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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Water Heater Repair, Installation, or Replacement - Which Is Right for Your Regina Home?

    Your water heater tank and its components are usually far from your mind...until there is a problem with your home water supply. ...

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  • How to Choose the Right Regina Emergency Plumber

    Maybe your pipes have suddenly burst? Perhaps your sewer line is backing up? Whatever the case may be, you need a Regina emergency ...

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  • How To Find The Right Sewer Line Replacement Service In Regina

    Your sewer pipes can last from 50 to 70 years, which means that a lot of time can go by before having to have them replaced- ...

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  • Benefits of Sewer Drain Cleaning Inspection

    The Benefits of Annual Sewer Drain Cleaning Inspection in Regina

    Most Canadian homeowners put about $2,000 a year into repairing their homes. To help prevent an expensive plumbing emergency, it ...

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