Burnaby Water Heater Installation

Imagine getting ready for a spa day and a warm bubble bath after a long and stressful day, only to find that you’re in for an ice-cold massage. Yikes! That’s likely to occur if you haven’t practiced proper upkeep of your water heater over the years, but sometimes push comes to shove, and it’s about to get yourself a shiny new Burnaby water heater installation. Your certified, licensed, and fully insured Burnaby plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Burnaby is like a firecracker eager to ignite your unit.

On average, your unit will last you about 10 to 15 years alongside routine maintenance before it keels over, so it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s not just an unfortunate inconvenience to go without hot water–a faulty unit can cause costly water damage to your surroundings due to a leak and is a safety risk as it can result in electrical shorts or release toxic fumes from carbon monoxide gasses. But no frets! Our professional plumbers are well-equipped with the skillset and know-how to erect a new replacement.

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When You Need BurnabyWater Heater Installation

A routine plumbing inspection from our plumber will allow for maintenance on your plumbing fixtures, for example, your hot water tank. Typical issues with tank-based units include sediment residue at the bottom, faulty pilot lights on tank-based units, and strange noises from rumbling to whistling. Of course, this is all made worse without regularly flushing your unit, which can lead to rust buildup, clogs, and even frozen pipes. Overall, routine cleaning of a water tank should be completed every couple of years to keep your hot water heater repair services to a minimum.

Our skilled plumber will perform flushing and sediment deposit removal. The cleaning process takes no more than one hour to complete and is always followed by a full diagnosis and inspection to ensure your hot water is flowing freely. A regular tank cleaning can be paired with a plumbing inspection and diagnosis in Burnabyto prevent any plumbing problems. However, the last thing you need is to be tapped out of hot water during a freezing winter season. A new Burnabywater heater installation with extra features sounds just about right! We’ll also go the extra mile to insulate the tank for you with a water heater blanket!

Our BurnabyWater Heater Installation Services

Don’t wait until your unit kicks the bucket and you’ve drained every ounce of precious hot water–be proactive and ask us about a wide range of options for a Burnabywater heater installation. Sometimes going for a brand-new replacement rather than refurbishing your old unit is more budget-friendly in the long run as you avoid repetitive and ineffective repairs. If you’re seeing red flags of a deteriorating unit, for example, red rusty coloured water, random puddles around the tank, fluctuating pressure, strange noises, odd odours, corrosion on the tank, or tepid water streaming from the tap you know something is fishy.

Types Of Water Heater Installation: Electric & Gas

The most popular units are either natural gas or electric. An electric water heater operates by transferring cold water to the dip tube and heats it using thermal energy inside of the tank, and as this takes place, the hot water slowly rises in the tank and floods throughout the home’s drainage lines through the heat-out pipe. Although it’s slower to kick start hot water flow and is the more expensive option compared to its gas counterpart in the long run, it’s the more energy-efficient and sustainable option as the heating rods are submerged inside the water of the sealed tank, so there is less heat loss overall. Routine maintenance is also required less often as gas units easily deteriorate without proper upkeep. On the other hand, gas-powered systems are still widely used and considered fast-operating and highly efficient. But, of course, it can drain your wallet over time. Periodic maintenance is important and should include checking for gas line leaks.

Pilot Light

If you are aiming to install a tank-based unit, the last thing you need is for your pilot light to be snuffed out during the frigid, snowy season, leaving you all tapped out for hot water. The pilot light on a unit is a small flame that must remain lit to ensure long-lasting heat, and although it can be serviced by your local utility company's emergency hotline if it flickers out, many on-call technicians are usually backlogged and will eventually grow weary of you crying wolf.

It’s best to be responsible and get a functional light attached during your Burnabywater heater installation. Our expert technician opts for a standing pilot light that acts as the primary source of heat for your plumbing system and provides the voltage juice required for the gas valve to operate smoothly. Or they will go for an intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) that doesn’t require an actual flame to work but uses an electrode circuit to spark the pilot light, so the burners can ignite, as the burners are directly tied to the pilot light remaining lit. The type of pilot light you receive will depend, of course, on your type of unit, as a standing pilot light is suitable for a gas-powered water heater, while an IPI best serves an electric-powered water heater.

Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is The Best Kept Secret For BurnabyWater Heater Installation Services!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Burnabyis not yet another generic plumbing company–our skilled technicians are known for our reputation in providing verified and results-oriented solutions. Our plumbers are trained to our rigorous standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We are all about building relationships with our clientele and don’t treat you like just another transaction. This is evident by our flexible scheduling for convenient appointment times, one-year parts guarantee, and transparent estimates with upfront pricing and no hidden fees. Trust us when we say we don’t believe in duping our customers to make some quick bucks, unlike many shoddy plumbing contractors out there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Installation

Mostly leaks are the biggest issue, as once your water heater unit reaches its maximum lifespan, it will deteriorate and leak as the tank corrodes and creates microscopic cracks. But this can happen well after you’ve faced a few cold flashes during your morning shower, so it’s crucial to remain vigilant.

What Can Damage A Hot Water Heater?

Typically rusty, high water pressure, and sediment buildup can result in unit failures due to wear and tear over the years. Or it can be due to improper hot water tank installation or incorrect placing of tank components, especially if you’ve just had a new unit installed.

What Is The Difference Between A Tank And A Tankless Water Heater Installation?

Burnaby, BC residents who are curious, both a tank and tankless heater are available in electric and gas-fired versions. It’s mostly a matter of convenience and energy efficiency; traditional tank-based heaters keep the water piping hot 24/7, whereas a tankless system only heats water when it’s mandatory, as in when you’re turning on your tap, and so it uses less energy. Although it takes longer for a tankless version to deliver hot water to your plumbing fixtures, and the upfront cost of installation is expensive, it pays for itself in the long run with lesser repairs and lower monthly energy bills, plus, it’s environmentally friendly. But please note a tankless installation will not provide you with hot water during a power outage.

We Are Your Brilliant Choice For BurnabyWater Heater Installation!

For our expert plumbers, a Burnabywater heater installation is a breeze. Rest assured that we’ve served many homes in Burnabyand surrounding areas. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Burnaby, we live up to our status as one of the established brands of being one of the established brands around for professional plumbing services in North America.

Reach out to us today and speak to one of our courteous customer service representatives to learn more and find out how we can help to make your home more energy efficient and extend your plumbing’s life expectancy. We offer a wide range of plumbing repair services for everything from water heater installation to trenchless pipe repair for homes in Burnabyand many nearby areas like East Vancouver.

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