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Where to Look for Potential Plumbing Leaks

While we can never predict when we’ll run into plumbing problems, we want to make sure that we know exactly how to find out if we have one. While there are specific signs you can look for, checking certain areas of the home can also tell you whether or not there is a leak. This is because the damage from a plumbing leak is not just limited to the pipes themselves, but can also affect walls, floors, and more. Here is where you can look for potential plumbing leaks.

Behind the Toilet

Look behind the toilet to see if any water is leaking or if there are water spots on the floor or wall. This could dictate a problem with the plumbing in the bathroom. If the shower head is on the same side as the toilet, it may be a problem there as well. Check to see how high up the wall the water goes and it can give you a better idea.

Under the Sink

Look under your sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom to see if any of the pipes are dripping water. There may be some other indications if you don’t see the water drops directly, such as dried up spots on the bottom of the cabinets, items under the sink being wet, or the sound of water running when nothing is on.

Around the Faucets

If the faucets are wet around the bottoms, there may be a slight leak that is coming out before it reaches the actual destination. This could be something as simple as the faucet being loose, or there could be a deeper problem involved that you should have a plumber look at to determine what’s going on.

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