If the water in your sinks and tubs is slow to drain or refuses to move without force, it’s time to consider a professional drain cleaning service. Drain cleaning is an important part of routine plumbing maintenance, especially in parts of the home where clogs and backups are most likely to occur. Kitchen grease, food scraps, and loose hairs can all quickly pile up in pipes and can be difficult to remove. Here at Mr. Rooter, we’re proud to offer HydroScrub technology to clean your drains and get your water moving again.

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HydroScrub Technology

HydroScrub is the most effective method of drain cleaning and is the preferred method for all homes and businesses. HydroScrub utilizes a custom-made hose and nozzle, which works its way through the end of your plumbing system to the beginning using nothing but water pressure. The system creates a pressure of up to 3500 psi and emits 68 liters of water per minute while moving through your pipes. The water pressure and hose combination easily break through debris buildup and rinse away residual messes within your pipes.

Why it’s the Preferred Choice

HydroScrub is the preferred method of drain cleaning in Kitchener for many reasons. Unlike pipe snaking or augers that just break a hole into the clog, HydroScrub clears away the buildup entirely. Similarly, because snakes and augers need to be manually fed through drains they can cause cosmetic damage to expensive sinks and tubs, another problem avoided by HydroScrub. DIY methods of clog removal like chemical solutions are as dangerous to pipes as the clog itself. This is because the chemicals are either so strong that they disintegrate the materials the pipes are made of, or so weak that they have no effect and you pour your money down the drain. However, HydroScrub is a proven solution for drain cleaning issues that does no harm to your plumbing system.

If you need emergency drain cleaning for backups or slow-draining water, or simply want preventative maintenance to avoid emergencies altogether, HydroScrub should be your preferred drain cleaning service.

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