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What Homeowners Need To Know When Choosing a Regina Sewer Service Company

Did you know that in 2017, property and casualty insurers in Canada paid out $30.1 billion in claims?

That's right!

What's more, over $6.4 billion of those claims were for personal property claims. These include homes, the majority of which filed a claim for water damage. Many of these damages resulted from sewer problems, such as backups and busted pipes.

Even if you have homeowners' insurance though, it's not wise to simply rely on it. Sewer problems come with too many health and safety risks to leave unresolved.

That said, it's important to hire a sewer service company at the first sign of sewer troubles. The possibility alone of dealing with a $43,000 bill for a flooded basement should be enough reason to.

Before you hire a Regina sewer service provider though, make sure that you know what to look for in one.

What Type of Sewer Service Do You Need?

The type of sewer service you'll need depends on the extent and severity of your plumbing issues. For instance, slow drains and overflowing toilets are signs of clogged sewer lines. In this case, you may only need to have your sewer and drain lines cleared and unclogged.

If you also notice sunken spots in your yard, it likely means you already have sewer damage. Since the lines are underground though, this job will require a lot of digging. A sewer service company may need to replace the damaged sewer line.

Because of all these variables, a site investigation is a must for many sewer works. However, only some plumbing contractors perform this with their own people. Others may first need you to work with another contractor to locate the buried services.

As such, make sure that you ask the sewer service provider about site investigations. Confirm if they'll perform it or if they'll subcontract.

If their own people will carry it out, ask if they will already include the price in your total bill. If they'll subcontract, they should give you detailed documentation of the subcontractors. Make sure you ask who’ll pay the subcontractors too.

Diagnosis and Treatment for the Sewer Problem

Slow drains, bad odours, and water backups can occur in both clogged and damaged sewer lines. Clogs don't always require repairs, but they may need more powerful cleaning methods. For example, in cases wherein a standard plumber’s snake won't cut it, pressure cleaning will.

Whereas damaged sewer lines may be due to old age, corrosion, or tree roots wrapping around the pipes. Since the pipes are underground though, it would be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

This is why plumbing diagnosis and inspection is as vital as site investigations. Seasoned sewer service experts use plumbing cameras to help them diagnose the problem. From there, they will develop the best treatment plan for your plumbing woes.

Check that the Regina Sewer Service Company Carries a Valid License

In Saskatchewan, including Regina, the plumbing sector is a regulated trade. The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) regulates the plumbing sector.

Moreover, plumbing is one of the four compulsory apprenticeship trades in the province. This means that all plumbers should meet registration, certification, and licensure requirements.

All licensed plumbers in the province also possess a Journeyperson certificate. Holding this certificate means they’ve completed a lengthy apprenticeship program. It also means they’ve passed the rigorous Journeyperson Examination.

That said, ask the sewer service provider to furnish you with a copy of these documents before you hire them. Then, check with the SATCC that the details they provided are valid and current. Doing so will ensure that you’re dealing with a legit business.

Verify the Validity of the Contractor’s Insurance

Aside from licensure, check that the plumbing contractor is fully insured and bonded. Their insurance should include liability and workers' compensation. These will protect you from any liability if an accident happens while they work on your sewer lines.

Professional plumbers won't hesitate to show you a copy of their insurance policies. Get the policy details and then contact the insurance provider to confirm that it is current.

Written Quotations, Estimates, and Project Details

Reputable sewer service providers always provide project estimates in writing. These documents contain detailed information on all phases of the proposed work. It details not only the estimated costs of materials and labour but also a projected timeline of the work.

Through this document, you'll have an idea of how much the service will cost you. It'll also tell you exactly where your money will go and how the contractor will spend it. You'll also know what materials they will use and if these parts are of good quality.

Get Your Sewer Line Serviced or Replaced Only By a Licensed Plumber

There you have it, your complete guide on choosing the right Regina sewer service company. It's vital that you realize how important it is to choose only a licensed plumber. Aside from being a legal requirement, a license also proves a contactor's competency.

What's even more important is that the sewer service pros can come to your rescue ASAP. Clogged plumbing, after all, can cause sudden water backups that could be a health hazard.

If you're experiencing issues with your drains and sewer lines, we can help. Get in touch with us now so you set your service schedule as soon as possible!