Worrying about clogged drains isn’t something the average homeowner does until they actually have them. Many are surprised to learn how much should not go down their drains, but sticking to the regimen of cleaning food and grease from pans and plates completely and throwing hygiene products into the trash isn’t something they always remember to do. The truth is, there are many tasks homeowners can complete to avoid clogged drains, but in many cases, no matter how hard you try to prevent them, drain cleaning in Markham will be necessary.

Considered both a form of preventative maintenance and a way to deal with drain blockages, drain cleaning is one of the most important and sought-after plumbing services. Slow drainage issues, standing water, and unpleasant odours can be quite frustrating, but thankfully, your Markham plumber has an efficient solution to them all. As Markham’s go-to plumber for a variety of plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Markham is dedicated to performing jobs quickly and correctly.

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How We Handle Drain Cleaning in Marham

No matter which service you hire us for, you can always count on a thorough inspection of your plumbing system before we begin. This step allows us to know exactly what we’re dealing with. Once you book a convenient time that fits your schedule, you can expect our experienced team to arrive on time in a clearly marked van, in uniform and ready to get to work. Ahead you’ll find a walkthrough of our meticulous process and how we handle drain cleaning in Markham.

Video Pipe Inspection

Performing a thorough inspection wouldn't be the same unless we could look inside your pipes. We have a specialized tool that allows us to do this. During the drain camera inspection part of your service, we'll use a high-definition video camera on the end of a very long line to give us a 360-degree view of the inside of your drains. This is particularly helpful in locating and identifying clogs, but it will also give us an idea of the condition of your pipes.

If you currently have a clogged drain, we'll insert this advanced camera technology down your drain line and look around at what's inside. When we find the clog, we will be able to see what it is and how far along the pipe it's located. In the case of tree root invasion, a different route will need to be taken to resolve the issue. If you don't have a clog, we can use the video camera inspection to find out the condition of your pipes and if they need to be repaired.

HydroScrub® Jetting Services

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Markham, we employ a variety of tactics to get your drains clean and free from clogs. Some solutions are more appropriate than others, depending on the condition of your pipes and the type of clog or build-up you have in your drain line. Time and time again, we've found advanced Hydro Jetting technology to be the most effective form of drain cleaning, but based on what we find during the video camera inspection, we'll tailor our solution to your unique pipes.

Hydro jetting is essentially a form of pressure washing for your plumbing system. It blasts high-pressure water through your pipes to get rid of clogs and give your pipes a good scrub. Compared to other clog removal methods, such as using a drain snake, hydro jetting removes all of the build-ups caked onto the sides of your pipes. Helping water flow smoothly through your drain line and into your sewer pipes when your pipes are completely clean, you'll notice faster draining and no more standing water.

Clog Removal and Prevention Services

We know you came here looking for drain cleaning services, but clog removal and drain cleaning often go hand in hand. HydroScrub Jetting is a fantastic way to remove clogs if you are currently dealing with one. When calling us to clean your pipes, we'll use this powerful solution to blast away massive clogs or built-up residue and finish off the service by using a bio-based enzymatic drain solution to help dissolve all leftover debris. The long-lasting solution provides a temporary coating for your pipes that will continue to dissolve residue.

When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing for your drain cleaning in Markham, you're getting a licensed plumber on a mission to bring you total peace of mind over the condition of your drain pipes.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing: The Go-To For Drain Cleaning in Markham

So much more ends up going down your pipes than it should. Grease, food debris, hair, soap scum, and "flushable" wipes don't always make it down to your sewer line. Instead, they linger in your drain line and build up over time until you have a serious clog. Don't wait until this happens. Get drain cleaning in Markham and keep your pipes free from blockages and ready to carry wastewater to its proper home.

When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing to resolve your drain issues, you're choosing a plumbing company dedicated to quality service. Our qualified professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a wide range of drain services, including drain cleaning, repair, and emergency plumbing issues. But handling your blocked drains isn't all that we do. Our experienced plumbers can also assist with leaky faucets and pipes, toilet installations, water heater repair, and so much more.

Aside from our comprehensive range of plumbing services, what makes us the go-to plumber for locals in Markham?

  • We always arrive on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work
  • We offer 24/7 emergency repairs
  • We will arrive in clearly marked company vans
  • We are true professionals and will always treat your home and time with respect
  • We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • We have exceptional customer reviews and ratings
  • We are locally owned and operated
  • We back workmanship with a Done Right Promise

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Markham Drain Cleaning FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning in Markham?

Booking a professional drain cleaning service with the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing comes with many benefits. A few you can look forward to after the job is complete include:

  • Proper water drainage. When you turn on the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen sink, you won't have to worry about slow drainage or pools of water anymore. Completely clean pipes make for the proper flow of water.
  • No bad odours. Rotting food in your kitchen drain pipe can smell pretty bad. By cleaning your drains, you won't have to think about the bacteria that's festering inside.
  • Prevent drain flies. The wet, rotting food in your drain line is the perfect place for flies to lay their eggs. When you have dirty drains, you may notice an abundance of drain flies in your kitchen. It may just start with just one, but they breed quickly. Call a professional plumber for drain cleaning in Markham as a preventative solution.
  • No sewage backups. Backups can often occur from clogged drain lines. Flushing a clogged toilet or forcing water down a completely blocked drain with a plunger can actually force whatever is stuck inside your drain line to come back up. What is the effective solution to prevent backups? The simple answer is drain cleaning; it can also prevent the need for costly repairs to your sewer line.

How Can I Prevent Clogs?

Major clogs can put a major damper on your day. When your toilet won't flush, or your sink basin won't drain, you may be wondering how to deal with it on your own. The solution lies in both professional and personal maintenance. While professional drain cleaning can prevent clogs, you can also do your part by following these rules:

  • Do not put fats, oils, or grease (FOG) down your drain line or garbage disposal. While they may go down as liquid, once they cool, they can harden and form a blockage.
  • Don't flush feminine hygiene products or other personal care disposables down the drain. Wipes marketed as "flushable" aren't. Nothing aside from toilet paper and wastewater should ever go down your toilet.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners. While some companies say their products are safe for your pipes, not all of them are, leading to corrosion and even clogs.
  • Get regular drain cleaning in Markham. This is the best way to ensure clogs that come from neglect and build-up do not occur.

Can I Clean My Own Drains?

While using chemical drain cleaners and store-bought drain snakes may alleviate the problem initially, they won't resolve the inconvenient issue completely. That's something only professional drain cleaning can do. As for natural DIY solutions such as baking soda and white vinegar, this remedy can lead to larger clogs. Chemical drain cleaners can also lead to pipe damage. Skip the potential damage and second-guessing, and call our drain cleaning experts instead!

Dirty, Clogged Drains? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Drain Cleaning in Markham!

While drain cleaning may not be considered a resolution to a plumbing emergency, it's still one of the most important services the people of Markham can take advantage of. We offer quality plumbing services, flat rate prices, and guaranteed workmanship. When hiring our reliable company, there's nothing to lose but the build-up in your drain line.

Wherever you're based in the city, you can count on our plumbing professionals for expert residential and commercial drain cleaning in Markham, Stouffville and the surrounding areas! Schedule an appointment by calling our friendly service reps today!

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