All You Need to Know About Calgary Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer scope equipment is being used to inspect a pipe through a small opening on a concrete surface.
Your sewer line is hidden for a reason, and it's easy to forget about it while it's doing its job well—that is until it alerts you to a potential problem with symptoms like clogs, gurgling, and strange smells. The odd clogged sink or change in water pressure may disappear after a while, but if they become a frequent incident, you will know the problems lie deeper down the drains, and you'll likely need a sewer scope inspection from a certified Calgary plumber to get down to the root problem.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary is a locally-owned and operated business, bringing many years of experience and excellence. All of our plumbing experts are licensed and insured professionals that have passed background checks, bringing excellent workmanship and superior customer service.

We understand the headache of a backed-up main line, which is why we offer thorough Calgary sewer scope inspections to fully determine the ultimate cause, whether it's an aging, corroding pipe, a leak, or something else like tree root infiltration. With our professional tools like the sewer scope, Calgary homeowners will get a complete diagnosis of any underlying issues affecting their plumbing system.

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

First, it’s important to understand that your secondary drain lines connect to a private, residential sewer lateral, which is the pipe that connects your plumbing to the city main.

That sewer pipe buried underground on your property is also known as the main drain or main line. It’s four to six inches in diameter and connects with your secondary drains that are responsible for collecting wastewater coming from our plumbing fixtures (i.e., toilet, sink, bathtub, or washing machine drain hose).

It might be tricky to locate your main line unless you know where the cleanout is. This capped pipe gives you direct access to your main line and is located either outside your home or in your basement. During a Calgary sewer scope inspection, your plumber will access your main drain via the cleanout using a plumbing video camera.

The first sewer scope service gained popularity in the 1970s and ‘80s when plumbing technicians sought advanced solutions for accessing and analyzing underground pipes using trenchless techniques. Back in the day, video inspection started as a delicate, unflexible tube camera that was complicated to navigate and didn't always provide useful results until technicians at the company CUES (Community Utility Equipment Supply) later built the first solid sewer camera that was both durable and reliable.

During the 1980s and '90s, the company continued to improve its masterpiece until the camera head wasn't just tilting, panning, and rotating 360 degrees but also enhanced by unprecedented lighting and a zoom-in effect for better detail capture. And this is what your expert plumber uses today when you hire a professional plumbing diagnosis service like a Calgary sewer scope inspection.

There are many benefits that come from using a professional sewer scope. Calgary homeowners can even benefit from watching the visual inspection on-screen and learning how we identify and locate sewer drain problems without having to take traditional measures like excavating. Our Calgary sewer scope service helps spot signs of damage so that our team can recommend the best repair or replacement plan for you.

What Does a Sewer Scope Do?

When the video camera travels through the main line, it can detect various things:

  • Locate underground pipes from the surface
  • Locate clogs and drain issues
  • Determine pipe material

Your plumber can also easily follow the inspection from the surface. Plumbing scope inspection equipment often has a built-in device used to locate pipes from the surface. The signal receiver will show where the camera is, enabling us to mark off any affected areas. In the event of clogs, our scope inspection will locate them and also allow us to assess your main line’s condition.

Is There Anything a Scope Inspection Can’t Do?

A scope inspection can't detect leaks on its own. For that, plumbers utilize additional supporting methods, including acoustic listening equipment, infrared detectors, and soil probes.

Signs You Need Calgary Sewer Scope Services

Calgary homeowners who suspect something might be wrong with their main line will require a sewer scope inspection to determine the root problem. Mainline issues can range from blockages to leaks and corrosion to collapses, which is why it's essential that your professional plumber gathers the details correctly. This way, we can promptly go ahead with plumbing repairs or sewer cleaning, and other preventative maintenance services.

Drainage issues in your household are a nuisance that disrupts your routine and lifestyle, but warning signs like a recurring toilet backup and clogged sink are indications of more serious problems deeper down your lateral sewer too. If these issues return regularly, you may be in danger of a plumbing disaster if you don’t take early action.

No one knows your plumbing system as well as you do, so we recommend homeowners in Calgary pay attention to sounds, smells, and water pressure. You might dread seeing any warning signs because you can't help but think about the worst-case scenarios involving contamination or costly repairs. But don't despair; count on your local plumber's expert sewer scope. Calgary Homes are in safe hands with the team from Mr. Rooter Plumbing here to help!

Signs of trouble you need to watch out for include:

Slow Drains

When you first experience slow drains or gurgles just as water flows down the sink, we recommend removing the sink stopper to check the pipe's condition. Calcium deposits, sludge, and other substances can settle on your pipe's walls over time and create nasty buildups that slow down your plumbing. A typical household cleaning solution includes creating a paste with baking soda and vinegar and using an old toothbrush to brush the walls clean, followed by flushing hot water down the drain to clear any remaining debris from sticking to the walls. However, if you hire us for professional drain cleaning services, you will also benefit from our plumbing diagnosis and inspection, during which we can provide Calgary sewer scope services to ensure that there aren't any underlying issues affecting your main line.

Recurring Clogs

We all have experienced the unpleasant event of clogged drains in one way or another. If you find yourself grabbing the plunger or auger more often to unclog your toilet or sink, you’ll need plumbing professionals to expertly use a sewer scope. Calgary homeowners must not ignore frequent clogs or backups, as these are merely telltale signs that stubborn blockages are forming and will become worse over time.

