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  • Leaking toilet in residential home in Ottawa

    Toilet Leaking: Ottawa Homeowner’s Survival Guide

    Is your toilet leaking? That's a problem you should fix as soon as possible. Waiting to fix any kind of water leak will inevitably ...

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  • A clogged sink filled with dirty water, with a plunger sitting in the water and rubber gloves and a wrench sitting on the counter nearby.

    7 Ways to Prevent Clogged Sinks in Ottawa, ON

    Do you know the best method for dealing with a clogged sink in Ottawa? If you answered “plunger,” you're half-right. Plungers, ...

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  • Clogged toilet in a residential bathroom.

    Discover 6 Causes of a Clogged Toilet in Ottawa

    We've all experienced the panic that comes with flushing the toilet only to watch the water in the toilet bowl steadily rise. That ...

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