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Long-Term Problems You May Experience with Your Ottawa Plumbing

Caring for your Ottawa home's plumbing system means looking out for long-term problems that could cause the water flow to be inhibited. With some older homes and business buildings, old copper pipes, sewer pipes, and water pressure systems can wear out, and when they do it may be time to replace them. There are various symptoms of long-term problems you may experience if you don't have your plumbing addressed.

Mold and Mildew Spots

Slow leaking pipes are not something to leave unattended even if it seems like they don't leave a large mess. Water that accumulates in a confined area for a long amount of time can lead to mold and mildew buildup and that can bring a variety of health problems to pets or people. Mold and mildew are commonly found in older basements and sometimes attics, but they can come to any area of your home where water has been leaking for a while. If you start to notice any water dripping noises or musty smells, you should have our team of plumbers come out to inspect and address the situation.

Slow Flushing and Refilling Toilets

As sewer pipes get older and start to show signs of rust or decay, you'll usually see water and waste flushing down much slower or sometimes not at all. Sometimes toilets just need to have a snake run down or hydrojetting performed on them, but sometimes the sewer pipes leading down from them are too worn out to use anymore. New sewer pipes are a good investment to keep toilets running properly and prevent sewage backup that can cause unpleasant odors in a home. Our team of plumbers can determine whether you need new pipes and then install them when the time is right.

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