly you’re actually treating your plumbing system, it will need professional maintenance to stay intact and efficient. Recurring drainage issues often indicate an underlying issue further down the line that may be connected with the sewer at your home in Regina. Drain repairs are one of our most important services that we provide to residents who experience severe clogs and other plumbing problems that affect their daily lives.

This is where your uniformed Regina plumber comes in with specialist tools and excellent workmanship to quickly get down to the root cause of your problem and provide you with fast and effective solutions. Functioning pipes are an important part of your home and your experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina aim to ensure yours are in working order, so that you are in a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

What Are The Signs I Need Regina Drain Repair?

The common telltale signs are mostly visible via your plumbing fixtures and appliances, as they can disrupt your daily habits with backups, low pressure or error messages. Once these signs sink in, you might start to panic, thinking about costly repairs or risks of contamination from a sewage backup. We recommend that you stay calm and act fast on these signs. If these issues only just started recently, you’re likely on the safe side, and service from your local plumber can help you get these under control.

Beware of these warning signs:

Low Water Pressure

This is never a good sign and could indicate several issues. Knowing that Regina has a water hardness of approximately 287 mg/L (CaCO3), which is considered high, it’s recommended that you use softener to better protect your supply lines. Otherwise, the high mineral content (calcium and magnesium) will lead to nasty buildup in your supply and drain line. Calcium deposits can cause corrosion and stubborn blockages that could lead to low water pressure and other problems that require drain repair. Regina SK homeowners that experience pressure issues may also need a service technician to install a pressure regulator. If you’re suffering from low pressure, we recommend a thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspection.

Clogged Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

While Regina clogged drains could happen at any time, they certainly become a nuisance if they are persistent and keep coming back. Unfortunately, there is a reason for that—an underlying issue that affects your lines calling for drain repair. Regina SK homeowners who find themselves using their plunger or drain snake every week will know it’s time to call a professional plumber to peek deeper down the line. A plumbing snake can only go so deep and dislodge blockages, but it doesn’t clean the pipe’s walls or fix the underlying issues that cause clogs in the first place.

Some appliances that are connected to drain lines include your dishwasher, washing machine and garburator. If they’re all located in the kitchen area, your kitchen drains will have to work hard to adequately dispose of all the wastewater. Frequent clogs occur if you don’t clear your dishwasher’s filter, so it’s important to occasionally check the machine’s drain hose, as well as other connected appliances like your garbage disposal. You might also want to check your p-trap to ensure it’s not the cause of your troubles. If one appliance is stuck, it could affect the rest and even cause a backup in your kitchen sink. This is when kitchen sinks undergo a high amount of stress and may require Regina drain repair later down the road. That said, keeping up with routine maintenance cleaning will help keep your kitchen’s plumbing system in good condition.

Leaking Sewer Cleanout

Unfortunately, this is indicative of a sewer backup. If you have noticed problems with your plumbing fixtures, such as backups or slow draining, a leaking cleanout is the ultimate confirmation that you need an expert plumber to diagnose the backup’s root cause before determining your options for drain repair in Regina.

Sewage Around Basement Floor Drains

Similar to the previous sign, sewage seeping out of floor drains is likely related to a sewer backup or severe clogs in a secondary drainage pipe. If your basement floor is flooding, try to figure out if it happened after a shower, doing the dishes or flushing the toilet. Do these fixtures (tub, toilet, sink, etc.) show any signs of slow draining or gurgling? You could assume that these are drain line issues where using a plumbing snake or auger could loosen up that backup. While doing that, we also recommend checking all the p-traps for clogs.

If your basement floor won’t clear, it could be related to blockage or other issues in your main sewer line, as wastewater that has nowhere to go could potentially force itself into your secondary lines. Since sewer gas contains harmful bacteria and other chemicals, you will need a licensed plumber. Regina drain repair and inspection services from our certified technicians will help recover your plumbing system immediately.

Slab Leaks

This is a major one. Your main sewage and water lines will typically run under the concrete slab that makes up your home’s foundation. If those lines crack or break in a way that lets out water, it could cause the surrounding soil to shift, and move your foundation slab along with it, resulting in cracks that run up your walls. This is why foundation cracks, whether inside or outside your home, always require a specialist’s evaluation, especially if water is dripping down your basement wall, as that could be a sign of serious damage to your pipes!

While poor installation during construction service could also be the culprit of foundation cracks, it’s best to call a licensed plumber whenever you see foundation cracks in Regina. A certified plumber and foundation technician will be able to determine the cause of your damage, so you can complete the repairs you need and correctly check your home insurance for any repair coverage that will protect you from this issue in Regina. Drain repair and major pipe replacements will likely be necessary to fix any damaged lines related to a slab leak.

