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Signs You Need to Get Repairs Quickly

Owning a home can be stressful. There is so much that could go wrong it almost makes you want to rent. Fear not, the helpful folks here at Mr. Rooter of Ottawa are here to help. In this article you'll learn the telltale warning signs of when you need to make repairs quickly.

Inspect for Leaks Around Pipes

Inspect sheet-rock and floors around any area through which your plumbing pipes run. Is there any sign of leaking water? Is the sheet-rock discolored? Does the floor have soft spots in it surrounding the toilet? Any of these signs may indicate that you should call a plumber quickly. You most likely already have a leak and it needs to be repaired quickly.

Time the Drain

If it's taking longer than usual for sinks, tubs, or toilets to drain, then this is another sign that you are in need of repair. A clog is not as serious a problem as a leak, but it still needs to be addressed right away as it could lead to much bigger septic problems.

Water Discoloration

If the water coming from the sink or tub is discolored, this is normally a sign that there is either a very slow leak which is allowing dirt to come through, or there is rust in the line. It's best not to take any chances on this as rust can cause many problems medically and mechanically. Again, if this happens, you should call a professional to deal with this issue right away.

In conclusion, it is always best to call a professional when you are unsure of something. You wouldn't want a small problem to turn into a much larger and more costly one. Our team at Mr. Rooter of Ottawa knows what we're doing and won't lead you on or drag out the process. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need a professional and our Ottawa plumbers are here to help.

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