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All You Need to Know About Mississauga Pipe Rehabilitation Methods

The sewer line and secondary drain lines constitute an essential part of our plumbing system for both residential and commercial properties. Their key purpose is to keep us healthy, safe and comfortable by removing liquid waste from our homes. But since pipes are practically hidden from plain view, we often forget to schedule preventative maintenance services.

Luckily, advanced technology has saved Mississauga plumbers (and construction workers) a great amount of time and hassle, leading to more cost-effective solutions for everyone. Not only have plumbing materials improved, but new enhanced working methods have facilitated our lifestyles.

The municipality works hard to ensure Mississauga residents have access to clean water and the sewer infrastructure is under control. While the city takes care of matters on their end, it’s our responsibility to keep our plumbing system’s performance top-notch. Homeowners can count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga for reliable drain cleaning services—a routine checkup with important inspections of your plumbing system. If you are plagued by repeated leaks due to age or severe physical damage, repairs are less likely to provide long-term solutions. This is where rehabilitation comes in.


What is Pipe Rehabilitation?

In Mississauga, pipe rehabilitation has two co-joining meanings: It’s the process of restoring the pipe to its original state rather than replacing it entirely. But there are cases where it’s considered a replacement, and people do use rehabilitation and replacement interchangeably. Simply put, it’s when neither maintenance nor repair will recover the pipe’s former functions, and we have to look at trenchless methods to tackle the issue.

What is Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation has become a very common plumbing service for residential and commercial properties and has proven to be highly cost-effective and less labour-intensive. Most tasks are performed within a few hours’ time or within the day.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is an underground construction and piping method of installing, fixing or renewing sewer lines. It has proven to be the safest and quickest way for municipalities to fix underground infrastructures without disrupting surface traffic and businesses.

The two main techniques for trenchless pipe rehabilitation include:

  • Pipe Lining: In this process, we place a new pipe inside an old one. It’s slightly smaller and made of flexible fibre protection sleeves.

  • Another popular term for this process is CIPP—“Cured-in-Place Pipe,” involving a resin-soaked (epoxy) felt tube that we insert and pull. It subsequently cures in place, forming a new solid wall coating—a pipe within a pipe.

  • This typically addresses sewer line problems in homes, but it’s also suitable for gas or water lines.

  • One minor downside of this option is that despite a few hours of work, the CIPP’s curing process requires more than a day. During that time, we will ask you to monitor it closely to ensure no additional repairs are needed.

  • Pipe Bursting is the more common option, where certified Mississauga plumbers use hydraulics to perform a pipe burst.

  • Unlike traditional excavation processes, this only requires two small holes—also called insertion & reception pits. They are big enough to fit the new pipe through one pit and the pulling rods through the other.

  • We attach a new pipe to our expander head’s back-end and pulling rod to the front.

  • The expander head’s front end is smaller in diameter than the old pipe, allowing us to accurately direct our new one into place.

  • The front-end is larger in diameter because it breaks the old one into small pieces.

  • Our pipe puller is a crucial device attached securely to the rod’s opposite end, thus serving as the new pipe.

  • Next, our puller uses hydraulic power to pull the expander head through while bursting the old pipe away and securing your new one in place.

While they are both good trenchless options, pipe lining doesn’t significantly extend your sewer line’s lifespan, given that its diameter is considerably reduced. You’re probably looking for a more long-term solution. In that case, we recommend pipe bursting, as you can rest assured that we remove your old pipe entirely.

Because modern construction and plumbing technology advance so fast, additional streamlined rehabilitation methods include horizontal directional drilling, spiral-wound siplining, thermoformed lining, chemical grouting, spray-on lining, micro tunnelling and mechanical spot repair. Choosing the right method requires thorough inspection from your skilled Mississauga plumber. Often, decisions are based on soil conditions.

What Happens Pre-Rehabilitation?

Before your Mississaga pipe rehabilitation experts proceed, a thorough inspection is performed to analyze your plumbing system’s condition. We will communicate every small detail with you before agreeing on any rehabilitation method.

Once we have decided on the best performance goals for rehabilitation, we will conduct some cleaning to remove any blockage and debris so that we have a clean wall surface to work with.

Other preparatory steps include marking our service location while assembling your trenchless pipe rehabilitation lining method.

Note: We need to arrange a bypass plumbing plan (or flow diversion) during trenchless methods, so there is no obstruction when installing your new lining.


What Are the Signs I Need Pipe Rehabilitation or Repair in Mississauga ON?

Any type of warning sign can be daunting for a Mississauga homeowner because we get worried about contamination or costly plumbing repairs. Still, you mustn’t ignore recurring clogs and leaks in different areas of your drains. Using epoxy and tape will only temporarily fix the problem.

We will use our sewer inspection camera to get a full diagnostic of the inside of your pipes. When lucky, we only discover blockages for which we can conveniently provide you with Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s drain cleaning services.