Other Regina Drain Repair Signs To Watch Out For:

  • Gurgling sinks

  • Slow draining

  • Wet patches above buried plumbing lines

  • Increased utility bills

  • Sewer gas smells

  • Ceiling leaks (especially in basements and other lower levels)

  • Damp walls

Common Causes of Drain Damage

Regina property owners know their homes well and will normally notice anything out of the ordinary, whether walls suddenly smell musty or water pressure is lower than usual. Seeing—or smelling—those signs will make you think about what the causes might be. Have I not been maintaining my plumbing system well? Should I have called a qualified plumber about my frequent toilet backups? It’s best to call a professional to find out, but you can also look for any signs of these common causes of damage:

Frozen Pipes

You can never be prepared enough for Regina’s cold winters. Any outdoor and underground pipes are most susceptible to freezing, depending on their material or level of insulation. While frozen lines don’t necessarily burst, it will depend on whether you’re using that plumbing fixture, because water pressure flowing through that sensitive pipe in a rush could potentially cause a leak or a burst. Both your water lines and sewage lines are among the essential lines that could be affected by a frozen, above-ground or underground pipe in your system.

Corroded Pipes

Some metal-based pipes corrode as they age, especially if they’ve not been well maintained. They are also prone to buildup and clogs, which are the main causes of pipe bursts and often start with leaks one has yet to detect. Apart from aging, households that use chemical drain cleaners to clean their cast iron or galvanized steel pipes could experience corrosion faster too. Chemicals have corrosive components that will do your lines more harm than good. Once damaged, they will only deteriorate further, triggering more wear and corrosion, and making your water unsafe for consumption. Regina drain repair services might be an option to fix this issue, but you’ll likely require a replacement if damage or corrosion is extensive.

Tree Root Intrusion

Is your home surrounded by many trees? If so, your system is at risk of tree root infiltration, because your pipes have liquid that attracts tree roots. In some cases they will break into the material or push through small cracks to access it, while in others they wrap around lines, gradually crushing them.

If you don’t remember the last time you had an inspection and suspect that you may be the victim of tree root infiltration, we highly recommend that you hire a local plumber to check your sewer pipe. We’ll be more than happy to inspect your surroundings and offer you preventative measures that promote your lines’ longevity. However, Regina drain repair services might not be appropriate for older steel pipes, especially if they show signs of corrosion. In those cases, it’s best to consider replacing your damaged lines with newer, safer, more durable pipes.

Services You May Need Before Starting Regina Drain Repairs

Sewer Camera Inspections

When it comes to major repairs, we always tell our customers not to worry until we have done a thorough inspection to determine the cause of damage and the best solutions. This is an important step that should be completed before proceeding with any repair options.

For in-depth inspections, we use our sewer camera to examine your pipe’s material and health from the inside. The sewer camera will tell us, for instance, where the blockage is and how severe it is. We may also use other advanced equipment to pinpoint the damage and complete your inspection. If your pipe appears to be in overall good health but is filled with debris, we will move on to the cleaning step before considering drain repair. Regina SK homeowners can rest easy if they learn that their pipe is in working condition.

Acoustic Listening Equipment Inspections

This technology is a safe, non-invasive leak detection method that uses a ground microphone to differentiate leak sounds from flow sounds, whether behind walls or under concrete slabs. Often, this method is backed by an infrared imaging device that helps us further detect and evaluate leaks. This allows our plumbers to closely estimate the affected location before proceeding with repairs.

HydroScrub® Jetting Service

This is our advanced plumbing tool designed to effectively clear any clogged drains from stubborn deposits to blockages. Its highly pressurized jets of water can blast away any debris with an average psi of 1500. Because of its pressure, it’s not suitable for every sewer or drain type. Hydro jetting is also an excellent maintenance solution that promotes your system’s health and will push the need for drain repair further into the future.

Regina Drain Repair Steps and Methods

When we’re done with our inspection and have provided you with the diagnosis, we will outline a list of repair options for you. Our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina is very knowledgeable and transparent about their findings. We always offer the best and most cost-effective solutions to our customers that want long-term benefits,

For basic damage or blockages, you may only need minor repairs or cleaning services, but for severe issues you may need more significant services, which means that replacements could also be under discussion when we chat about Regina drain repair services.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

This is a method of installing, fixing or replacing sewer lines without the need to break up concrete or dig beneath the ground on a property to access affected pipes. There are two popular types of trenchless technology that professional plumbers frequently use to complete drain repairs, as well as many additional methods in other specific situations:

  • Pipe Lining: Often utilizing cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology, this is a non-invasive underground piping method used for rehabilitating damaged drain and sewer lines.

  • Pipe Bursting: This uses hydraulic power to direct a new pipe into place while bursting the existing one apart.

Is Your Plumbing System Calling for Regina Drain Repair? Mr. Rooter Plumbing is Here to Help!

No matter what type of professional plumbing service you need, from annual Regina drain cleaning to Regina sewer line replacement, our team of dependable Regina plumbers is here to help! While it might not be all about emergencies, we always make sure to stay available for emergency situations—and we never add overtime charges for sudden incidents, because your safety is our first priority.

For everything from regular maintenance to sewer line repairs and help with other plumbing issues, call us. Get the benefit of professional service from local experienced plumbers who always provide outstanding solutions!

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