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Plumbing Problems to Avoid this Winter

Every winter, our team receives call asking for help due to some of the same common plumbing problems. Oftentimes, they are caused by individuals not taking the proper precautions to prepare for the cold weather. Before you run into the same problems, you should know what they are and what can cause them. This way you can potentially avoid them as the cold weather comes. Here’s some of the most common plumbing problems of which you should be aware.

Frozen Water Lines

If water lines are not properly drained or insulated prior to the winter, the cold weather can cause the pipes to freeze. This is a serious problem and can result in a burst. Winterizing, while important, is often tedious to do, but hiring professional plumbers can help make it easier on you.

Avoid Grease In the Pipes

Holiday cooking often means a lot of dishes. With this comes some individuals who make the same mistake of putting the grease or oil from the dishes down the drain. While it may not seem like a problem when you first do it, the buildup can eventually cause serious plumbing problems, coating the inside of the pipes and requiring the help of a plumber to fix the issues.

Broken Water Heaters

There are two main problems that arise with the water heater. The first is improper insulation, allowing the pipes and water tank to become much colder, possibly freezing the water and causing a pipe burst. The other potential issue is the temperature set too high. It should never surpass 140 degrees. If this is not enough to keep you warm in the shower, there may be another underlying issue.

Our plumbers at Mr. Rooter® of Ottawa have extensive experience helping our customers make it through the winter without having to deal with serious plumbing issues for long. By 24/7 emergency services, we can be there when you need us most.

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