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How to Deal with Frozen Pipes in Ottawa

When a strong winter hit last year bringing a deep freeze, not many homeowners knew what to expect. After all, many identified last year’s winter as one of the worst in recent memory. As a result, there were problems that not many people had experienced before. Unfortunately, frozen pipes can result in damage for which you may not be prepared and you will need to take action to repair. If you act quickly, however, you can deal with the frozen pipes before they become too much of an issue.

There are specific things that you may be able to do if you notice that your pipe is frozen. These actions include:

  • Turning off water to the home: This helps prevent any more water from freezing, clogging the pipes, and causing an issue.
  • Check your plumbing fixtures: If you have plumbing fixtures in a location of the home where it gets coldest, check them to see if they have been affected.
  • Try warming the frozen pipes: Find the pipes that may be frozen and try to warm them up a bit to help. Try using a hair dryer to make it easier.
  • Turn your water back on: To check for possible leaks, turn the water back on and see if there is any water dripping or if you hear a possible leak.
  • Check water flow: You will be able to notice any potential problems if the water throughout the home is not flowing correctly. You may experience low water pressure or certain fixtures not working correctly.

Frozen pipes can be serious, but as winter nears, you should be sure you are 100% prepared for the potential of this situation occurring. At Mr. Rooter® of Ottawa, we have the experience and skills necessary to help our customers when they need it most. If you have an emergency, we can come out 24/7 to ensure your issue is remedied effectively.

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