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why choose Mr. Rooter as your trusted plumber

Why Choose Mr. Rooter as Your Trusted Local Ottawa Plumbing Company

Trying to track down a plumbing company in Ottawa? You shouldn't have a tough time at all finding one that can provide plumbing services for you.

There are more than 25,000 plumbing companies scattered throughout Canada. This includes quite a few options situated in the Ottawa area.

But you shouldn't trust just any Ottawa plumbing company to come into your home or business and help you out with a plumbing problem. Instead, you should rely on a reputable company like Mr. Rooter to get the job done. It'll ensure you're satisfied with the residential plumbing or commercial plumbing services you receive.

Interested in finding out more about why so many people have called on Mr. Rooter to serve as their Ottawa plumbing company? Here is why you'll feel confident that you made the right choice when you schedule plumbing services through them.

Extensive Experience

It doesn't matter if you need to have a single drain cleared in your home or all of the plumbing pipes in your entire business ripped out and replaced. You shouldn't allow an Ottawa plumbing company that doesn't have enough experience to provide you with plumbing services.

This won't be an issue with Mr. Rooter. We've been helping customers with their plumbing in Ottawa since 1970 and have about 50 years of experience in the industry. This is one of the main things that sets us apart from our competition.

Our experience allows us to tackle any plumbing job, no matter how big or small. We've seen just about everything in the plumbing world and know that we're up for whatever challenges you might decide to throw in our direction.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you hire an Ottawa plumbing company to set you up with plumbing services, it's a good idea to make sure that the company knows Ottawa inside and out. There are certain plumbing problems that are specific to the area and require insider knowledge.

You can rest assured knowing that you'll be working with a locally owned and operated company when you reach out to us. Our expert Ottawa plumbers know the area well and can provide you with the services & location-specific tips you need.

We're also committed to providing our customers with the most personalized service possible when they turn to us for help with their plumbing. This is another perk that comes along with relying on a locally owned and operated plumbing company for help.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Before you hire an Ottawa plumbing company, you should always, always, always check to make sure that they have the proper licenses in place. Working with an unlicensed plumbing company can present all kinds of potential problems for you down the line.

You should also ask a plumbing company to provide you with proof of insurance. This will ensure that you don't end up having to foot the bill if someone is injured while working on your plumbing system or if damage is done to your home while plumbing services are being carried out.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that will help you avoid headaches when you have plumbing work done in your home or business.

Courteous and Professional Plumbers

There are some Ottawa plumbers that don't care about anything other than getting plumbing jobs done when they're working in homes and businesses. They don't treat their customers to the best experience when they're having plumbing work completed.

Our technicians and staff always aim to go above and beyond the normal call of duty. They can, of course, deliver the plumbing services you need and make sure that they get done right, but they'll also take extra steps to make sure you're happy with the way they go about doing them.

They'll start by showing up at your home or business in uniform to put your mind at ease. From there, they'll carry out the plumbing services you need while also:

  • Wearing shoe covers to avoid getting your floors dirty
  • Putting down mats when they have to crawl around on the ground to get to your plumbing pipes
  • Talking to you about your plumbing issues and providing helpful insights and information

From start to finish, you'll love the way that our plumbers operate while working in your home or business. You'll appreciate the attention to detail that they use as they work.

Superior Services

There is truly no plumbing job too big or too small for us! We've been supplying home and business owners with a wide range of superior services since we first started our company years ago.

Our residential plumbing services include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Water line repair
  • Water heater replacement
  • Well pump installation
  • Sewer line repair

Our commercial plumbing services include:

  • Sewer system backup repair
  • Plumbing video camera inspection
  • Frozen pipe repair (a common problem all across Canada!)
  • Plumbing system maintenance
  • Leaking pipe repair

And this is just the start. You can count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa to provide you with dozens of residential and commercial plumbing services in total. You'll appreciate the fact that you can call on us for just about any plumbing issue that you might encounter.

Guaranteed Workmanship and Parts

Any Ottawa plumbing company can throw up a list of plumbing services on their website and say that they're the best in the business. But how many of them are going to stand behind the work that they do in your home or business?

There are far too many plumbing companies that will, unfortunately, come to your home or business, do shoddy work on your plumbing system, and then shrug their shoulders when you call them out on it. This is not the approach that Mr. Rooter takes to plumbing problems.

