Top Signs You Need Port Perry Drain Repair

A P-trap in the cabinet space below a sink, with several tools and fittings lying nearby to be used for drain repair in Port Perry, ON.
It’s easy to take your plumbing system for granted, especially when things are working as they should, but what do you do when you notice small changes in the way your drains work? In some cases, the changes can be so subtle that they aren’t noticed by homeowners, leading to major problems that require drain repair. Port Perry property owners can always benefit from learning a little more about their drains, and the small changes that could indicate big problems down the line.

Few people realize exactly how essential a clear drain line is until they’re confronted with the opposite. When that happens, slime, sludge, and objects of all sizes eventually build up over time until wastewater isn’t flowing down your drains at all. Unfortunately, that kind of buildup in your pipes can lead to situations that require the services of an experienced Port Perry plumber such as Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ajax-Pickering to repair your wastewater disposal system.

The best way to avoid any kind of major damage is to be aware of the signs that your drains could be in need of repairs or even basic drain cleaning services. The sooner that you spot a problem and call in a professional to fix it, the less likely it will be that you have to deal with costly complications. Getting professional Port Perry drain repair services when you need them helps keep your family healthy and your pipework in great shape.

How Do Drain Repairs Work?

Port Perry drain repair services involve more than inserting a drain snake down your bathtub’s drain to remove hair. In fact, most of the time, specialized plumbing tools are needed. After hiring licensed plumbers for high-quality drain repair, Port Perry homeowners won’t have to experience slow draining or recurring backups in their fixtures for a long time. With proper maintenance, you won’t need to worry about costly repairs down the road.

  1. Drain Inspections: Most Port Perry plumbers start very professional service with a thorough diagnosis and inspection of the affected parts of your plumbing system, using both visual techniques and specialized inspection equipment. This initial inspection is an important part of the overall repair process because it ensures that your plumbers are able to identify any underlying issues causing your drain problems and fix them as well.
  2. Augers: An auger is a stronger tool than a plunger that is specifically designed for professional technicians. It’s a mechanical tool capable of reaching deep inside pipes and breaking through stubborn clogs. While this enables water flow, it does not clean the pipe.
  3. HydroScrub® Jetting: Our hydro jet technology uses pressurized water to cut through clogs and blast away grime. It has the power to deal with all kinds of stubborn blockage, including tree roots, and is often used to completely clear out drain lines before other repairs are completed.

Depending on the severity of the drain issue, other tools are sometimes used for more serious repairs such as sewer line replacement. Our courteous team can handle even the toughest challenges to get your drain working again.

Top Signs You Need Port Perry Drain Repair Services

Slow Drains

If your drains are draining slower than normal, there may be a clog with your drain pipe. The sooner you handle it the better because it could evolve into a serious blockage. Try plunging or snaking to see if you can locate and dislodge that blockage. Alternatively, checking your p-trap and clearing any debris could also solve the problem.


Water shouldn’t pool at the bottom of any fixtures after use. Check your waste and supply lines for cracks and holes and ensure that you're not dealing with loose joints. While these are visible problems that you could easily repair, there could also be a pipe leak beneath your floor. Keep an ear out for running water behind walls and call Mr. Rooter’s emergency plumbing services for emergency repairs before the leak causes issues to your home’s structural integrity. Our local Port Perry drain repair technicians will complete a leak detection service before they map out the best repair method.

Recurring Clogs

If you’ve plunged your toilet or sink more often than usual, and it keeps clogging up again, you either have a serious clogged drain situation or a sewer backup is around the corner. Especially if you’re dealing with a clogged bathroom sink or kitchen sink that has never had issues before. Don’t let this problem put a damper on your drain lines or your life because it won’t get better until you get professional drain repairs. Port Perry plumbers have you covered.

Gurgling and Bubbling

Gurgling toilets indicate bad air pressure in your drain pipe. Even when it appears to be flushing, there is still an obstruction that’s blocking the waste from flowing down. If left untreated, it could eventually turn into a clog.

Sink Flies

These little pests are attracted to sewage. If they’re flying around your sink, it means that your drains are dirty. There might be some fermented food scraps trapped in the walls that allow them to breed. If they don’t go away after you’ve cleaned the sink areas and brushed the sink drain opening with white vinegar and baking soda, there may be an underlying issue further down the line.

Foul, Rotting Odors

As clogged drain pipes can result in wastewater not going down and reaching your sewer pipe, odors can often find their way back into your home, leaving a lingering foul smell.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups are less common than many of the issues listed above, but they are also often more serious and could lead to immediate requirements for drain repair. Port Perry homeowners who notice any kind of visible sewage in their homes should immediately seek the assistance of a professional plumber, especially if sewage is coming out of multiple drains.

