Drain Cleaning with HydroScrub

If your pipes don’t drain as they should, it’s time to get the help of a professional drain cleaning service. Though it’s obvious when water drains slowly or sits in tubs and sinks, the reasons why are not. Anything from excess grease in the kitchen sink to lost hair in the bathroom drain can slowly build up over time, creating unmovable blockages that damage your plumbing. With Mr. Rooter’s HydroScrub technology, however, drains are easily cleared of clogs and kept in pristine condition for long-term use.

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What is HydroScrub?

HydroScrub is an effective drain-clearing technology that utilizes water pressure as a method to break through pipe backups and thoroughly clean clogs. HydroScrub utilizes a custom-designed hose and nozzle combination that works its way through the entirety of the plumbing system, starting from the end of the pipes. By creating water pressure of over 3500 psi, and moving over 68 liters of water a minute, the hose breaks down anything in its path and moves forward with the momentum it creates. This self-sustaining method of drain cleaning is the most effective option in the plumbing industry available today.

What Makes HydroScrub the Best Drain Cleaning Service

There are a variety of reasons why HydroScrub is the best drain cleaning service available today, but it comes down to a few important things. Drain snakes and augers only work to break holes into a clog or backup, not fully remove them. Though this allows for better water pressure, it does not fully clear the problem, which leads to the clog quickly reappearing. More so, it only works for a single clog and does not clean through backups that may exist past the first one.

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Chemical solutions and inexpensive store-bought drain cleaners seem to be the obvious solution to drain issues, but they are also ineffective. When you pour these cleaners down the drain you simply pour your money down the drain. There is no guarantee that they will work, and no visual evidence of the work they did. High-powered chemicals may break down the clog and fix water pressure issues, but they can also break down the material the pipe is made of, which can lead to long-term pipe damage.

HydroScrub can also be used as a preventative maintenance technique to keep pipes looking and draining their best. By utilizing a drain cleaning service before there is an emergency backup, you avoid the stressful situation of having one occur at all. So if you need an emergency drain cleaning to fix backups and clogs, or just to prevent them from happening entirely, contact our plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter.

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