Residential 3M Water Filtration System in Caledon, ON

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Caledon is pleased to offer water filtration systems for home plumbing systems through our partnership with 3M. We can help you select water treatment systems that suit your needs, from whole-house filters and scale inhibition systems to drinking water systems. Our 3M water filtration solutions will eliminate traces of undesirable elements and minerals like iron, calcium, rust, and sediment from your water for cleaner, healthier water.

Our expert plumbers can assess the state of your water and offer water treatment or filtration solutions that will best meet your requirements. Mr. Rooter offers both point-of-use filtration systems for your kitchen faucet, and point-of-entry systems to condition and filter all water coming into your home.

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Why Choose 3M Water Treatment Systems?

Whether you are concerned about the quality of your family’s drinking water or would like a solution that treats your entire water system, there’s a 3M water treatment and filtration solution for you. In addition to improving your water quality, having a water filtration system installed by Mr. Rooter can provide:

  • Cleaner, clearer water you can feel confident in
  • Better-tasting water for your family
  • Overall protection for your plumbing system and appliances by reducing sediment, dust, rust, and dirt buildup
  • Energy savings and increased efficiency by reducing the buildup of sediment in plumbing and fixtures.

For more information on our water treatment systems for homes in the Caledon, Georgetown, or Orangeville areas, get in touch with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Caledon today.

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