Residential Sewer System Backups in Red Deer, AB

Solutions for Red Deer, AB’s Sewage Concerns

Tree roots, debris, and other issues around your home and property can easily damage your plumbing pipes. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer covers Red Deer, AB households’ sewage problems with a team of expert technicians repairing sewer and septic systems with damage from tree roots and other pipe threats. We send only highly skilled professionals with years of experience re-piping and repairing all plumbing system types, and our team can accommodate various property layouts. You can rest easy because our technicians have all our services down to a science and resolve sewer system backups while restoring your residential plumbing system. Let us respond promptly to your request with quick and conclusive plumbing solutions.

Mr. Rooter service professional arriving to fix sewer system backups

Warning Signs You Have a Sewer System Backup

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer understands that a sewer system backup isn’t always obvious until it worsens and spreads, growing into a costly sewage disaster. Below, you can review several warning signs to identify when your sewer system backs up:

  • Multiple drain backups
  • Water puddles around your basement floor drain
  • Water backing up in your sink, shower, or toilet drain
  • Any drain backup combination involving your toilet
  • Strong sewage smell put out by your drains or areas outside your home
  • Gurgling noises coming from your drains or toilet

Tree Roots Infiltrating Your Sewer Line

If you have leaks or condensation on your pipes, these problems can entice tree roots searching for nourishment to grow toward them. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer’s expert technicians have ample experience dealing with plumbing issues involving tree roots. Our years of work have exposed us to issues like roots growing far through the ground and infiltrating sewage systems through tiny pipe section holes, cracks, and separations. After tree roots find a water source, the tree increases its root growth in that area. Roots continue to slip into the pipes, making holes bigger and clogging your system before causing your pipe to burst. There are many signs to look out for, including gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, tubs not draining properly, sewage backups in your toilet or bathtub, and no water filling your toilet bowl. If you notice any of these signs, our company has various solutions, including the following:

  • Pipelining – We line and seal your sewer pipe using a sleeve to resolve sewer line damage permanently. This special sleeve eliminates water leakage and may only need to line a problematic pipe section. Our technicians don’t need to trench or demolish walls and other structures with this method.
  • Hydro jetting – For a long-term solution, our technicians can clean your pipe using pressurized water jets. We eliminate grease buildup, tree roots, and debris by scouring your sewer line thoroughly.
  • Rooter work and drain cleaning – We start this service by punching through a tree root and clearing your sewer line to make it functional again. After that step, we check how extensive your tree root problem is and advise you on permanent solutions.
  • Maintenance – Our technicians can keep grease buildup and other household debris at bay with ongoing inspection and drain cleaning plans. This option lets us get rid of tree roots in your unlined pipes before they develop into clogs.
  • Pipe bursting – Another permanent fix involves breaking apart your current PVC, clay, or cast-iron sewer pipe using hydraulics and installing a new seamless pipe.

When to Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer

Many people mistakenly assume their drain problems are isolated incidents, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer advises households to reach out to us to prevent significant problems like raw sewage backups. We generally start with using a special drain auger or cable device to open your drain, but more advanced methods are available if your drain doesn’t open using these tools. Your drain or sewer pipe may be crushed by tree roots, and these roots can work their way into the cracks and joints in your pipes. Other scenarios include built-up discarded food or garbage disposal waste, sanitary products, thick toilet paper, soap residue, or hair causing sewer blockages. If you simply have a clogged drain, we can work quickly and efficiently to clear it.

Septic System Backup Warning Signs

You can end up with a broad range of issues because of a septic tank backup, surpassing simple issues like toilet clogs and sink backups. A seasoned plumber can resolve these plumbing problems quickly, and we strongly recommend hiring a plumber to fix them while they’re still in the slow drain stage. Resolving backups before they completely stop water and waste flow can help you avoid problems spreading throughout your plumbing system. You can get stuck with significant costs to remediate property damage and contamination, including environmental cleanup around your property. Instead, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer can fix a septic system backup before it worsens and spreads damage and contamination in your home and throughout your yard. We suggest watching for warning signs you have a septic system backup, such as the following:

  • Toilet that flushes or drains slowly
  • Smelly black liquid or sewage backup in your toilets or drains
  • Bad smells in your house caused by incorrectly vented or failing septic systems
  • More than one slow-running drain in your house
  • Abundant and incredibly green grass growth over your home’s septic system, even when the weather is hot and dry
  • Wastewater seeping from the ground close to your septic system that may or may not have a smell
  • Algae or weed growth in a pond near your home that’s sometimes due to septic waste discharging into a pond’s surface water
  • Bacteria contaminating your well because of septic system liquid flowing through the ground and into your drinking water well

Our Sewer Backup Prevention System for Homeowners

Your property, plumbing system, and family’s health are at risk any time you have a residential sewer system backup. Sewer system backups can happen because of many factors, including tree roots, rain, and oil or grease building up in your pipes. You can invest in regular maintenance to help your system avoid these issues. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Red Deer advises homeowners to pump their tanks regularly and avoid planting trees in their absorption fields. Our Advantage Plan® is another way homeowners can save thousands of dollars by signing up for quick diagnosis and prevention for every plumbing issue. Request an estimate to get an accurate figure on the services your plumbing system needs, and get in touch with our friendly, professional team whenever you need plumbing solutions.