Should I Purchase An Iron Filter?

Mr. Rooter technician talking to female homeowner next to sink
Have you ever poured yourself a tall glass of water, only to see red or brown particles settling at the bottom of the glass? Perhaps you’ve finished washing dishes and discovered staining on your plumbing fixtures. Orange, gray and black stains are a sure indicator that your iron levels may be in excess. Luckily, iron can be removed when the concentrated levels of iron are targeted during the oxidation process with a water filter.

Who should consider getting an iron filter?

If the iron levels in your water have accumulated high enough levels that taste is affected, it’s time to consider getting an iron filter. Signs of staining may also be an indication of the level of wear and tear the iron will have on plumbing fixtures. High levels of iron in the body can be evidenced by abdominal cramping, vomiting, and nausea — not fun!

Who shouldn’t get an iron filter or water filtration system?

Iron testing kits make it easier to detect levels of iron water, however, the most accurate way to test is with the help of a professional — that’s us! If after testing iron, levels are below .3 mg/l, then the system may not need filtration. If the iron levels are minimal, then it may not be particularly cost-effective to invest in such a system. If iron levels exceed 1.0 mg/l, then it may be time to revisit iron levels.

How does an iron filter work?

When the flow of water is slowed the iron is oxidized. During the oxidation process, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese are captured and ultimately flushed. Air is pushed into the water to further optimize the oxidation process. The water then passes through what resembles a filter bed, before water is released into the faucet.

There are catalytic carbon filters and Katalox light filters. Both systems normalize iron levels in the water. Catalytic carbon filters optimize the oxidation stage of filtration, and then the carbon filter proceeds to remove the hardened iron. More iron can be removed using this process. Katalox light filters, an alternate form of filtration, use light to capture, trap and remove iron particles. Pretty cool, huh?

Let Mr. Rooter Help You Banish Excess Iron For Good!

Normalizing iron levels with a smart filtering system can make a difference in water quality. It can also translate into savings by removing the need for plumbing upgrades and pipe replacements down the line.

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