We'll work hard to diagnose any plumbing issues you might be having in your home or business. Then, we'll work to provide you with the plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance that you need. And when we're done, we'll stand behind the work that we've completed for you and the parts that we've used to do it.

If you ever have any issues with your plumbing system following a visit from Mr. Rooter, we'll return to your home or business to make things right. This will give you peace of mind that you won't get working with other Ottawa plumbing companies.

Affordable Upfront Pricing

Calling on an Ottawa plumbing company for plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance can be stressful for many home and business owners. This is because they're often not sure of what they're going to be forced to pay for plumbing services.

At Mr. Rooter, we are well aware of the fact that most people don't have an endless supply of money to spend on plumbing services. It's why we go out of our way to set our customers up with upfront, flat-rate pricing that is fair and affordable.

Regardless of whether you're calling us for routine plumbing maintenance or emergency plumbing services, we'll give you an accurate quote on how much the services you need are going to cost you. We'll also stick to the price we gave you, even if we have to come out to your home or business in the middle of the night to make a major repair. There are never any overtime charges at Mr. Rooter.

By doing this, we strive to take a lot of the stress that our customers feel out of the equation. They're not as hesitant to call on Mr. Rooter for help with their plumbing needs when they know they're going to get the best price possible.

Exceptional Customer Service

Most plumbing companies, both in Ottawa and in other parts of Canada and the U.S., aren't known for providing excellent customer service to those who call on them for help. They don't take the time to put people's minds at ease when they reach out to them to schedule plumbing services.

That's not the way that we like to do business at Mr. Rooter. We want you to walk away 100% happy with the services that you receive from us. And to achieve this, we work hard to leave our customers satisfied with the customer service that we're able to provide.

From the second you start speaking with a customer service representative from Mr. Rooter, you'll feel the difference between working with us and working with other Ottawa plumbing companies. We're friendly, helpful, and willing to do whatever it takes to reduce any stress you might feel when you get in contact with us.

You'll notice our commitment to providing exceptional customer service at every turn. Whether you call us first thing on Monday morning or at midnight on a Saturday, you'll get the same warm welcome from us.

Scheduled Appointment Times

Is there anything worse than sitting around all day wondering when a plumber is going to show up to work on the plumbing system in your home or business? It can be enough to drive you crazy.

Mr. Rooter knows how frustrating it can be to go through this with other plumbing companies. We make it our mission to ensure you don't have to go through it with us by offering scheduled appointment times to our customers.

We'll let you know exactly when we're going to be able to send one of our Ottawa plumbers out to your home or business to help you with a plumbing problem. It'll help you avoid having to block off a whole day to wait around for a plumber.

Amazing Reviews

We could sit here for another hour telling you all about the great things that Mr. Rooter brings to the table. We could expand on everything from our incredible plumbing services to the Mr. Rooter prices that can make any plumbing service affordable for you.

But any time home and business owners ask why they should trust us to perform plumbing services for them, we always direct them to our amazing customer reviews. Time and time again, customers have raved about our services and given us five-star reviews for them.

When you check out Mr. Rooter reviews, there are certain words and phrases that you'll see used early and often. We're talking about things like:

  • "Beyond my expectations"
  • "Very impressed and satisfied"
  • "Job well done"
  • "Phenomenal"
  • "No surprises"

We think these kinds of online reviews speak for themselves. They show how happy home and business owners have been with Mr. Rooter's services over the years. They also show that Mr. Rooter isn't just any old plumbing company.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa has worked hard to accumulate over 400 reviews that show what we're all about. We hope you'll trust us to serve as your Ottawa plumbing company and add to our list of reviews sometime soon.

Trust Mr. Rooter to Serve as Your Ottawa Plumbing Company

Did one of the drains in your home just start to back up on you? Or is it time to put new plumbing fixtures into the bathrooms throughout your business?

There are lots of different plumbing companies that you can call on to help you with these types of plumbing issues. But there aren't many that will deliver the services you'll receive from Mr. Rooter.

We're the Ottawa plumbing company that so many home and business owners have trusted for five decades. People have come to appreciate our services, our prices, and, most importantly, our customer service.

You can experience what Mr. Rooter has to offer for yourself to find out why so many people have called on us over the years. It won't take you very long to see what we can provide for you and your home or business.

Would you like to have our Ottawa plumbers take a trip out to your residential or commercial property to work on your plumbing system? Contact us today to set up an appointment so that our plumbers can come and get to work right away.