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When something is wrong with your home plumbing, you don’t have the time to inspect the issue yourself or try solutions until something works. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Winnipeg, we specialize in residential plumbing inspections. Our thorough plumbing inspections allow us to identify the problem, make a professional plumbing diagnosis, and find the most effective solution. Our goal is to save our customers time and money by improving the performance and efficiency of their home plumbing. Call us today to schedule a residential plumbing diagnosis and inspection in Winnipeg, Steinbach, or Selkirk, MB.

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Importance of a Professional Residential Plumbing Diagnosis

Even if you have a lot of experience doing repairs around your home, you can’t fix a plumbing problem if you don’t know where it is or what is causing it. You’re likely to do even more damage to your home by hunting around for the source of the issue. Our team of home service professionals can perform a thorough plumbing inspection and provide you with a professional plumbing diagnosis. Rather than just solving the immediate problem, we look for the underlying cause of a plumbing issue to prevent it from happening again. Our residential plumbing diagnosis and inspection will be completed safely, using powerful tools and equipment, so the job is completed quickly and effectively. Overall, our solutions are cost-efficient and will save you time and money - plus, we provide ongoing support if something else goes wrong.

When and Why You Need a Residential Plumbing Inspection

A residential plumbing inspection offers valuable information about the condition and efficiency of your plumbing. We recommend that our customers schedule a plumbing inspection if:

  • It has been more than five years since their plumbing was inspected.
  • They suspect they have a hidden leak, clogged pipes, or other plumbing problems.
  • They plan on buying or selling a home.
  • They plan to dig up their yard and avoid hidden pipes or utility lines.
  • They are planning a home renovation, remodel, or addition.
  • They have lost jewelry or other valuables down the drain.
  • They suspect there are insects or rodents in their pipes.
  • They have plumbing issues that aren’t responding to home repairs.
  • They hear dripping or running water and can’t locate the source.
  • They have found signs of flooding or water damage in their home.
  • There are strange sounds or odors in their home.
  • They want to avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs.
  • They want to reduce their risk of plumbing emergencies.
  • They want to track the health of their pipes.
  • They want to confirm that a previous plumbing installation or repair was completed correctly.

Why Choose Us for a Plumbing Diagnosis

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Winnipeg, we are committed to providing you the respect and professionalism you deserve. Each member of our team of home service professionals is highly trained and experienced and comes to each job with the tools and equipment necessary to succeed. We fully comply with all codes, regulations, and industry standards to ensure your home remains safe. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship that improves the efficiency and performance of your plumbing and restores the safety of your home. We specialize in residential plumbing diagnosis and inspection, preventive plumbing maintenance, plumbing repairs and replacements, and plumbing installation. When you become a member of our Advantage Plan, you’ll get priority scheduling for plumbing services and access to members-only specials and deals.

Schedule a Professional Plumbing Inspection in Winnipeg, MB

Call us today to request an estimate or schedule a professional plumbing inspection in Winnipeg, Steinbach, or Selkirk, MB. We’ll send our team to your home to complete a comprehensive, thorough plumbing inspection to determine your plumbing issue's location, cause, and extent. Our plumbing inspections also identify hidden problems and reduce your risk of plumbing emergencies. Let us protect your home's comfort, safety, and value with our residential plumbing diagnosis and inspection.

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