Markham Water Heater Installation

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Did you know there are numerous benefits to taking a hot bath or shower, including relieving muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood circulation? Why then would you deny yourself the privilege of hot water? Apart from the inconvenience of having a meager hot water supply, there are repercussions for avoiding a Markham water heater installation, for example, from soaring utility bills to water damage to the extremities of your home due to a faulty hot water heater system. If your unit is at least a decade or so old, it may be its last hurrah, so that’s where you are a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Markham plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newmarket who can swoop in to perform a replacement service.

Don’t take your chances by hoping for hotness every time you turn on your tap and allow your peace of mind and pocketbook to take it easy with a more energy-efficient unit that will provide you with spools of hotness for years to come. Our quality workmanship is backed by our one-year parts guarantee and is transparent, upfront pricing, so you have nothing to lose.

Miraculous Markham Water Heater Installations

Mr. Rooter Plumbing technician examining newly installed water heater in Markham home.

Markham homeowners shouldn’t consent to false assumptions that if their unit is chugging along and occasionally spits out hot fluid, they are in the safe zone. This is counterintuitive thinking, as your unit is degenerating and is about to burn out. Some may not mind tepid water and hope to avoid a new Markham water heater installation to save money, but beware; you are thinking harder and not smarter. There are advantages to a new unit installation apart from instant hot water. For example, paying less money on your utility bills and correcting other problems on your plumbing fixture, including a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, so it doesn’t accidentally burst into leaks and cause damage to your surroundings.

Our Certified Gas & Electric Water Heater Installation | Markham, ON

If your unit is about to peter out, we can conduct a Markham water heater installation as a same-day service, as our expert plumber in Markham has the ingenuity and know-how to affix pipes, adjust appropriate connections, and securely fasten valves in no time. Here are some steps we take for a Markham water heater installation service:

  1. Trash the past: First, we will turn off all electricity and drain water from your old unit and proceed to remove it. We do this by cutting away all pipes and switching off your electrical supply. Initially, we will turn off the cold-water valve atop your heater and turn off the circuit breaker, which serves as a source of electricity. Next, we’ll take a hose to the drainage pipe and suck water into a drain. We will remove any connections with a pipe wrench, tube cutter, and screwdriver. Lastly, we will toss your old unit into the appropriate disposal facility.
  2. Prep: Your certified Markam plumber will place the new unit onto a sturdy surface, so we can align your water and gas pipes and so that it doesn’t wobble as we work. We will intentionally keep the drain valve at the front of the unit so that you can drain liquid as needed later on to extend its life.
  3. Place Copper Pipes: We will fuse a couple of 6-inch solid copper pipes to the cold water intake by measuring the appropriate length and fitting them to overwater intake valves atop the heater. If for some reason, the pipes don’t fit into the valve, we will attach an adapter and then heat the copper pipes with a torch and cement them together.
  4. Attach Water Lines: Your plumber will arrange for water intake pipes to connect to the water supply pipes coming from your ceiling. This is done by readjusting copper pipes we installed from atop your heater to water pipes stretching from the ceiling or wall. We will mend these pipes together using elbow joints to prevent leakages and forge a solid connection.
  5. Valves too: Next, we’ll add a new temperature and pressure relief valve to the unit by cutting out a piece of copper tubing that spans 4 inches in length. We’ll use a pipe wrench to tightly fasten the valve into place and ensure the opening is pointed at the ground.
  6. Wire It Up: Now, we’ll remove the cover on the heater to access a control panel, so we can connect the electric wires to the grid. We will attach the ground wiring to the green grounding screw, which is found on top of your Markham water heater installation. We’ll follow the instructional manual that came with your unit to establish the correct configuration. Our expert technicians know different wire configurations and proper colour codes so that they won’t short-circuit your system. If you attempted this on your own, you might accidentally electrocute yourself!
  7. Refill and refresh: We will refill the unit with water and inspect it for any leaks before providing it with electricity. We will do a sample run and turn on a nearby tap to ensure that connections are streamlined. If there are leaks, we will empty the unit once again and reattempt to refuse the connections.
  8. Time to Energize: We switch on the electricity on the main panel and set the temperature to approximately 49 °C. Depending on your Markham water heater installation brand, their temperature control panel may be in different locations, so our skilled technician will point it out with no problem. You are ill-advised to crank up the temperature beyond the recommended setting, as excessive heat can loosen up the piping over time or even contaminate your water supply.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Markham, ON homeowners who opt for a tankless system can expect a similar installation process, except that it will require a bit more labour work. Tankless systems require drilling holes into the wall because they’re installed against your drywall. Though these systems are ideal at lowering energy consumption because they deliver heated water on demand, they come with a higher upfront cost due to the installation complexity. But because tankless water heaters improve your Markham home’s energy efficiency, you’ll save money down the road.

Our knowledgeable plumbers are happy to help you make the right choice in your hot water heater installation. Markham, ON property owners may need help measuring operating costs and energy usage versus installation costs. Then, there is also frequency of maintenance and repair services. Rest assured that you’ll choose the type of water heater installation in Markham, ON that suits your needs.

Maintenance Of New Markham Water Heater Installation

Your brand-new unit will eventually lose that shiny new luster if it isn’t cared for properly. Scheduling routine maintenance with your professional plumber will allow them to perform a cleaning service and flush out debris from the tank. This will prevent corrosion and remove any sediment buildup from the sacrificial node. Our plumbing technicians will even inspect your relief valve annually to ensure excessive heat and fluctuating pressure won’t rupture your tank and insulate your tank and supply lines if they are in a non-heated space. Due to the digital components of an electric water heater, we also recommend testing the TPR valve and checking the anode rod. Regular maintenance will minimize the risks of needing early water heater repair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Markham Water Heater Installation

How Many Watts Is Acceptable For A Good Water Heater?

The average unit reaches around 1125 watts, but more powerful units can go up to 4000 watts, and this information is usually on a specs info sheet on the back of your heater.

Is Markham Water Heater Installation An Easy Process?

Fair warning–a Markham water heater installation is not your run-of-the-mill DIY project. Especially for installing electrical units, there’s a lot of technical work, including connecting proper wiring and gas lines. Overall, when planning a water heater installation, Markham, ON homeowners require a professional with knowledge of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and carpentry skills alongside knowing your local building codes. Some jurisdictions require a permit for this type of plumbing service.

Why Is Installing A New Unit So Expensive?

A Markham water heater installation is labour intensive, and you have to take into consideration the materials and effort that go into an installation service, including setting up new gas and water lines that are required for an installation. New electrical wiring also needs to be done for electric-powered units.

Our Pros Will Fusion Flare Your Markham Water Heater Installation in No Time!

Let our savvy team members blast-burn your hot water tank with a piping-hot Markham water heater installation. Markham ON is just one locality we serve. Unless you are in a surrounding area like Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge Concord, or anywhere in the York Region, you can depend on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Markham to effortlessly execute repairs, installations and maintenance services!

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can cozy up your humble abode. We’re also available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency service in and around Markham.

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