Abbotsford Water Heater Repair Service

Imagine getting ready to take your usual morning shower only to find you’re all tapped out for hot water, especially in winter with chilly temperatures. That kind of disruption to your hot water system is an ice-cold wake-up call for Abbotsford water heater repair.

And as usual, your on-call utility company's emergency technician will tell you yet again that the flame on the hot water heater snuffed out again. Your hot water heater is not indestructible and is about to reach its peak and will eventually require repair even with proper upkeep. Don’t let tardiness or carelessness keep you from enjoying your long, hot shower thoughts, and miniature epiphanies. Call your Abbotsford plumbers from Mr. Rooter instead. Our expert plumbers will arrive promptly to determine the issue and resolve it so you can get back to your daily routine

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Our Acclaimed Abbotsford Water Heater Repair Service

Adequate heating mustn’t be considered a luxury for your hot water needs. If you do regular check-ups on your unit, it should last you for a while, but at a certain point, it will begin to deteriorate and show signs of malfunction as it’s no longer as sleek as it once was. By default, your best bet is to get an Abbotsford water heater repair and at the last straw a heater replacement. Don’t go through the hassle of having to go old school and be a pioneer by boiling your water on the stove in an emergency. By calling our professionals for water heater repair, Abbotsford, BC residents get the peace of mind and confidence their hot water tank is chugging along smoothly when it’s chilly out and save cash on inflated utility bills.

All things considered, regarding the type of unit you have—or need for your heater replacement—you can depend on the experienced plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing for authentic and trustworthy communication, skillful workmanship, and friendly customer service that exceeds your expectations.

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Best Options For Abbotsford Water Heater Repair And Replacement

On average, your water heater will last about 10 to 15 years before it begins to majorly malfunction or kicks the bucket and goes kaput. Oftentimes, replacing the entire unit is more cost-effective than financing multiple repairs. Consider your hot water heaters like an investment. If it will continue to operate for several more years, then repairs might be all you need, but if it’s likely to break down again soon, you might want to consider a replacement.

Electric VS. Natural Gas Water Heaters

The two most common types of water heaters are either natural gas or electric. The popular choice for a replacement water heater in Abbotsford, BC is natural gas because the upfront costs are generally lower compared to an electric water heater, but natural gas units can be more costly to run over time due to their lower efficiency.

If you are looking for something steady in which heating up the home is lickety-split, natural gas is an undeniable choice, but remember you still have to be wary of possible carbon monoxide leaks. If you’re all about living sustainably, an electric type will last you much longer than gas models and will have fewer maintenance requirements.

Why Select Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Abbotsford for Water Heater Repair?

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If your end goal with plumbing services is reliable and quality workmanship, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Abbotsford is considered one of the most accomplished plumbing companies. One of the most commonplace problems we deal with is water heater repair—Abbotsford residents can rest easy knowing that is a standard request we adhere to efficiently with effective results.

If you have a situation where your water tank’s pilot light has gone out and relighting it according to the instructions of the water heater label doesn't work out, our plumber has the knowledge and expertise to uncover the faulty mechanism, whether that is due to debris build up inside the tank itself or a bad thermocouple. Don’t delay your Abbotsford water heater repair and go another instant without a hot water bubble bath to soothe your nerves after a stressful day. Call and ask one of our friendly customer service representatives to set up a free no-obligation consultation. One of our technicians will appraise your system and there’s no need to commit to service until we find something that works for you and your budget. It’s a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions about Abbotsford Water Heater Repair

What Are Some Telltale Signs I Require Water Heater Repair?

Regardless of whether you’re the first owner of your home or purchased a previously owned property, you can gauge and probably estimate when the water heater was first installed. After about a decade, repairs will be the norm even with routine maintenance. There are many signs you need water heater repair. Abbotsford, BC homeowners should be wary of these cropping up to avoid a plumbing disaster later on:

  • Rust: Any discoloration in your hot water is an indicator of rust build-up inside the heater’s tank. If the colour seems off, inspect the area around your heater to see if there’s rust on the outside of the tank. If you do witness any sort of corrosion on the unit or are even unable to pinpoint the origin of discoloration, it’s best to call a professional for help.
  • Puddles Around the Tank: If the drain valve or temperature-pressure valve is faulty or broken you should allow your local plumber to diagnose the cause of the leaky pipe and provide the best solution. Either way, the disastrous end result is the same, as you risk structural damage to your home and pricey repairs, so don’t delay in dealing with the problem.
  • Multiple Repairs: If your unit is more than a decade old and you find yourself needing tedious repairs as one problem ends and another emerges, it’s likely you need water heater replacement. It’s more cost-effective to invest in a brand-new unit than dole out cash on numerous repairs.

What happens If I Ignore Getting Routine Cleaning For My Hot Water Tank?

Just like serving your car with an annual oil change, It’s best to get a thorough cleaning every couple of years to remove the guck. Sediment will eventually chip away at the lining of the water heater and the tank will start to rust. This rust can run through your pipes and leech into your drinking water supply. As a result, the bacteria can make you and your family sick when you use the water. This rust can also eat through your tank and result in leaks that require major replacements ahead of time.

Is It Unusual For The Water Heater Tank’s Flame To Go Out?

While it is possible for a water heater pilot light to go out from something as minor as a breeze, you should be aware if yours seems to be going out often. Just so you know, the average temperature a hot water tank should maintain is approximately 40°C, with anything below posing a risk for harmful bacteria to develop inside the water tank. And surprisingly, it’s totally normal for the flame also known as the water heater’s pilot light to go out and it’s common for all tank-based water heaters. Most likely it’s just dirt or dust build-up, but the angle of the pilot light may get bent away or it may just randomly malfunction. This can be solved by turning the gas off and then on again, but if you find yourself calling your utility provider's emergency technician on the constant, at least once per season, it’s a surefire sign that it’s about time your water heater unit is inspected by a qualified plumber.

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Different heaters are suited to different types of household needs and lifestyles. Typically, you’ll choose between a water heater tank (also known as a conventional water heater) and an on-demand water heater. These days, tankless systems are often the most energy-efficient, but conventional systems typically have a lower upfront cost.

We encourage you to discuss your needs with our plumbing professionals directly to get expert recommendations tailored to your specifications.

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Depend on our go-getter team to get the water heater repair job done with your approval. Typically, plumbing problems are the biggest hassle for most homeowners to handle but that doesn’t have to be the case. Although we do hot water heater repair and replacement, as a failsafe we advocate for preventative maintenance and getting a plumber to inspect your home’s plumbing system on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about a worst-case scenario. Be proactive and save your blood, sweat, and tears by trusting our professional, experienced plumbing experts and book your water heater repair appointment in Abbotsford, BC by calling us.

Whether you’re in Abbotsford or nearby areas of Bradner, Mt Lehman, or Sumas we eagerly await your response and can’t wait to assist you in getting your water heater operating once more! We’re ready to help with everything from water heater repair and replacement to septic system installation, drain cleaning, and emergency plumbing repairs for perimeter drains.

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