Leaky faucets, clogged toilets, mysterious puddles of water... There are many things that can go wrong with your plumbing, and who has time to deal with issue after issue? It's tempting to just ignore malfunctioning fixtures and pipes rather than handling them right away, but they can quickly turn into huge problems that are costly and time-consuming to repair.

Dealing with a plumbing problem, whether it's in your home or business, is stressful and aggravating. Most people don't have the time, equipment, or knowledge to get their plumbing under control, so it can feel like it's you against the world when something goes wrong, but you're not alone! Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary is here to help, any time of the day or night. Whenever you need us (even if it's a holiday long weekend!), we're only a phone call away. As a locally owned and operated business, we are very proud to serve our community. We have many happy customers in Forest Lawn — Forest Heights.

Our team of Ottawa plumbers is experienced in a wide range of services, from water heater repair to sewer line replacement, and we have the skill to tackle plumbing problems throughout your building. The safety and security of your home and family are important to us, so our reliable plumbers wear a uniform and arrive in a marked van. We will always treat you with respect and communicate honestly with you, from first contact to inspections of the finished repairs, to ensure the result is exactly what you were expecting. Complete customer satisfaction is our mission!

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Our Professional Plumbing Services in Forest Lawn, Calgary

Our team of experts are honoured to use their experience and skills to serve Forest Lawn with quality workmanship and world-class customer support. Unlike companies that just apply a band-aid solution and leave problems to reoccur in a few months, our employees have the accuracy to track issues to their source and eliminate them for good.

Gas Line Repairs

There are so many benefits to using natural gas to power your home: it's environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. But, because a gas line in need of repairs can be dangerous if it leaks highly flammable gas into your home, it's important to take good care of the line. Mr. Rooter is experienced in gas line repair and maintenance, so we can stop problems before they start.


  • There are visible cracks appearing on the line

  • There's a sulfurous, rotten-egg smell in the house

  • It's making a hissing sound

  • There's rust or corrosion on the metal gas line

  • Appliances such as the stove or hot water heater work more slowly than they used to

  • Indoor plants are dying for seemingly no reason

  • Your utility bill has increased even though your usage is the same

If you notice any of these problems, or it has simply been a long time since your gas line got a check-up from a professional, our experienced plumbers can get it back in perfect working order so you (and your houseplants) can breathe a sigh of relief.

Sewer System Backup

Disgusting, unsanitary, damaging, and unsafe... There's nothing good about a sewer system backup. Not only will it cause massive damage to your home and belongings, it can also jeopardize your family’s health.

The catastrophic vision of raw sewage flooding your home that many people think of when they hear "sewer backup" is the worst possible scenario. There are usually many symptoms that warn of danger before it gets to that point.


  • Sewage smells coming from drains, or noticeable in the basement or yard

  • Strange noises like gurgling or bubbling coming from drains and toilets

  • Visible sewage in low-lying fixtures such as the toilet, shower, or bathtub

  • Water backing up in the sink

  • No water in the toilet bowl

  • Water pooling in the yard

  • Sudden lush spots in the grass

These signs are your warning that you need a plumber to inspect your sewer system before it reaches that catastrophic nightmare scenario. When you get news that you need sewer line repair or replacement you may imagine a costly and time-consuming process, but Mr. Rooter uses trenchless repair techniques that eliminate the need to dig a trench and therefore save you time and money.

Boiler Service

Have you ever woken up shivering in the middle of a winter night, only to find that there's no heat in your home because your boiler isn't working? A warm home isn't just a convenience in Calgary, it's one the main requirements when those cold snaps set in. There's a lot of things that go wrong with a boiler, and our plumbers are experienced in tackling all of them.


  • No heat and/or no hot water

  • Leaks in the boiler

  • Boiler is kettling (making a high-pitched noise like a kettle)

  • Banging or gurgling noises from the boiler

  • Low pressure in the boiler, causing central heating to fail

  • Broken pilot light

  • Visible rust or corrosion on the boiler

  • Boiler keeps switching on or off

  • Boiler doesn't change temperature when you adjust the thermostat

  • Boiler is the wrong size for your needs

Trust Mr. Rooter with Repairs and Maintenance for your Calgary Home

Whether you're living in Forest Lawn — Forest Heights or are part of the business community in the community, you need to know you can have a plumber at your door in a short period of time, no matter what. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary is here for you when you need an emergency plumber or scheduled services.

Call us or request a job estimate online, and give us the story of what's going on with your plumbing. We're certain we can get the problem resolved quickly and courteously!

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