We recommend checking your p-trap for clogs and leaks, as that would be the closest clog you could eliminate if you’re familiar with disconnecting the p-trap and reattaching it properly. Otherwise, you can rely on your licensed plumber to provide Calgary sewer scope inspection service to find those clogs and clear them out.

Sewer Gas Smells

If your sink smells too high heaven, checking for a dry or clogged p-trap would be the first step. Or you might have a blocked vent pipe that is unable to direct the sewer gas odor to the outside. Although unpleasant odors could indicate minor issues, you could also have a pipe leak somewhere. It will be difficult to detect without a sewer scope. Calgary experts will be at your disposal with a reliable sewer camera inspection service to help you find the source of that smell.

Leaking Cleanout Pipe

If you're currently unsure where your cleanout pipe is, we recommend that you check your home's exterior, basement, or crawl space. If your cleanout is leaking, you likely have a sewage backup that needs service from a licensed plumber with expert tools. You can locate the cap to help the plumber, but leave the rest of the initial diagnosis to a plumbing professional with a sewer scope. Calgary homeowners who pay attention to their drains are more likely to react faster to signs of trouble.

Sewer Water around Basement Floor Drain

Unfortunately, this indicates the main line clog. When wastewater has nowhere to go due to a backup, it will force itself into your secondary lines that connect to your plumbing fixtures.

Backwater valves have become increasingly crucial in preventing basement flooding and backups. If you’re unsure whether you have a backwater valve, hire your local plumber for efficient sewer line inspection or valve installation service. Since sewer gas contains harmful bacteria and other chemicals, sewage around your basement floor drain poses a health hazard, and you should call a licensed plumber right away for a Calgary sewer scope inspection.

Wet Patches on the Lawn

Do you see discoloured, wet patches or standing water on your lawn even though it didn’t rain? Maybe there’s even an unusual amount of plant growth or lush patches of grass. A break in your sewage main could leak up to the surface of your yard, feeding plants and creating puddles of fetid water that indicate you might need a detailed sewer video inspection.

Common Causes of Sewer Backups in Calgary:

As a conscientious property owner in Calgary who keeps up with preventative plumbing maintenance services, such as drain cleaning and scope inspection, you're already taking essential steps in maintaining your plumbing system. However, you can't always control external forces and the effect they might have on your pipes.

Soil Shifting

Home settling happens when shifting soil causes your house’s foundation to shift as well. While this natural occurrence is normal for newer homes in Calgary, you might notice cracks on your siding or interior walls as a result, which a foundation specialist should examine.

Soil shifting can also trigger disastrous plumbing problems like a slab leak. Sewage and water lines are typically built into or underneath your concrete slab during construction. When your house shifts, the pressure can break your concrete slab, causing damage to your plumbing mains.

Signs of a Slab Leak include:

  • Warped floorboards or hot spots
  • Musty, moldy smells on walls
  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • Water running down walls in lower levels
  • Foundation cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Pooling water

Tree Root Intrusion:

If your home in Calgary is older and equipped with an aging plumbing system that has small cracks or weak materials, you will be susceptible to tree root infiltration because your pipes will attract tree roots to break into your system to access water. If your home is surrounded by trees and you are worried about roots affecting your pipes, we are happy to provide you with an inspection report using our sewer scope. Calgary property owners can always benefit from our preventative measures and long-term solutions, such as removing the roots or creating protective barriers that will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

What Are The Benefits of Calgary Sewer Scope Inspection Service?

We encourage you to imagine how a sewer camera travels through the sewer line via the cleanout, carefully detecting the state of pipe materials and issues that are preventing pipes from performing normally. While the scope inspection camera locates clogs and identifies other issues, your licensed plumber will follow the camera with a signal receiver on the surface to mark the exact location of the affected area.

  • Non-Invasive Inspections: The convenience of a modern plumbing inspection service lies in a non-invasive method. A more technical term is “trenchless,” as it allows plumbers to inspect buried pipes in Calgary without digging trenches to access them.
  • Inspects Whole Plumbing System: Your expert Calgary sewer scope inspector will check your entire plumbing system’s overall health without causing any mess.
  • Early Identification of Growing Problems: Hire us for a routine inspection to examine your pipes’ health and provide you with a full report of any potential problems, along with preventative measures to minimize the potential for any plumbing emergencies.
  • Save on Energy Bills: You might not know about a leak until it raises your water bill. Leaks aren't easy to detect unless you hire a certified plumber to provide Calgary sewer scope inspection services.

Need an Appointment for Calgary Sewer Scope Inspection Services?

We understand that there is a lot to learn about your home’s plumbing system in order to keep it healthy and functional. Our team handles every major issue—from fixing frozen pipes and hot water heaters to sewer inspections and trenchless sewer repair. You can trust our expert inspection process. With our wide range of services, there are few situations that could stop us. Our Calgary sewer scope inspection service will provide the results you need to maintain healthy pipes.

If you want a convenient appointment or have urgent questions for which you need our team’s assistance, call. We proudly serve all of Calgary, from Haysboro to Forest Lawn.