More serious signs involve a clogged or damaged sewer line (or main line).

  • Pipe Damage: It might not be immediately visible unless your secondary drains attached to sinks and toilets show backup problems. Shifting soil can cause sewer line ruptures. Or perhaps your pipe is old and corroded and suffered a collapse. Pipe joints and seals could have damage too. Sewer leaks can result in severe damage that could compromise your family’s safety and home’s structure.

  • Clogged Plumbing Fixtures: Your toilet is closely connected to your sewer line and recurring backups might signify an underlying problem. Backed up or gurgling sinks often come with bad smells that we connect with sewer gas. These link back to problems with your main line.

  • Draining Sewer Cleanout: Your cleanout is an important part of your main line which is either located in your basement or outside. It gives Mississauga plumbers direct access to clearing blockages.

  • Tree Root Infiltration: Older houses might have old sewer lines made of non-porous material. This means they aren’t as durable as today’s PVC versions. This enables tree roots to freely break into your lines to access water.


If you suspect leaks or clogs, the first troubleshooting step is to locate the affected spot and potentially shutting off your water. Suppose you discover severely affected areas with sewage water on the surface. In that case, it poses a safety hazard, and you should turn to licensed professionals, such as our certified Mississauga plumbers. We will thoroughly get down to the root cause and give you a full diagnosis, along with trenchless pipe rehabilitation options. Most importantly, we will advise you about safety precautions if we’re tackling toxic chemicals in your home.

When Is It Too Late For Rehabilitation?

Occasionally, Mississauga homeowners’ main lines are beyond damaged or corroded, making replacement inevitable. Particularly older homes with galvanized linings will less likely pass for Mississauga pipe rehabilitation. While traditional invasive excavation work is your last resort, don’t lose hope until you’ve had a thorough diagnosis from one of our skilled Mississauga plumbers. Rehabilitation could still be possible.

What Are the Benefits of Mississauga Pipe Rehabilitation Service?

Home: As minimally invasive remediation, rehabilitation benefits your home because it eliminates property damage. We don’t have to excavate your property to access your main line; therefore, we will cause no damage to concrete driveways or lawn backyards, and everything remains intact.

Public: Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is Mississauga’s first-choice for main line repair. It comes with minimum to no obstruction to surface traffic, which means that roads and sidewalks don’t need to be entirely shut down. It saves the municipality time and infrastructure costs. Along with neighbouring cities, Mississauga’s underground infrastructure depends highly on large diameter pipes to serve its community. Therefore, trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods have helped reduce costly repairs and service outages.

As the best solution for damage, it only requires two small access holes for your plumbing technicians to reach the main line. Mississauga pipe rehabilitation is completely clean and safe because CIPP repair occurs solely underground, thus removing risks of mould exposure and other toxic elements.

Not only does it offer fast solutions with high-quality, eco-friendly material, it is cost-effective due to less labour work. It even cuts down on repair expenses if it ever needs any.

Besides, it lasts for decades and is safe for your family and the environment.

How Do I Prevent Needing Rehabilitation?

Not every household has experienced sewer line clogs. If our plumbing system appears to be working fine, we tend to forget how necessary maintenance services would keep problems at bay. Many Mississauga homeowners take preventative measures seriously and schedule an annual checkup to avoid needing repairs or rehabilitation. Not only will maintenance save you money in the future, it will also extend your sewer line’s lifespan.

Our dedicated Mississauga plumbers are proud to present prevention solutions to your plumbing systems, using advanced tools and techniques. Our sewer inspection cameras and hydro jets are among the most high-tech tools in plumbing. When you have clogged drains, you can rely on us to get your water flowing again.

Here are the DON'Ts to keep in mind:

  • Pour grease or hot oil down the drain

  • Flush debris & other foreign items down the toilet

  • Ignore signs like slow drainage & gurgling sinks

Adhering to the DOs will help prolong your systems:

  • Schedule your annual drain cleaning

  • Replace old plumbing lines

  • Remove the tree responsible for root invasion

  • Install a backwater prevention valve

  • Use your sewage system responsibly

Please keep in mind that if your plumbing system is old and worn, our Mississauga plumbers will give you the most cost-effective replacement options available, because it’s less likely rehabilitation will be your solution in this case.

Do You Offer Emergency Plumbing Services?

Certainly! Dealing with emergency plumbing nightmares not only causes a high level of stress, it could be downright dangerous if it includes flooding or exposure to sewer sludge. Whether it’s late at night or before a big event, you can count on our 24/7 emergency service to act fast and reliably. All of our locations are locally-owned and operated, enabling timely arrival at your home.

We always offer upfront, flat-rate pricing with no overtime charge no matter what time of day because our priority is your safety. You can reach out any time and ask about rehabilitation methods.

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