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A large water filter system with multiple tanks sitting next to the sink faucet that it is attached to.

The Information You Need About Mississauga Water Filter Systems

Are you concerned about the quality of the liquid coming out of your faucets? Mississauga's ordinary tap water is treated to ensure that it's safe for drinking, cooking, showering and other common uses, but there could still be trace chemicals, minerals and other elements of contamination present in your system. Those small contaminants may not be immediately harmful in small doses, but they could still have an effect on your overall health—and the health of your plumbing system. Installing one of your options for Mississauga water filter systems will ensure that you always have pure, clean water coming from your taps.

Not all Mississauga water filter systems are the same, and there are different reasons to consider different types of equipment. Based on your individual needs, you may only need additional faucet attachments for your kitchen or bathroom sink, or you may want to consider the benefits of a whole house filtration unit.

No matter what your needs are or which questions you have about Mississauga water filter systems, your Mississauga plumbers will always be the best place to turn for services and information. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga, we're happy to answer any questions you have about Mississauga water filter systems or any other type of plumbing installation and repairs.

What is the Best Way to Filter Tap Water in Mississauga?

There are several types of technology used for removing contaminants, but there are generally three common systems used by property owners in Mississauga: pitchers, faucet attachments and whole house water filters. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before committing to a specific choice.

You can also separate different water filter systems by the type of filtration systems they use to remove contaminants. In general, there are three different groups in this category: polypropylene and ceramic filters, carbon filters and those that use reverse osmosis (RO). Just as with the different options for individual systems, the best choice will be the one that meets your specific needs for Mississauga water filter systems.


Pitchers have the advantage of being highly portable. They also don't require any kind of installation before use. Getting cleaner water with a pitcher device is as easy as filling it up—and then waiting for the filtration process to run its course. Another advantage of pitchers is that because they can sit in your fridge, they also help keep what you're drinking cold. The biggest disadvantage of pitchers is that they have a limited capacity, which means that you may find yourself filling it constantly—especially if there is more than one person using it.

Faucet Attachments and Under Sink Filtration Systems:

If you want clean, safe drinking water on demand, then the best option will probably be a faucet attachment or an under sink system. Sink water filters connect directly to your taps. When they're turned on, they process everything that flows through them and remove potentially harmful contaminants before they leave your tap. The downside for this option is that some people in Mississauga find them cumbersome, or even ugly—and faucet attachments could get in the way when you're trying to use your sink for other things, like washing dishes.

Whole House Systems:

Whole house units are a great choice when you want to remove larger amounts of sand, minerals and sediment like iron, rust particles or dirt from your entire system. Some of the more basic, cost-effective whole home options do not effectively remove other contaminants that may affect taste, odour or your health. Some of the more advanced versions do remove those common contaminants, but installing them may not be the most cost-effective option—or even the most necessary option. After all, most people in Mississauga don't need filtered toilets.

Polypropylene and Ceramic VS. Carbon Filters VS. Reverse Osmosis:

The different types of filters generally remove more and more contaminants as they become more and more complex. Polypropylene and ceramic are the most basic choices. They physically trap and remove particles of debris, but aren't effective for finer water contaminants. An activated carbon filter is the best choice for removing trace minerals and other contaminants like iron, manganese, chlorine, and hydrogen sulphide. Carbon, polypropylene and ceramic systems will not remove bacteria.

The process that drives reverse osmosis is extremely effective for removing most major contaminants, and they're the only systems that remove bacteria. However, they don't remove hydrogen sulphide, which may be the source of your unusual rotten-egg odour. There are also other potential health effects that may come from drinking the demineralized water that comes from RO units, so it's often recommended that you speak with a health professional before you install this option.

Do Water Filter Systems Actually Work?

All filters in Mississauga do the jobs that they're meant to do, but the full effectiveness of their efforts depends largely on their individual design and the type that you choose to install. It's also important to remember that a particular issue with your water quality won't be solved if those problems are found in parts of your plumbing that sit behind your filter systems. For example, if you have a whole house filter installed at your shutoff valve, but an old, rusty pipe inside your home is causing discolouration, your Mississauga water filter systems won't be able to fix those issues.

Whenever you experience changes in your water quality or want to install any kind of plumbing system, it's best to call a professional, licensed plumber who can provide expert advice and specific insights about your unique needs. It may be that you only need a simple installation or basic repairs, but discolouration and other issues with your supply lines could also indicate the presence of damage that requires major Mississauga plumbing repairs.

