Signs Calgary Home Needs Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

According to Statistics Canada, Alberta has more than 1,527,675 private household dwellings. If you're part of the homeowners in Calgary, Alberta, you probably have experienced plumbing issues. One of the dreaded problems is having a faulty sewer line.

If anything, homeowners hardly remember the sewer line exists since it’s not something you see every day. Yet, the sewer line is prone to breakdowns, just like any other pipe. You might never know you need a trenchless sewer repair until it’s too late!

So, how do you know if your sewer line has a problem? Here are signs that you need a trenchless sewer line repair brought to you by expert Calgary plumbers.

Strong Odours

Broken sewer lines have such a strong odour that you can't miss them. The odour will often emanate from your yard. The pungent odour usually smells like sulphur or rotten eggs.

If you experience such unpleasant smells, your sewer line has buildup, causing wastewater to seep into the rest of the ground. You might also be facing a sewer backup, which can potentially contaminate your water. In advanced situations, the odours might be notable in your bathroom or even the basement.

You need to note any unusual smells, especially around your drains. Note that a standard sewer line doesn't have any odour. So, if your home is getting such odours, the sewer line is most likely damaged.

Odour is a notable sign that you need a trenchless sewer repair. Dealing with the problem requires a professional touch. It would help to call your sewer contractor in Calgary before the issue escalates.

Slow Drains

Typically, water from your sink and toilet drains away into a septic tank. If you don’t have one, the water will flow into a sewage treatment facility. The water often drains away in individual pipes.

Slow draining could indicate that there’s a collapsed pipe or tree root clogging the sewer line. You will notice slow drains when running water in your sink or flushing the toilet. If the slow draining is evident throughout your home, the problem is the sewer line.

The issue of slow drains is quite common. However, it doesn't mean that you should ignore it or execute a whack DIY. It can be more severe than you can imagine, and calling a plumber is the only way to determine the extent of this damage.

Some chemical drain cleaners will risk your entire sewer system. Your plumber can remove a minor clog within minutes. A problem in your sewer line will require an experienced professional in Calgary to check it out for the best trenchless sewer repair solution.

Mould Growth

Did you know that mould and indoor dampness are attributed to the 300 million asthma cases in children worldwide? Mould also leads to other hazardous respiratory conditions. If you have noticed the formation of mould on your walls, the issue might be more serious than the usual dampness.

Mould formation is one of the signs of a faulty sewer that you can't afford to ignore. It can indicate that moisture is leaking from the sewer line, leading to an increase in humidity. As such, higher humidity levels can also be a concern for homeowners.

Contrary to what homeowners tend to believe, the growth of mildew and mould doesn't result solely from flooding damage, rain, or older construction. It can be problems with your Calgary sewer, which might be more in-depth than you can imagine. If you have already ruled out other culprits after finding mould on your walls, it’s time to get a professional sewer repair in Calgary.

A Super Green Lawn

Unless you've been feeding your lawn with adequate water and fertilizer, the unexplained super-green lawn shouldn't excite you. There's a possibility that the sewer line is feeding the grass with raw sewage. Often, the green lush will be in patches.

While your lawn might appear welcoming, the problem underneath might be quite grave. It means that your sewer has a problem, and it's a matter of time before it erupts. Once the sewage backs up in your house, the issue will be too grave to manage.

If you haven’t changed any aspect of your lawn maintenance, the grass should be growing uniformly. Lush patches on your yard should have you calling a plumber immediately. It would help to know some of the things to ask your Calgary plumbing company to ensure that you've hired the best contractor in Alberta.

Wet Yard

While Calgary tends to rain almost through the year, June is the rainiest. It can rain for 13 consecutive days, meaning that your yard will always be wet. However, when it's not raining, a damp yard can indicate something wrong with your sewer line.

A cracked sewer line tends to cause puddles of water on your lawn. It will be an indication that your yard is collecting sewage or wastewater. In no time, your home will have unpleasant smells.

Worse still, your family's health will be in jeopardy. Waste on your yard can lead to several hazardous diseases, especially to the young ones. Don't even mention a potential sinkhole in your front yard!

The more time you take before consulting an expert, the more costly the trenchless sewer repair will be. If you’re concerned about trenchless sewer repair costs, looking for a professional before an issue can escalate remains one of the best cost-saving approaches.

Gurgling Sounds from Toilets

There's the normal noise you'll hear when flushing your toilet; then there's the unusual gurgling. The latter can be evident even when the water is not in use. Running water or bubbling sounds in your toilet might be an indication that your sewer line is damaged.

Bubbling shows that there’s sewage backup in your house. When the waste can’t go to the sewer, it is usually forced back into the toilet.

