3 Reasons Your Backup Sump Pump in Ottawa Is Your Home’s Greatest Asset

There are many lines of defense for your home. You have gutters, roof shingles, a fence, and a sump pump. While these features certainly serve to protect your home from water damage, intruders, and pests, unless you have a backup sump pump, you run the risk of allowing serious damage to occur.

During heavy rainfall and floods, your sump pump whisks water away from the foundation of your home to protect it from basement flooding, water damage, and the risk of electrical fires. This one device is heavily relied on by residents in Ottawa such as yourself, and though you may not realize it now, it is one of the most important plumbing products a homeowner can have. A device this important means that in the event that it fails due to power outages, overload, clogs, and the like, your home will be left vulnerable to serious damages and safety risks. That’s where your backup sump pump comes in.

Installed by a reliable Ottawa plumber, a backup sump pump serves as your home’s second line of defence against water damage and ominous disasters. As the weather continues to get more unpredictable and power outages become more prevalent, the need for additional protection from a backup sump pump is greater than ever. Still not convinced a backup sump pump is a smart choice for your home? Keep reading. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa will unveil the great importance of a backup pump next.

The Importance of a Backup Sump Pump in Ottawa

Since the majority of homes in Ottawa have basements, they should also have sump pumps. During high volumes of rain, these pumps suction water away from your home’s foundation before it can enter your basement. If your primary pump stops working, that water will seep inside, causing damage to your floor, foundation, walls, and furniture. It even poses the risk of greater issues such as electrical fire, mold, and wood rot. To prevent these disasters from taking place, choosing to install a backup emergency sump pump is a sensible idea that provides support.

What will happen to my home without a backup sump pump?

If you fail to install a backup sump pump system, there’s a chance your home will be fine if your primary pump works as it should. But the hard truth about any device is that, so often (and normally when we need them the most), these devices malfunction or stop working completely. Without a properly working pump to remove large amounts of rainwater from your home’s foundation, your sump pit will fill up, and the water will cause damage.

To summarize, see the list below to quickly reference what can happen to homes without a backup sump pump:

  • Foundational issues such as weakened structural posts
  • Water-damaged insulation that begins to mold
  • Ruined furniture, carpets, and clothing
  • Expensive cleaning and remodeling services
  • Risk of electrical fires
  • Chance of widespread mold growth
  • Rotted wooden floors
  • Damaged drywall
  • Soil erosion that leads to structural shifts

The list continues, and none of it is pretty. With all of that in mind, the need for a backup sump pump is becoming clearer. So how exactly does it work?

How does a backup sump pump work?

A backup sump pump is installed right next to your primary sump pump. Instead of being hooked up to an electrical outlet, your backup pump is either powered by a battery or water. Here’s a look at how each of them works.

  • Battery Backup Sump Pump: A battery backup pump will be powered by a battery box, not by an electrical hookup. This means that when your power goes out and the pump is triggered by high fluid levels, the battery power system will kick in, and the pump will begin suctioning out the water in the sump pump basin.
  • Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump: A water-powered pump does not have an electrical power source. Instead, the pump is triggered when the water in your sump basin rises to a certain level by way of a float switch. When the float switch is activated, a valve in the base pump will open, pushing water through the pump ejector and away from your home.

Looking to replace your existing unit with a sump pump that works by way of electricity and has a sump pump battery backup? Choose a combination unit. In the event of a power failure, the battery on these units will kick in; however, with only one pump, you won’t have a backup for other reasons of sump pump failure.

3 Reasons Why A Backup Sump Pump Is Your Home’s Greatest Asset

You know why backup sump pumps are important, and you know the two different types of backup pumps you can choose from, but do you know why a backup sump pump is your home’s greatest asset? No? Read on to find out.

1. Heavy Rainfall Will Overwhelm Your Primary Pump

Ottawa gets an average of 36 inches of rainfall each year. That’s thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of gallons of water falling onto your property every 365 days. Where does all that water go? Much of it is absorbed into the soil, but a sizable amount collects around the base of your home. Your sump pit is constructed so that the water surrounding your home rushes in, and during normal rainfall, the amount of water collected is manageable enough for your electric pump to handle.

In the event of heavy rainfall, your sump pump will become overwhelmed. This may mean that the pump flow rate isn’t fast enough and your basement begins to flood or that the pump itself experiences motor burnout because of the heavy workload. Whichever way you slice it, the outcome is not good. A secondary pump will share the load of the water, meaning your primary electric sump pump can work at its usual rate and still successfully keep your basement dry.

2. Primary Pumps Often Become Clogged

Have you ever looked inside a sump pit? It’s not always the cleanest place. Since your sump pump is situated inside of it, getting doused with dirty water, it can get pretty dirty itself. Whether there’s a clog in the suction inlet or discharge pipe, it’s not hard for your primary pump to become clogged.

What’s more, certain parts of the pump, such as the vertical float switch, can become jammed or stuck due to dirt. This means the pump will never be triggered, and your sump pit will become overloaded with water, eventually leading it to spill out around your home and into your basement. Installing backup sump pump devices will provide support in the event of a primary pump failure.

3. Power Outages Leave Your Home Vulnerable To Flooding

Is it just us, or is the weather getting crazier? With severe storms come power outages, and if your home is reliant on an electric model, it’s at serious risk for basement floods and water damage. Here’s the thing about power outages: they come unexpectedly and last for hours. No one is ever alerted that the power in their home will go out—it just disappears, leaving you wandering around in the dark for your flashlight.

When you install a backup sump pump in Ottawa, because they do not run on electricity, you can rely on it to kick in when the power goes out. And because power outages are often the result of serious storms, you can bet that while your home is experiencing power loss, there will also be torrential rain coming down outside. Your backup pump will suction the water out of the pump and your home will remain protected.

The Solution for Ottawa: Backup Sump Pump Installation

Looking to install backup sump pump devices? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa can help. Though the process is relatively simple for our expert technicians, it’s one that will bring your home many benefits. During the installation process, we’ll place the backup water or battery-powered pump in the same sump pit right next to your primary pump. The installation is simple since no additional digging will be required.

Installing a water-powered sump pump is a little different from a battery-operated pump as the water-powered unit requires that the base pump be installed on the ceiling of the pit. Otherwise, the setup will involve creating another cavern for your backup pump to sit in and running another discharge pipe through to the exterior and out into a designated area.

Don’t Put Your Home At Risk! Get Backup Sump Pump Service from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

The safety of your home and family isn’t something you want to mess around with. Backup sump pump installation could help you avoid massive repair and replacement costs, injury, and a huge hassle. Don’t wait until it’s too late: call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa for help with your backup sump pump installation. When you do, you’ll be pleased with our professional approach, upfront costs, warrantied parts and workmanship, and friendly service.

Our experienced team of plumbing technicians has extensive knowledge in sump pump installation, repair, and replacement. Whether this is your first time installing a sump pump or you want to make sure your existing unit is working correctly, don’t hesitate to reach out to our qualified crew.