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Benefits of Sewer Drain Cleaning Inspection

The Benefits of Annual Sewer Drain Cleaning Inspection in Regina

Most Canadian homeowners put about $2,000 a year into repairing their homes. To help prevent an expensive plumbing emergency, it is important to regularly inspect your home’s plumbing. Preventative maintenance, like sewer drain cleaning, can prevent major (and expensive) problems later down the road.

Although it can be easy to forget about them, your drains are one of the most-used components of your home's plumbing system. They are constantly filtering away water and waste. In order to continue performing this essential job for as long as possible, your drains require regular maintenance and proper care. Ignoring your pipes can lead to a plumbing emergency.

As spring approaches, it's time to schedule your sewer drain cleaning. Why? Let's explore what sewer cleaning inspections are and the benefits they provide your Regina home.

What Are Sewer Camera Inspections?

Before you start cleaning your drains, you must identify what's going on within your plumbing system. To do that, you need to conduct a sewer camera inspection.

Sewer camera inspections are just like they sound. A qualified technician lowers a specialty waterproof camera into your pipeline. The device captures high-quality video footage as it crawls throughout your drains.

A trained professional attaches a flexible rod into your drain system. The camera is located at the tip of the rod. The specialist moves the rod through the drainage system. As it travels, the camera records everything. Technicians can watch the live footage as well as record everything for future reference.

The sewer camera can snake throughout underground pipes. It reaches areas behind walls and travels deep into the foundation. There are lights attached to the camera, so everything is well-lit. As it crawls, the sewer camera reveals any problems that exist below the surface.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Benefits

Once you identify what's going on below the surface of your plumbing, let the spring cleaning commence!

Why is it essential to inspect and clean your Regina sewer drains this spring? We've listed five of the top benefits of sewer drain cleaning inspections.

1. Improve Drainage

The most significant benefit of sewer drain cleaning is improving your home's drainage. After a thorough cleanse, homeowners should notice an improvement instantly.

Regular drain maintenance clears away sludge, debris, and sediment that has built up within your pipeline. The cleaner your drains, the faster water can flow down your pipes. If you notice water lingering and slowly gurgling down your pipes, that's a sign your drains need to be cleaned.

More efficient drainage also lowers your risk of mold, foul odors and drain flies. Standing water leads to mold and bacteria buildup, which produce unpleasant smells throughout your home. Drain flies are attracted to the foul smells and standing water. With better flowing drains, you won't have to worry about these unpleasant things in your house.

2. Avoid Costly Surprises

Out of sight, out of mind! This philosophy can lead to severe plumbing problems. If you don't monitor your pipes, tiny issues quickly escalate into large ones. Little problems are quick and affordable to fix, but large-scale obstacles can be quite costly.

Sewer camera inspections detect problems early on. A thorough evaluation identifies cracks, leaks, and buildup.

Small cracks and blockages can be quickly fixed with a thorough cleaning. But when these problems are ignored, they can damage your entire plumbing line. In worst-case scenarios, plumbing issues can permanently damage your pipeline and require a homeowner to replace their plumbing.

Avoid costly surprises and keep your pipes as healthy as they can be with regular Regina sewer drain cleanings.

3. Prevent Tree Root Invasion

Trees look beautiful in our yards, but they can cause severe problems with our pipes. Tree roots gravitate towards moisture and nutrients, both of which are located within underground drains.

As the tree roots extend towards your drains, they can coil around and crush them. Tree roots are strong. They can penetrate pipes made from concrete, clay, and PVC.

Tree root invasions lead to plumbing emergencies. They create drain line clogs and can permanently damage pipes. In Vancouver, black locust trees lead to choked pipes for an entire neighborhood.

The best way to prevent tree root invasions in Regina is through annual sewer camera inspections and cleanings. The sewer cameras detect tree roots before they create a plumbing catastrophe. Cleaning out your pipes prevents moisture and residue buildup, which deters tree roots from growing towards the pipes.

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Excavation

Sewer cleaning inspections are a form of trenchless plumbing. Traditional plumbing methods require large excavations and trenches to identify and solve problems. Trenchless repairs do not.

This innovative technology uses small entry points instead of excavating an entire yard. Keeping up with your drains through trenchless repair methods allows for fast, easy, and effortless damage control. And since sewer camera inspections are quicker than a traditional excavation project, they come at a much lower price.

Once the root of your drain problem is found, technicians can use professional sewer drain cleaning methods to clear out your drains and remove blockages.

Thanks to trenchless sewer drain inspections and cleaning, specialists quickly identify and eliminate plumbing problems.

5. Give Yourself Peace of Mind

The most essential benefit of sewer drain cleaning inspections is the peace of mind it provides Regina homeowners. Sewer inspections give an in-depth look at what's going on below the surface of your house.

What does this mean for homeowners? No more anxiety and late-night worrying about a plumbing emergency.

Sewer technicians review inspection footage with homeowners, so they see what's going on. A professional can identify problems early, so homeowners don't need to worry about unexpected costly repairs.

Regular drain maintenance eliminates risks and helps homeowners feel more secure about their properties. When you know what's going on below the surface of your pipes, homeowners can feel at ease.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Experts in Regina

Drain cleaning and inspections prevent costly surprises, improve drainage, eliminate excavation, and, most importantly, give homeowners peace of mind. With all the benefits sewer drain cleaning inspections provide, why put off your spring cleaning any longer?

Prevent buildup and blockages in your drains by scheduling your annual drain cleaning inspection with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Regina. Our expert drain cleaning team will help prevent clogs for years to come with our thorough inspections and repairs. Your Regina plumbers come fully trained, licensed, and equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to provide you and your Regina home with expert & friendly service.

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