Learn The Top Signs You Need Garburator Repair in Calgary, AB!

Calgary garburator that is in need of a repair
Hate having to scrape your plate off in the trash before you can wash your plates or pans?

A garburator can take care of that for you with its ability to grind up compostable waste and send it down the pipes effectively.

The smell of garbage buildup in compost containers or garbage can give your kitchen a rotten smell and lure pests. But what happens when it stops working? Suddenly you find yourself emptying it out into the trash, much as you would with a food catcher in your sink, defeating the purpose and benefit of this kitchen appliance.

A garburator that’s not grinding properly could be clogged or have a more serious issue. Fixing it requires care and caution because losing a finger is a risk when messing around with this device. Luckily, your expert Calgary plumbers have the knowledge and toolbox to safely and effectively perform your garburator repair in Calgary, AB.

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What is a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal or better known as a garburator, are devices that grind up waste and flush it down your drain. Typically, kitchen drains can’t handle food scraps going through them and will build up a food blockage, eventually leading to a clogged sink. Garburators fix this issue by thinly chopping up food waste into small enough pieces to safely pass through the drain and, eventually, the pipes.

You can normally find these devices under kitchen sinks, between the sink and the p-trap. The device has many sharp blades to grind up the food waste and uses either a sensor to detect when food is resting in it or a button to know when to activate the blades.

Similar to a regular kitchen drain, some types of materials can pass through with no issue, while others should be avoided for the sake of your sink’s health.

What Shouldn’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

Because your garburator is connected to the same line as your normal kitchen sink, certain no-nos that apply to kitchen drains still apply to garbage disposal units, despite the sharp blades being there to grind things. To avoid regular clogs and blockages, certain materials shouldn’t be put down into your garburator. This will keep your Calgary Garburator repair service visits to a minimum in the future.

  • Grease, Cooking Fats, and Oils: Not only will these elements solidify once they have cooled down, but over time, they could lead to serious drainage issues and also a clogged garburator. Your professional plumber in Calgary recommends pouring FOGs in an empty can and waiting for it to cool before disposing of it in the trash.

  • Leftover Vegetables: Starchy potato peels, fruit seeds, and fibrous food scraps can easily jam your garbage disposal by dislodging the internal seals and grinding blades.

  • Meats, Bones, and Skins: Similar to the above, throw these in the garbage or compost because large portions of meat can leave remnants from grinding that will line the interior walls of the garbage disposal and smell over time

  • Eggshells, Shrimp, and Seafood Shells: Any type of shell shouldn’t go down your garburator because the blades aren’t designed to break these down. Chances are they’ll get jammed and also clog your drain lines.

  • Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds may seem harmless, but they could greatly increase your risk of hard blockages over time.

  • Rice and Pasta: Grains absorb a high amount of water, which leads to expansion. Therefore, they should never be washed down the drains or garburator.

Signs you need a Garburator Repair in Calgary, AB

While some of these signs you may be aware of already hence the reason you’re reading this article, some other ones may not be as apparent. Experiencing some of these warning signs? If so, it might be time to call a plumbing professional to diagnose it and identify the underlying issue rather than trying random DIY solutions that could lead to more serious problems.

  1. Humming Sounds

Is your device humming, or is it functioning at a fraction of its regular power? An object may have jammed the blades, stopping your impeller plate from operating. Sometimes, when everything else is malfunctioning, your motor may still be in good health, but if you don’t get other parts fixed up, you could risk burning out your motor or even tripping a breaker.

Pro Tip!

Acquaint yourself with specific parts of your garburator, such as locating the hex wrench socket. Typically, it connects straight to your impeller. Simply insert a hex key into the hex wrench socket and start turning. Eventually, you should be able to dislodge any jams and clear the blades. Alternatively, disconnect your unit from its power source and lower a wooden spoon’s handle down your drain opening. You may be able to free a stuck impeller plate by pressing down any solid food waste.

  1. Leaking Garburator

How often do you check your base cabinet under your kitchen sink? Leaks are serious issues that may require more than garburator repair in Calgary. At first, you’ll need to identify if this plumbing issue is caused by a faulty part of your garburator or a faulty sink flange. It’s not uncommon for these units to create strong vibrations from grinding. Fixing the sink requires a new seal or plumber’s putty, whereas a crack inside the unit indicates it’s worn out. A garburator repair service might not give you long-term benefits. Another potential culprit is a drain line clog that needs to be cleared.

