Located on the bend of the Fraser River, New Westminster is known for being Western Canada’s oldest city, which was once a busy commercial port for lumber products and salmon fisheries. Nowadays, the city boasts a beautiful waterfront area, heritage buildings, and luscious Queen’s Park for locals to enjoy. These days people flock from all over to check out the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Like most of BC, New Westminster enjoys humid summers and cloudy, wet winters. Apart from being a historic hub, New Westminster residents are a short commute away from convenient facilities and amenities to live a comfortable lifestyle, including all their home’s plumbing needs. At. Mr. Rooter of Burnaby, our certified, local, and fully insured New Westminster plumber is well-equipped to handle all your freshwater supply and wastewater drainage needs, from leaky faucets to clogged drains or busted water heaters. Our professional plumbers, New Westminster residents should know, are adamant about showcasing their skillset and are accredited according to industry standards. Our experienced team members have the tactic and know-how to tackle all repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

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As a locally owned and operated franchise, we lend a helping hand not just to New Westminster but nearby areas of Burnaby. We always advocate for our clients by actively listening to their plumbing concerns by offering authentic and long-lasting solutions. We’re not just another shoddy contractor looking to make a quick buck but foster a long-term relationship with our customers by offering first-rate products and services, quality workmanship, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Alongside our no-obligation consultation in which we can discuss recommended repairs and installations, we also offer transparent, upfront pricing for all of our services, which is backed by a one-year parts and labor guarantee. If for any reason you are not pleased with the end result, we will make the appropriate adjustments at no additional cost. Our expert New Westminster plumber will arrive uniformed and prompt based on your flexible schedule, including catering to any 24/7 emergency services.

Our Worthy New Westminster Plumbers

At Mr. Rooter, we best advise New Westminster homeowners to be extra vigilant about the proper upkeep of their home’s plumbing system to avoid the worst-case scenario of a sewage backup in which dirty wastewater full of bacteria and pathogens is upchucked into your home.

New Westminster residents vote with their dollar, so given the limited exceptional plumbing service providers around, there’s no need to look online for New Westminster “plumbers near me” as you will face an information overload of dismal choices. Don’t rely on rookie contractors or try out a makeshift attempt at a repair; but instead, opt for Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Westminster. New Westminster residents should never put in jeopardy their home’s fresh water supply and wastewater disposal system. Whether you’re in New Westminster or nearby areas of Burnaby, like East Vancouver, we are ready to serve at your request.

New Westminster Plumber as Undercover Detective: Specialized Plumbing Tools and Techniques

Sewer line repair performed on property of New Westminster homeowner by Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

Our New Westminster plumbers are well-adept across the divide, possessing the equipment and techniques to restore your drain lines to pristine condition. Although you can purchase cheaper knock-offs from plungers to augers from your local home hardware store, these are different from the professional-grade tools we have at our disposal. Besides, you won’t have the dexterity to perform at the same level only to end up damaging your pipes and as a result, pay more for a repair later on. Instead, your trained plumber, New Westminster homeowners should know, has a wide variety of tools, from drills, power augers and taze plungers to wet and dry vacuums.

For example, drain snaking is whereby we use an auger which is a flexible, slender cable with a cone-shaped end that is inserted into your drain pipes and navigated around corners, bends, and crevices until it encounters a clog. Alternatively, a motorized auger with a corkscrew bit is utilized for most clogs and a closet auger for clogged toilets. It cinches the clog using a spiraling motion and slowly pulls the blockage out of the drain. It’s not exactly a failsafe method and this only works for smaller, more shallow clogs as there are times when the auger will only flake bits and pieces of the blockage rather than get rid of it. Plus, if you’re not careful, you can scratch and damage the inside of your pipes, rendering them most susceptible to clogs or leaks. If the blockage is deep beneath your sewer lateral, augering may not be suitable, so the plumbing issue is best resolved using other techniques. Luckily, your local New Westminster plumber has the right plumbing inspection tools at hand.

Say Snapshot: Video Camera Inspection

The general rule of thumb is that the more we thoroughly inspect your drainage pipes, the better an informed and educated decision we can make. Unlike some shoddy contractors who jump to conclusions only to make haphazard and incorrect assumptions, you can rely on our experienced and certified plumbers. New Westminster technicians pull out all the stops for a full diagnosis of your plumbing problem. If an auger just won’t budge the clog, a drain camera inspection is required to capture video footage of what’s brewing and blending inside your pipes. It is a non-invasive inspection technology that allows your New Westminster plumber to magnify all underground pipes, pipes encased in concrete, and supply and drain lines behind walls. A small camera attached to a flexible cable and bright LED light is inserted and maneuvered inside your drain lines to capture real-time and high-definition footage of the debris that’s clinging inside your pipes. As they examine your sewer lateral, for example, they will use it to understand the exact nature of the problem, designating the special location of the baffling plumbing problem. Apart from clogs, the camera can locate tree root intrusion. Detecting cracks and leaky pipe sections will require additional leak detection tools, like acoustic listening and thermographic imaging devices.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning

New Westminster plumbers rely on this cutting-edge and non-invasive technology: HydroScrub® Jetting. It effortlessly blasts away nasty clogs using high-pressurized steam of water, pulsing away any debris and leaving your pipes clean and clear. The water jets have an intense propulsion of 3,500 psi at 68 liters of water a minute as they leave your pipes spotless. Compared to drain snaking or manually removing the P-trap of a plumbing fixture, this is our go-to drain cleaning solution. It is one of the most sanitary and mess-free procedures for eliminating clogged drains and sewer line clogs, as it breaks through the debris and pushes it directly into the city’s sewer system.

By default, hydro scrubbing also gets rid of any accumulated debris from oils, grease, soap scum, hair, food leftovers, and more. If you purchased your home pre-owned, the previous owners might not have participated in routine maintenance with frequent cleanings with an expert plumber. New Westminster property owners should take advantage as now’s your chance to leave your pipes more hygienic and germ-free. Thorough drain cleaning service is also required prior to comprehensive trenchless repairs, such as pipe relining and bursting.

What Else to Expect from Your Skilled Plumber, New Westminster

Dependable, professional plumbing services are hard to come by, but we highly recommend that you have a reliable New Westminster plumber near me saved on your speed dial for any emergency situations. Luckily, Mr. Rooter has a 24/7 emergency plumber in New Westminster who is always on standby for any plumbing emergency.

Besides that, we are proud to be your most versatile team of licensed plumbers! New Westminster residents who need help from Mr. Rooter can also rely on us to tackle the following types of maintenance and plumbing repair:

  • Hot water heater repair (hot water tank and tankless water heaters)
  • Backwater valve installation
  • Backflow prevention
  • Hose bib maintenance
  • Water filtration systems
  • Sump pump maintenance
  • Perimeter drain repair
  • Sewer backup mitigation
  • Basement flood mitigation
  • Trenchless sewer line repair
  • Septic tank service
  • Frozen pipe repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Commercial plumber, New Westminster businesses
  • And much more!

Mr. Rooter’s New Westminster Plumber Is Your Winning Choice!

Van of Mr. Rooter Plumbing in New Westminster.

Our dependable New Westminster plumber has foolproof methods for plumbing repairs and replacements, no matter the curveball. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Burnaby, we understand how a plumbing problem like an irksome clog can interfere with your daily routines. When hiring our professional technicians for residential and commercial sink repair or sewer services, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in good hands!

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation or service appointment or to learn more about our residential or commercial plumbing services as our courteous customer service representatives are on standby.

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