The situation causes air bubbles to flow up, leading to the displacement of water in your toilet bowl. Failure to repair the issue on time can result in a major sewage issue that will set you several dollars back. You can avoid this extreme situation by having your sewer line checked once you notice it’s making unwarranted chatters.

Pest Infestation

If you have contracted the right Calgary drain cleaning company, the chances are that rodents and other pests won't have a breeding ground. However, if your sewer line is already faulty, cleaning might not do the trick. Mice and rats love the sewer smells and the dampness, meaning that issues with your sewer line will be attractive for these rodents.

Cracks in the sewage line can encourage cockroaches and rats to get in your home. It would be hard to deal with such pests as long as the sewer line is still problematic. You’ll only get rid of the pests within your home if you decide to hire a pest control firm.

The underlying problem is the sewer line, which will encourage more infestation of pests as long as it’s faulty. As you hire an exterminator for the pests, be sure to deal with sewer problems by getting a Calgary professional for trenchless sewer repair.

Pests can be a health hazard in your home. One or two rats and a cockroach here and there are enough of a sign that your sewer needs an assessment. You’d be surprised at the number of rodents you will render homeless by having your sewer fixed!

Overflowing Toilets

Have you ever flushed the toilet only for the water to start rising and flowing over? The scenario is not only gross but also overwhelming. It's not something you would want to take lightly.

An overflowing toilet is proof that your sewer line has major problems. The sewer line could probably be blocked by overgrown roots. Once a toilet is blocked, the toilets will overflow.

The thought of having an overflowing toilet in your home isn't pleasant. It's a potential health risk to your entire household. With more than 432,000 deaths resulting from poor sanitation, this is not an issue you want to give a blind eye.

Search for ‘trenchless sewer repair near me,’ to get a list of professional sewer contractors in Calgary, Alberta. The right contractor will come to your house to address the issue as soon as possible.

Cracks on the Walls and Floors

A faulty sewer line can form cracks in the foundation, walls, and ceilings of your house. Most homeowners assume that construction activities cause the cracks. If sewer line problems are not addressed on time, the issue can escalate.

A broken sewer line encourages moisture to seep into the yard. This scenario promotes the growth of tree roots, which causes the cement to crack. The cracks can also result from the wetness emanating from a leaking sewer line.

Once you start noticing splits or cracks on the foundation or wall, consider calling your Calgary plumber. The professional will conduct a non-invasive inspection, which will help you save a significant amount of cash on repairs. A sewer repair will protect your home's structural foundation, walls, and floors.

Moisture in the Basement

Water damage accounts for 24% of all insurance claims by homeowners. One of the possible indicators of water damage in your home is a wet basement. If your home hasn't been prone to a flood recently, the unexplainable wetness in your basement is probably an indication of a broken sewer.

Moisture around your basement drains isn’t something you want to ignore. Unless you’ve had an activity involving water, a wet basement is a sign of a broken or blocked sewage system. Given the proximity of the basement to the sewer line, it will be the first space to show signs of a problematic sewer line.

You can dry the basement to avoid further damage to the floors and walls. However, you need to call a professional plumber in Calgary to address the issue. Depending on the problem's extent, an expert will have to check the interior of your walls and the pipes underground.

Clogged Drains in Your Home

One clogged drain might not be such a concern. You can unclog the drain naturally with home solutions. Start by pouring a cup of baking soda, salt, then white vinegar.

Flushing your sink with boiling water will clear the sink and remove any minor clog. However, having several clogged drains in the home can be an indication of a more severe problem. Basic drain cleaning techniques won't address the key issue.

If the clogged drains are multiple, there's a probability that you need a trenchless sewer repair. You need a professional who will repair the entire sewer system.

Growing Water Bills

Homeowners with high heating bills should consider a Calgary hot water heater repair and maintenance service. If you’re having issues with your water bill, a professional plumber is your best bet. Increasing water bills can also be a sign of leaks in your sewer line.

The leaks are probably serious enough to require an assessment from a professional. You won't fail to notice this problem, especially if your utility bills are higher than they used to be. Your utility company might also refund you if it was indeed a leak.

A Trenchless Sewer Repair in Calgary Is Necessary If Your Sewer Line Is Malfunctioning

Problems with sewer lines often go unnoticed since homeowners hardly come across them. The only way you can detect a faulty sewer is by checking the signs on the drains, your yard, and the basement. A malfunctioning sewer manifests as clogged drains, wetness in the basement, odours, damp lawns, slow drainage, or unusual toilet sounds.

If you see some of these signs, it’s probably time for a trenchless sewer repair. While at it, ensure that you work with the best company in Calgary. You don’t want to entrust your sewer system to a novice!

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