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The Top Signs You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair in Ottawa

Are you noticing a sewage smell or strange odour in your yard? You may assume that it's only a strange odour in the air or a smell drifting from a neighbour’s house.

It could also mean there is a problem with your plumbing and that you need trenchless sewer repair. Unfortunately, the signs of a sewer backup aren't always easy to spot. We're going to tell you the signs that indicate you need a professional Ottawa plumber!

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Slow Drains

The wastewater from your house drains away from your home in individual pipes that lead to your sewage drain. These lines drain into your septic tank or a water treatment facility.

When a tree root or collapsed pipe clogs your sewer line, the water will take more time to drain, slowing your drains. You may also notice toilets backing up or overflowing more often.

Cracks in Cement

If your home is new, you may assume that any new cracks are from the house settling. When your home is older, you may not notice new cracks or chalk it up to the age.

Either scenario may be true, but cracks showing in cement could also be an indicator of the need for sewer repair. When a sewer line breaks, moisture seeps into your yard, which may encourage tree root growth. Roots can cause cracking cement.

The other possibility is that your yard is staying wet for long periods of time. Because wet dirt is softer, parts of your home may sink into these areas which will cause foundation cracks or splitting cement in your driveway.

Mold Growth

Depending on where the damage is in your sewer line, you may be noticing mold growth, either visually or by the telltale musty smell. This is because as moisture leaks out from the line, it raises the humidity in your home.

Mold does not require much humidity to grow, and even a slight increase in moisture may allow the problem to begin. Having mold in your home can have poor effects on your family's health.

Problems With Pests

When there is a crack in your sewage line, rats, cockroaches, and other pests common to the Ottawa area can squeeze into it and find their way into your home.

If they are entering your home or pipes from your sewage line, it is unlikely that you will get rid of them permanently, no matter how much you spend on pest control.

An exterminator will help with pests that are currently living in your home, but as long as there is a way to enter, sewer rats and cockroaches will keep coming.

Lush Patches of Grass

If you have a garden, you might use manure as a fertilizer to help your plants grow and thrive. Similarly to manure, sewage will act as a fertilizer for your yard, at least around the areas of the damaged pipes.

When you notice lush patches of grass and you have not changed your lawn maintenance routine, it's a red flag. Grass should grow in a uniform color and at the same pace (you shouldn't have to mow based on one small area!)

A Soaking Wet Yard

Ottawa is known to have a few big storms and hard rain from time to time. These storms will cause your yard to retain water for a day or two. However, if you happen to walk outside after several days of no precipitation and your yard is full of 'water,' a sewage line may be cracked.

Over time, your yard may sink and wastewater or sewage may begin to collect in the depressed area.

The Smell

The smell of sewage is one of the most obvious signs that a pipe needs repair. Most often, the smell is pungent and smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. This could be a blockage in the line or a crack which is allowing sewage to seep out.

This is one of the most noticeable signs of a sewer line needing repair. You may only smell it when toilets flush or you might smell it all the time. Either way, it is an indication of a serious problem.

So, What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

When you think of sewer repair, you probably think of your gorgeous yard getting destroyed and several days or weeks of work. You also likely cringe at the months it will take for your grass to return to its former glory.

Luckily, this is not the case when you choose trenchless sewer repair.

A special camera looks into your pipes and locates which areas have damage. After finding the problem, the technician will find the most shallow access point to the pipes, usually in your basement.

Once the technician gains access to the sewage pipe, he will hydro-jet and remove any debris that may be in the way. The technician will then insert a sewage liner that will cover any damage, allow it to cure, and inspect the pipe the next day.

At this point, your sewage lines are ready, and you may resume use of the lines.

Calling a Professional

Should you notice any of the above signs, or multiple ones at the same time, call a professional plumber. Waiting or ignoring the problem will make it worse and cause unnecessary damage to your property.

Getting several bids for trenchless sewer repair is a good idea, but beware of hidden costs. If you'd prefer the honesty of upfront pricing and a company that is local to the Ottawa area, make sure to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa for a quick & easy repair that's done the right way!