Burst Pipe

You’ll notice warning signs of a broken pipe in the form of running water behind walls or even a concrete slab leak where your plumbing pipes underneath the concrete break due to shifting soil or bad house settlement. We highly recommend contacting our expert plumbers ASAP if you notice wet basement walls and hot spots on the floors.

What Causes Drain Damage?

There is a wide variety of issues that could lead to drainage problems on your property. Often, the most common are related to older plumbing systems and waste that has not been disposed of properly.

If you have an older home with pipes that are visibly aging, consider replacing them ahead of any major problems, as they will ultimately be more susceptible to major damage caused by the minor issues that lead to drain repair in Port Perry.

When it comes to disposing of waste properly, it’s important to ensure that only human waste, water, and toilet paper enter your drain lines. That includes kitchen sink drains, where it’s common for food debris like eggshells and coffee grounds to cause clogs and blockage that can eventually lead to leaks and other damage. Paper products, such as paper towels, tissues, and even “flushable” wipes, are also particularly problematic clog-causers.

In addition to the common causes mentioned above, it’s also important to be aware of environmental factors that can cause damage to your pipes. If there are trees or other large plants on or near your property, it’s possible for their roots to cause damage to your drain lines. During the winter months, any poorly insulated lines could crack and burst, leading to major drain repairs.

Overall, the largest factor that contributes to damaged drain lines and other plumbing problems is a lack of routine maintenance. When you maintain your plumbing systems with regular service from a professional, it’s easier to identify underlying problems like tree root infiltration before they cause major damage.

Specific Common Causes

  • Tree Roots: Tree roots naturally grow in search of water, and that includes the water flowing through your buried drain lines. Even a tiny crack in those lines could be enough room for roots to penetrate them and continue growing inside, causing more damage and contributing to clogs.
  • Shifting Earth/Landscaping: Anything that affects the land around buried pipes can cause damage. If you have any reason to suspect that land shifting near your property has caused damage to your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call a plumber.
  • Paper Towels, Tissues, Wet Wipes, and “Flushable” Wet Wipes: The only paper product that should enter your drains is toilet paper, and even excessive amounts of toilet paper could cause a clog if you’re not careful.
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease: These three substances are such well-known clog causes that they’re given their own acronym, F.O.G. It can be tempting to pour hot oil and grease down the drain, but it’s better to wait for them to cool and dispose of them in your garbage can or compost bin. If they cool inside your pipes, all that solidified grease will create a trap for more debris and eventually cause a major clog.
  • Hair: If you’ve ever used a snake in your shower, you know what an impact hair can have on a drain. In many cases, dealing with a hair clog only requires basic repairs and maintenance techniques, but if they’re left to get worse, they could require more serious levels of service.
  • Dental Floss: Much like hair, dental floss can get tangled around drains and cause nasty clogs that can be avoided by simply disposing of it in a trash can.
  • Personal Health Products: The best place for any bathroom garbage is a trash can. Flushing these items down the drain will lead to inevitable problems in the future.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Chemical cleaners have a corrosive effect on your waste lines and sewer lateral. Homeowners may use it out of convenience, but we do not recommend it if you want to avoid drain repair. Port Perry plumbers use enzymatic cleaners during hydro jetting services, which is also more environmentally friendly.

What To Expect During Port Perry Drain Repairs

When you hire our professional plumber Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ajax-Pickering for drain repair, Port Perry plumbers will prove to you they’re your local pros by using state-of-the-art equipment, such as video cameras, to perform inspections and diagnostics prior to determining the appropriate repair method you need.

Minor problems like clogged drains are relatively quick and simple to fix, but if your problem is linked to something more serious, like a collapsed sewer line, your Port Perry drain repair services will take longer. We will walk you through the details of the process and write up a transparent cost estimate during the in-house inspection and consultation.

Can You Put Off Drain Repairs?

Your drains are one of the most important parts of your plumbing system, and leaving yourself without fully functioning drains will be a major inconvenience. Not to mention, most drain problems will only get worse over time, forcing you to deal with more serious issues.

In general, if a drain problem is not an immediate problem, such as in the case of a clogged drain, it may not be necessary to seek immediate assistance, but you should not delay long. The best response for any kind of drain problem is to seek help from a qualified plumber as soon as possible.

Do You Need Port Perry Drain Repairs? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Quality Workmanship!

No matter when you need a plumber, you can count on the team of experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ajax-Pickering. Clogs, leaks, and other problems won’t wait until you’re ready to deal with them, so Mr. Rooter stays prepared to provide you with courteous service, high-quality work, and guaranteed satisfaction whenever you need it.

Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, or emergency services, simply call and our customer service team will be ready to assist you with everything from drain repairs to septic system installation.