Water Line Replacement Etobicoke

Gone are the days of hauling fresh water from a well or river for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing—now we have the modern convenience of getting all the potable water we need just by turning on a faucet. This particular plumbing feature may be frequently overlooked, but when you suspect there's a problem with your water supply, it's suddenly all you can think about. If there's a problem that requires water line replacement, Etobicoke homeowners and business owners need the help of an experienced, local Etobicoke plumber to restore a safe, potable water supply.

Count on the expert team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Etobicoke for all your plumbing needs, including water line replacement. Etobicoke plumbers on our team have the experience and skill to ensure that your water supply line is replaced safely and effectively with long-lasting results.

Experienced Water Line Replacement in Etobicoke

Your municipal water supply contributes quite a bit to the health of your household and the sanitation of your home, so it's very stressful and frustrating to realize that something's not right and that you need a water line replacement. You don't have to worry about what's going to happen next when the reliable plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are working on getting your water supply line replaced. We'll start by visiting your property in person to consult with you and investigate your system thoroughly so we know what to expect. On the scheduled day of your service, we'll show up on time with the equipment and materials necessary for water line replacement. Once the replacement is complete, we'll test to ensure that everything is working as it should and clean up after ourselves before we leave, so all you have to do is enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water supply is safe and usable again.

Our Trenchless Water Line Replacement Method

In many cases, water line replacement in Etobicoke is necessary because an older water pipe has deteriorated and may have even developed pinhole leaks or other serious problems that can compromise the quality of your drinking water. In the past, the traditional method of water line replacement involved digging a trench to access the buried pipes, but that's no longer necessary in most cases. Our plumbers use a trenchless method that minimizes damage to your property. We'll dig two small holes at either end of the segment being replaced and use hydraulics to break the existing pipe apart, then thread a new line through the gap left behind.

Trust Our Team for Water Line Replacement: Etobicoke Services

If you need water line replacement services, rely on the plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Etobicoke to get the job done right. Along with water line replacement, Etobicoke property owners can count on our professional plumbers for a wide range of other plumbing services, including video camera inspections, frozen pipe repair, sump pump installation, backwater valve installation, sewer line repair, leak detection, repairing or replacing broken water heaters, professional drain cleaning services and much more. Our locally owned and operated plumbing company also offers commercial plumbing services and 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Line Replacement in Etobicoke

If you have questions about water line replacement in Etobicoke, we have the answers! Give us a call today to speak with our friendly customer service staff and get the answers you're looking for, or check out our responses to some common questions below.

How Do I Know If I Need Water Line Replacement?

When you have a plumbing issue, it’s not always clear that you might require a water line replacement in Etobicoke. You aren't always aware of the signs that need to be addressed. Since problems with your water supply lines can potentially pose a threat to the safety of your household, it's important to be aware of and keep an eye out for possible warning signs of trouble so you can call a licensed plumber and get it resolved right away. Here are some of the biggest warning signs to watch for:

  • Discolored water
  • Water with a strange taste or texture
  • Flecks of sediment or rust in water
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Interior water damage, such as stained drywall
  • Soggy patches in your yard
  • Spike in charges on water bills

Do I Need Water Line Replacement If My Pipes Freeze?

Did you discover that your water supply pipes have frozen solid due to chilly winter weather? In that case, you may be concerned about needing a water line replacement in Etobicoke. You should be aware that whether or not that's actually the case depends on the severity of the damage. If you have frozen pipes that have not burst, we can likely get them thawed out and back in good condition without needing to replace them. But if the ice expansion has created enough pressure inside the line to burst it open and cause a leak, a water line replacement or possibly water line repair service will be the best option to get the water flowing again and restore your household's water supply.

How Often is Water Line Replacement Typically Necessary?

Copper pipes are rated to last around 70 to 80 years before needing to be replaced, while brass pipes and galvanized steel pipes can be expected to last between 80 and 100 years, barring any unforeseen complications. Keep in mind that there's always a chance of damage from factors like heavy construction, seismic activity, or tree root intrusion and seismic activity that could cause you to need water line replacement services considerably earlier than that.

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If you're in need of experienced water line replacement in Etobicoke, Ontario, the dedicated team of professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Etobicoke is here to help. We are proud to provide local property owners with the best quality of service and workmanship.

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