Residential Drain Cleaning in Orangeville, ON

Dependable Residential Drain Cleaning

When you have multiple clogged drains in your home and the drain cleaner isn't working, you need to call in a professional. A clogged sink drain and a clogged toilet at the same time could indicate a bigger issue with your plumbing. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Caledon, we specialize in thorough residential drain cleaning in Orangeville, ON. With just one visit, we can do a plumbing inspection, determine the cause of your clogged drains, and find the most effective drain cleaning methods. Our drain cleaning services include hydrojetting, enzymatic drain cleaners, drain rooter services, and other professional drain cleaning methods. To make an appointment for residential drain cleaning or to request an estimate for the cost of drain cleaning, call us today.

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Watch for Signs You Need Residential Drain Cleaning Services

If you’ve never used residential drain cleaning services before, you might not be aware of the warning signs you’re having a drain problem. If using a plunger and store-bought drain cleaner is ineffective, you most likely need professional drain cleaning. Here are some other signs you should call us to schedule drain cleaning services:

  • You have one or more slow sink, tub, shower, or toilet drains.
  • Your plumbing fixtures are backed up or clogged.
  • You keep smelling foul odors like sewage, mold, mildew, or rotten food from your drains.
  • Your water bill has suddenly increased and you don’t know why.
  • You keep finding dead insects, roaches, or rodents in or near your plumbing fixtures.
  • There is standing water around your drains.
  • There are puddles of water near plumbing fixtures.
  • No matter how much drain cleaner you use, your drains are still clogged.
  • Your pipes or plumbing fixtures are making a rumbling, bubbling, gurgling, hissing, or banging noise.

Find Out How Drain Cleaning Prevents Plumbing Issues

Scheduling routine and preventive drain cleaning can prevent more serious plumbing issues. When you schedule regular drain cleaning services like hydro jetting, drain rooter work, and enzymatic drain cleaners, you can clear away sludge and debris before it becomes a problem. Regular drain cleaning will clear out fats, grease, oils, bathroom products, soap scum, and other sludge that would otherwise begin to build up, lining the walls of your pipes. If you want to prevent costly plumbing issues in the future, you should schedule regular residential drain cleaning services.

Explore Our Drain Cleaning Services

We offer several effective drain-cleaning services. After we complete a plumbing video camera inspection and diagnosis, we will recommend one or more residential drain cleaning methods. Combining multiple drain cleaning services will offer better and longer-lasting results. Our drain cleaning methods include:

  • HydroScrub® Jetting – Our HydroScrub® jetting service uses highly pressurized streams of water to break apart stubborn clogs in your pipes. These powerful water jets can eliminate decades of built-up fat, grease, oil, food, bathroom products, and other sludge lining your pipes' walls. Once the hydrojetting machine destroys the clogs, they are flushed into the city's sewer system.
  • Drain Rooter Work – Our drain rooter service uses a powerful machine to break apart tree roots, branches, and other debris in your pipes. We can thread a long cable up to 150 feet into your pipes. The blades at the end of the cable will chop up and break apart clogs so they can either be flushed out of the pipes with hydrojetting or pulled back up through the drains and disposed of.
  • Enzymatic Drain Cleaner – We use a specialized enzymatic drain cleaner combined with other drain cleaning methods to destroy tough clogs. Our enzymatic drain care treatment uses a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution to dissolve fat, grease, oil, and more. It can also prevent the future buildup of sludge in your pipes.
  • Plumbing Snake or Auger – We use a plumbing snake or auger for clogs that aren't as deep in your pipes or for clogged shower drains or bathtub drains. A plumbing snake can be threaded into your drain while rotating, so it catches and traps human and animal hair that is trapped in the drain. The hair clogs are then pulled back up through the drain, and we finish with other drain cleanings services like enzymatic drain cleaner or hydrojetting.

We also offer our Advantage Plan, an easy way for our customers to keep up with plumbing maintenance. By scheduling preventive plumbing maintenance services, you can lower the risk you'll need costly plumbing repairs in the future. We recommend regular plumbing inspections and drain cleaning to prevent clogged drains and drain backups. /p>

Call Today for Drain Cleaning in Orangeville, ON

If you need professional drain cleaning, call us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Caledon. Our team of drain cleaning service professionals will quickly diagnose the problem with your drain and recommend the most effective drain cleaning services. Call today to schedule an appointment for residential drain cleaning in Orangeville, Georgetown, Bolton, Shelburne, and Alliston, ON. You can also request a job estimate.

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