Living in Newmarket means having it all. Nestled in between bustling Toronto and idyllic cottage country, the small town is perfect for families of all sizes and has no shortage of homes or businesses. Known for its city-like amenities, you have everything you need in Newmarket, including a wide range of service companies that keep your property in excellent shape. When searching for a plumber, Newmarket property owners value experience, transparency, courtesy, and respect. When choosing our Newmarket plumbers, that's exactly what you'll get and so much more.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newmarket is the team you can count on for a comprehensive variety of plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services. Along with our 24/7 emergency service, you'll have all that you need when plumbing disasters strike–and strike they will indeed. From dirty drains and clogs to backups and serious leaks, it pays to have an experienced plumber on speed dial. Grab our number today to schedule your service, or read on to discover the range of solutions we offer for Newmarket homes and businesses.

Professional Services Offered By Your Newmarket Plumber

Being a plumber in Newmarket means we're always on our toes. As it’s one of the best small towns to live in Ontario, we've served countless residential and commercial properties that experience plumbing emergencies and need routine maintenance. Whichever category you fall into, you can breathe easy knowing we have your back year-round.

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Residential Plumbing Solutions From Your Plumber in Newmarket, ON

Homes have a main sewer line, water line, and numerous plumbing fixtures. Including kitchen faucets, toilets, basement drains, sump pumps, and more, each of these features encounters different issues regularly. On top of that, with the frequent use of your water and drainage line comes daily wear and tear that puts stress on these two important pipe systems. That's why we can't recommend annual maintenance enough. The most important service that falls into this category? Drain cleaning. You'll find more information on it and the many other solutions we offer below.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent plumbing disasters and ensure your sewer line is running smoothly. It can also be a solution for clogged drains, as well as the first step in drain repair. Regular drain cleaning services will rid your pipes of buildup, including the sediment that accumulates from daily use. If left to build, this toxic sludge will only continue to grow, eventually leading to a full-blown drain clog, which can cause added stress to your pipes and lead to premature damage. In other words, don't neglect this valuable service.

What goes on within annual drain cleaning? Our insured plumbers use a combination of Hydro Jetting and bio-based drain cleaners to give your pipes the polish of their life. Not only will the high-pressure water of the jetting blast away any clogs within your line, but it will also "scrub" the interior of your pipe, removing all buildup so that wastewater flows effortlessly and the risk of backups is lessened.

Clogged Drains

The average homeowner puts many things down their drain lines that they shouldn't. In fact, only wastewater should go down your drain at any time, with the addition of toilet paper in toilets. Hair, soap, food, and grease should never go down your kitchen or bathroom sinks, while feminine hygiene products and "flushable" wipes should stay out of your toilet.

The number one cause of clogged drains is neglected maintenance, but you may also experience a clog resulting from corroded old pipes, tree roots, or even collapsed pipes. To treat clogged drains, we offer drain snaking and Hydro Jetting services. Drain snakes or augers can help remove stubborn clogs from old pipes, whereas hydro jetting is a more viable option for newer plumbing systems that aren't at risk of damage from high-pressure water.

Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes spell disaster for your home. Even the smallest leaky bathroom sink can result in significant water damage to your floors and subfloor, while larger leaks can lead to foundation and structural issues. The outflow of water from a leak can occur under your kitchen sink as well as under your home, and that makes them difficult to detect. From low water pressure to mould, there are numerous signs of leaks that aren't visible. If you suspect you have a leak in your water supply, get in touch with a professional plumber right away. In our leak detection service, we'll use infrared detection equipment, pressure testing, and video camera inspection to locate all sources of leaks.

Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

Every day, our certified plumbers deal with pipe damage in Newmarket. From new drain lines with small cracks to old pipes that need replacement, each situation is slightly different, which is why we offer custom plumbing solutions for every home.

The first step of every one of our repair or replacement services starts with a thorough inspection. Using a high-tech camera we insert down your drain line, we get a complete look at your plumbing system to find out what's going on. Once we locate the damage, we can choose the appropriate course of action. Depending on the type and the severity of your drain issue, we'll either recommend a trenchless or traditional repair service or full replacement. A few of our most common repair and replacement services include:

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Plumbing Installations

Are you building a home or improving its plumbing features? We offer a range of expert installation plumbing services to help protect your home from water damage and keep you warm, safe, and comfortable.

  • Sump pump installation
  • Backflow prevention device installation
  • Water heater installation
  • Sewer line installation
  • Water line installation
  • Water softener installation

Commercial Plumbing Services From Your Plumber in Newmarket

As a business owner, you rely on your plumbing systems daily for your staff, guests, or customers. When issues occur, they don't just impact one person, they can impact your entire commercial building. Seeking commercial plumber services is, then, always considered an emergency, and you can count on our certified team to be there when you need us most.

Our comprehensive commercial plumbing service will take care of your broken pipes, faucet repair, cleaning of sewer lines, and so much more. Some of our most popular expert plumbing services include:

  • Grease trap service
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Water heater repair
  • Septic drain field service
  • Water filter installation
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency plumbing solutions

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

From repairing a faulty backflow valve in the middle of a backup to resolving a clogged drainage pipe right before your big event, our emergency plumbing service meets all of your most pressing needs. We know how important it is to be free of sewer and water issues, and with the help of our licensed plumbers, you can keep calm and carry on with minimal disruption to your normal routines. Whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., we'll respond to your plumbing disaster promptly and provide a quality solution. Our team has decades of combined experience in the plumbing industry and extensive training. With us, you can always count on excellent service.

Looking for a Plumber Near Me? Mr. Rooter Plumbing is the Local Pro You Can Trust

Putting the health of your plumbing system in the hands of one of the many plumbing companies out there can come with many questions. Will they perform the job right the first time? Will they tack on overtime charges and hidden fees? Do they provide guarantees on their workmanship and parts? When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newmarket, we'll give you total peace of mind over the quality of our services and the experience you receive.

With guaranteed workmanship and parts, you'll feel confident that the job will be done right the first time–or we'll make it right at no additional cost. With our upfront pricing, you'll never have to worry about an overtime charge. The quote we provide at the start of your service is precisely what you'll pay when it's done.

As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Whether we're assisting with your residential or commercial plumbing project, you know our licensed and insured plumbing experts will arrive on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work. We know your time is precious, and we know that plumbing problems can't wait. That's why we work efficiently to complete sewer, fixture, and drain services at times that fit with your schedule. Our convenient appointment times and emergency services allow you to book after hours and on weekends and holidays, while our flexible service options ensure you get the right kind of plumbing maintenance, repair, or installation for your home or business.

We're proud to serve locals in Newmarket and the surrounding areas of Aurora, Bradford, Markham, Vaughn, Woodbridge, and many others with advanced plumbing technology and quality plumbing solutions.

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