Is it Worth Having Water Filter Systems in Mississauga, ON?

In general, the liquid that comes out of taps in Mississauga and the rest of Peel is safe, healthy water. You can drink it, use it for cooking and bathe in it without boiling it. The primary city water source for Mississauga is Lake Ontario, and everything coming from your taps passes through water treatment facilities before it reaches you.

However, there are some situations where contaminants could still enter your system, such as through damaged plumbing laterals—both private and public lines. It's also possible for smells or changes in taste to occur alongside seasonal changes with Lake Ontario. Mississauga also has relatively hard water, which has minerals that could increase gradual wear in your drains and pipes.

If you're concerned about bad tastes, bad smells or the potential for harmful contaminants to enter your system through unnoticed damage to your connected pipes, then installing water filter systems in Mississauga is a great way to alleviate the stress caused by those issues and improve your overall water quality.

Are Whole House Water Filter Systems Worth It?

Whole house water filtration systems are a great option for solving some problems, but they could be excessive for problems that can be solved with smaller, simpler alternatives. If you're suffering from issues caused by sediment build-up, such as discolouration in multiple rooms, a whole house unit is a great option for ensuring that sediment never enters your home. For some people, the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything you're drinking and cooking with is always filtered and safe is a big benefit that comes from having a whole house filter.

If your reasons for installing water filter systems in Mississauga are more related to something like chlorine taste, rotten odours or issues with a specific tap in your home, you may be happier with an isolated under sink filter or a separate faucet-mounted unit, as it won't be necessary to remove particles from the supply lines running to your shower head, toilets or other fixtures.

The Benefits of Having Water Filtration Systems in Mississauga Include:

  • Improved taste and odour

  • Less wear on pipes and fixtures from trace minerals, sediment and other large foreign particles

  • Reduced wear from hard minerals on clothes, dishes and other household products

  • Fewer harsh chemicals and other particles that could irritate skin or hair

  • Reduced limescale deposits

  • Fewer disposable plastic bottles in your home

How Much Does it Cost to Install Mississauga Water Filter Systems?

The cost of installation for all plumbing fixtures, appliances and other related equipment varies based on both the type of system you purchase and the specific requirements that exist for installation in your home.

Because costs vary so wildly, the best way to get an estimate for installation is to get in touch with a local plumber. By contacting a team of experts like the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga, you can get more specific information about costs, the amount of time required for installation and any other details related to your specific needs for Mississauga water filter systems.

Can You Complete Your Own Installation for Water Filter Systems in Mississauga, ON?

Most people in Mississauga are capable of completing their own installation for simple, screw on faucet attachments. For any other type of water filtration equipment, it's best to call a professional plumber. Unless you have the tools, experience and knowledge required for altering pipes and other complex plumbing equipment, it's possible that attempts at DIY installation could lead to costly complications.

When you choose to hire a professional to install your Mississauga water filter systems, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job was done right. You also won't have to worry about fixing other issues that may appear during the installation process. When there's already a professional working on installation, you can rest easy knowing that any potential complications will be handled effectively and efficiently.

How Do You Install Faucet Water Filter Systems?

There are only a few tools you might need to complete installation for a faucet system. All the important components should be included in the package for your unit. However, you may want to find a pair of pliers to help remove your screen and washer.

Turn Off Your Water: Although it's unlikely that you'll be making any changes related to the flow of liquid traveling through your pipes, it's still wise to turn off your supply valve in this case, just as you would for any other plumbing repairs, so that any mistakes don't have any chance of causing accidental moisture damage.

Remove Your Screen and Washer: In order to attach your system, you must remove the existing washer and screen from the end of your faucet. This can be easily done by unscrewing them with your hands, but if they're stuck, you may want to use a pair of pliers to gently loosen them first.

Screw On Your Adapter: After removing your screen and washer, insert the rubber washer included with your new unit into the appropriately sized adapter for your faucet. Then hand-screw the adapter onto your faucet in the same place where you removed your washer and screen. Ensure that your adapter is attached tightly enough to prevent leaks, but do not overtighten it.

Attach Your Filter: Place your filter cartridge into your new unit and install it by pushing it on to the adapter until you hear a click. Before you use your new system, run cold water through it for five minutes to flush out any filter contaminants. Make sure that the handle or switch is set to the correct setting.

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