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Understanding Potential Areas of Your Home at Risk of a Leak

Leaks in a home are nobody's friend. They can cause unwanted damage and frustration. But, you can catch them early if you know where and how to look!


One of the number one places people think to look for a leak is the faucet. These are the easiest to detect a leak. Want to know why? Though we are sure you already know the answer. Drip...drip...drip. Yes, that annoying sound that keeps you awake all night.

Under the Sink

Not just on top, but down below, under the sink. Puddles of water under the sink are a given for a leak. If you are wondering about a possible leak or just want to be safe, put a napkin below the pipes underneath. The next morning, check to see if there are any water droplets, if so you have an answer. If not, leave the towel. That way you can come back and check every so often.

Other signs can be:

  • Rust
  • Squeaky faucets
  • Eerie sound when you turn your faucet it on or off
  • Awful smells like mold or rotting food
  • Higher water bill


Use your eyes, ears, and nose. Do you hear any noises such as gurgling or bubbling? What do you see? Any water on the ground? Maybe uneven floor tiles? Awful smells like mold or sewer gas? These are a few of the things that may indicate your toilet has a leak.

Water Heater

Make sure you keep up on top of this one as there are few things worse than getting blasted with cold water. Here are some things you want to look for:

  • Puddles of water near the water heater
  • Uneven or raised floor tiles
  • Unusual noises or dripping sounds
  • Lack of hot water

Be on the lookout! Don't be caught in a downpour of your own! If you see any of these signs or suspect a leak don't hesitate to call us! Mr. Rooter of Ottawa provides 24/7 emergency service and is guaranteed to help you with all your plumbing needs!

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