Need Help With Leak Detection, Ottawa? Here's What to Know

Leaking pipe in residential home
Not all types of leaks are obvious. Sometimes, fluid seeps out of pipes into areas of an Ottawa home or business that aren't easily spotted without a thorough inspection. If you don't find those faults early on, they can cause devastating damage to your building.

Water leaks from broken pipes and seeping waste from collapsed sewer lines are all problems with catastrophic consequences for any property—and those effects only get worse over time. Some signs of plumbing leaks are obvious, but many subtle situations have resulted in plumbing emergencies that could have been avoided with the help of a plumber who's experienced with leak detection. Ottawa homeowners and business owners can save time, money, and stress by calling their local Ottawa plumber to search out and eliminate leaks.

The licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa can inspect plumbing lines for hidden issues and other potential problems, so you can get timely repairs and maintenance to prevent sudden calamities. If you spot any warning signs that you might have a hidden leak on your property, don't hesitate to call our team for leak detection. Ottawa plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter will use a leak detection tool to track down any undetected issues and follow up with fast, effective repairs.

Why Is It Important to Find Problems With Leak Detection, Ottawa?

The costs of a water leak in Ottawa are astronomical if it’s not resolved immediately. Just a tiny pinhole leak, barely big enough for a grain of rice to pass through, results in over 3,000 liters of wasted water in just 24 hours. What are the costs of all that extra water use? They could be as high as an extra $500 each month—and that doesn't include what you'll have to pay for repairing water damage.

Instead of getting services such as leak detection, Ottawa property owners often continue to suffer from a high water bill cost that could be noticeably reduced with the right detection and repair strategy. You can avoid high utility bills and repair costs for major damages by contacting a licensed plumber as soon as you see warning signs of trouble.

How Do You Know If You Need Ottawa Leak Detection Services?

No matter what part of your home or business a plumbing issue occurs in, there are always observable signs that something has gone wrong and you need to call an expert for leak detection. Ottawa plumbing professionals will tell you that while the most obvious indications might be hidden, a shrewd inspection will typically reveal several tell-tale signs of pipe problems such as plumbing fixtures with slow seepage.

Pay close attention to the plumbing systems and fixtures around your building. Completing regular spot-checks will help you identify early indications that you need plumbing services. The earlier you get help, the less frustrating your situation will be.

8 Warning Signs of Leaky Pipes:

  1. An unusually high water bill

  2. Mildew around tubs, showers, walls, ceilings, & baseboards

  3. Musty, damp smells

  4. Visible moisture stains on ceilings, walls, & floors

  5. The water meter running while nobody is using plumbing fixtures or appliances

  6. Wet spots or isolated flooding on your lawn

  7. Bright-green patches of grass (this indicates damaged sewage lines)

  8. Sudden cracks in your ceiling or wall (a common sign of foundation leaks)

Do Plumbers Provide Leak Detection Services in Ottawa?

Yes, your local, skilled plumbers are also Ottawa leak detection experts! If you suspect that an unknown drip is raising your monthly bills—or a buried, broken line has compromised the structural integrity of your property—an experienced professional will confirm your suspicions and provide advice about the best course of action to fix the issue. Then, they'll help with any necessary repairs or replacement services.

How Do Plumbers Look for Hidden Issues in Ottawa, ON?

You might be surprised to learn that modern plumbing technology is more advanced and sophisticated than standard leak detection equipment. There are several highly-effective, non-invasive Ottawa leak detection methods that plumbing professionals use to inspect everything from water supply lines to drain pipes—even sewer drain lines below your foundation can't escape their perceptive inspections!

  • Video Camera Inspections: Using flexible cameras, it's possible to inspect the inside of pipes for damage, weakness, and other serious potential problems. Plumbers use these devices not only for non-invasive leak detection but also for finding items you've accidentally dropped down the drain and other signs you need plumbing services, like corrosion or tree root penetration.
  • Infrared Detection Equipment: Infrared cameras are used to look into walls, underground, and through any other obstacles for a depth of up to 30 meters. Plumbers can look right through your bathroom floor to get an infrared heat map of the temperature zones around your pipes. Using that heat-map, it's possible to spot areas where the liquid is seeping into other surfaces.
  • Pressure Testing Devices: Your water pressure will be affected by any seeping joints or dripping fixtures. Flow readings and pressure tests are simple detection methods that provide a clear indication something is wrong with your system.

Why Choose an Ottawa Plumber for Leak Detection?

If you have stains on your ceiling, then it's obvious that you have a problem, right? Why should you get leak detection service from a plumber when you already know that something has gone wrong? There are several reasons why. Knowing the benefits you get from a professional inspection could save you from future stress.

  • Practical Knowledge & Experience: Experienced plumbers know what to look for better than any other professional. They might not immediately know what the problem is, but nobody in Ottawa will track down the source of your stress faster than a qualified plumber—and time is your primary concern when it comes to fixing broken water or waste lines.
  • Professional Insight: Not all obvious signs are linked to obvious problems, and not all problems have obvious causes. A knowledgeable, local Ottawa plumber will be able to identify the actual source of your issue is, so you don't have to worry about it coming back.
  • Continuing Support: The solutions that a professional provides extend past detection to repairs and replacement. If you have a waste or water issue, you're going to need a plumbing expert anyway. Choosing someone who can handle every step—including inspection, repairs, and annual maintenance—will give you greater peace of mind.
  • Reduce Damage: The non-invasive techniques and technology used by professionals mean that you won't have to cut away drywall or rip up your lawn to find problems behind obstacles. That reduced damage to your property will also reduce your long-term costs for dealing with plumbing issues in Ottawa.

Do You Need Leak Detection? Ottawa Can Trust Mr. Rooter to Deliver the Best Results

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