If you can’t determine the leading issue on your own, feel free to book a convenient appointment with an experienced technician for efficient garburator repairs in Calgary, AB. Many small steps are involved when taking apart the unit, as well as inspecting your sink flange. Other types of plumbing repairs may also be needed. Thankfully, your Calgary plumber brings the knowledge and expertise to provide you with fast inspections and necessary repairs.

  1. Recurring Clogs

If certain members of your household frequently have leftover scraps to grind or if you notice recurring jams, no matter how safely you put food scraps down the grinder, you might need a different model that better suits your needs. Still, a proper size garburator shouldn’t have repeated clog issues. While a qualified plumber could give you the necessary garburator repairs in Calgary AB, you may be due for a replacement.

  1. Persistent Foul Odours

Foul odors from within your garburator indicate rotten food waste trapped in between the blades or even a partial clog in your waste line or p-trap. Sludge and mineral buildup will worsen over time and create stubborn clogs if left untreated. This is when it’s time for drain cleaning services. Hiring a local, qualified plumber in Calgary will save you time and guesswork. Mr. Rooter will safely inspect your garburator and connecting pipework, ensuring that no serious, underlying problems are evident.

  1. Frequent Resets

When one of your appliances acts up, you may occasionally find yourself hitting the reset button. But what if resets are required more often than usual? Perhaps your unit is reaching its life expectancy, or it needs a new part, or it has a power-related issue. It’s not always easy to tell until you hire a licensed plumber for garburator repair in Calgary. This way, a professional will help you identify the problem fast, so you can consider a new and more efficient garburator.

Want to Avoid Garburator Repair Calgary, AB? Check These Maintenance Tips!

To keep your garburator unit in good working condition, it’s important to do more than just avoid putting hazardous materials down the drain. General maintenance will keep your garburator in good shape and prevent clogs down the road. This cleaning routine is recommended to be completed once a month to minimize the need for future Calgary garburator repairs.

Correctly performing maintenance on your garburator will require due diligence, care, and patience. Handling a garburator unit can be complicated and dangerous for some homeowners. If this doesn’t sound enjoyable to you, a licensed technician is available to perform these steps for you to complete your garburator repair in Calgary, AB.

  1. Turn Off Unit: First of all, turn off the power switch of your garburator, as well as the switch on your circuit breaker panel.

  2. Splash Guard Cleaning: Some may refer to it as the gasket, which is a plastic ring near the top of your kitchen sink drain. You can lift it up and carefully clean away crud or debris with mild soap or degreaser.

  3. Remove Food Particles: With the splash guard aside, check your drain opening with a flashlight. You might see sludge and mineral deposits stuck to your pipe walls. Use pliers or an old toothbrush to get rid of any stubborn particles that didn’t flush down. Though, never use your fingers due to the sharp blades, even with the power off.

  4. Try Household Remedies! Mixing white vinegar with baking soda is a natural home remedy for cleaning! Some use this method to tackle dirty, clogged sink drains. Just pour half a cup of baking soda into your garburator, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Once the fizzing carbon dioxide gas does its magic, it should dislodge food particles and sludge. After about 20 minutes, use hot water to wash it down/

  5. Grind Some Ice and Salt: Once you’ve put your gasket back in place, continue to clean the blades with a garbage disposal brush. The key to keeping your blades sharp is using ice and salt. After turning the power back on, pour a cup of ice down the drain, followed by a cup of salt. Simply grind it all away until you have nothing but clean blades.

  6. Grind Small Amounts of Citrus Peels: We have mentioned that you should refrain from grinding vegetable peels, but small amounts of orange or lime peels will freshen up your system and help remove unpleasant odors.

  7. Cold Water: Plug in your sink stopper and fill your sink with cold water. Next, pull out the plug and turn the disposal unit on while it drains. This process will remove loose debris and help flush it all away.

Regularly performing these steps will keep your unit in pristine condition, and you won’t have to worry about gross smells or that your garburator isn't functioning properly.

Pros and Cons of Having A Garburator

Now that you’ve seen what a garburator in Calgary is capable of, what it can’t do, how often, and what sorts of maintenance are needed, you are equipped to assess if this is the right appliance for you. If you don’t find yourself clearing food scraps often, this appliance may cause more inconvenience than convenience for you.


  • Greater waste disposal convenience, save time scraping into the trash

  • Environmentally friendly (with correct usage and maintenance)


  • May increase your electricity and water bills

  • Requires regular maintenance from homeowners to avoid potential garbage disposal repairs

  • Mistreatment could quickly clog your kitchen sink drain

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