7 Signs You Need a Plumber in Calgary, AB

Leaking bathroom sink in need of Calgary plumber

Are you wondering if that wastewater slowly spilling over the edges of your toilet bowl is a problem for professionals? There are many reasons why people in Calgary might need a plumber. Getting timely, effective repairs is much easier if you know which situations are best left for plumbing professionals.

Not all waste or water dilemmas require solutions that professional plumbers provide, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't need a plumber. A stain on your ceiling might be caused by either a burst pipe or liquid escaping past caulking in an upstairs shower. Either way, a skilled plumber will help you find the cause. If possible, they'll gladly repair it too!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary knows that more people own property than pipe cutters. Not every Calgary homeowner is an expert plumber. With access to such great local plumbing companies, few people have their own plumbing skills and expertise, but responsible homeowners in Calgary owe it to themselves to learn the situations that call for experienced professionals once they know they absolutely need a plumber. A little knowledge about what to look for goes a long way toward avoiding more costly repairs in the future.

1. Clog Conundrums

Clogs are common in Calgary. They're common in every building with indoor plumbing. That's not because people regularly flush problematic materials — although that definitely doesn't help. The reason clogs are such common conundrums is that blockage builds up naturally inside drainage systems over time and in all likelihood, you'll need a plumber.

Even if you only flush approved drain materials, you can't stop blockage from finding your plumbing fixtures. It's inevitable. Soap scum, minerals in Calgary's hard water, and even hair all add to the growing clogs inside drain lines.

Some clogs are simple enough for anyone to clear with a little elbow grease and the right plunger. Unfortunately, even if you already know how to unclog a kitchen sink, you might still need help from a Calgary plumber.

There are three situations where clogs are usually too much for an average homeowner. You should consider calling an expert if you need a plumber if multiple clogs appear at the same time; if you can't clear a clog yourself; or if you see other signs of sewer blockage.

Multiple clogs are often a sign of something more serious. Blocked sewer lines are the most common cause, but you might also suffer from multiple clogs if you have blocked sewer vents or a collapsed sewer main.

Stubborn clogs are a common challenge in lines suffering from tree root penetration and deeper build-up. Did you know the term rooter comes from how often plumbers have to remove tree roots from underground pipes? Professional plumbers equip themselves with powerful tools capable of clearing any tough clog.

Sewer blockage could be caused by tree root penetration, a huge deposit of grease, or even just a gargantuan clump of toilet paper. There are many possible causes of sewer blockage. If your main drain does get blocked, it could cause clogs throughout your house. The advanced tools used by master plumbers should help with that. A sewage backup in which raw and contaminated wastewater is a worst-case scenario that usually results when complacent Calgary homeowners haphazardly assume they don't need a plumber and outrightly ignore your home's plumbing system

2. Dirty Drains

Many Calgary drains are filled with debris that could be cleared away by skilled professionals. Some people try to do their own drain cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water, but you need a plumber to provide professional drain cleaning service if you want the best possible results.

Built-up slime, grime, and sludge will lead to clogged drains, but that nasty debris also causes other annoyances. Many of the effects of dirty drains are minor inconveniences, but those little frustrations substantially decrease peace of mind — especially as they start adding up.

Common Signs of Dirty Drains Include:

  • Rotten smells & foul odors

  • Sink flies

  • Water backups

  • Slow draining

  • Frequent clogs

  • Drainage puddles

3. Gurgling Toilets

Did you know plumbing systems are supposed to be relatively silent? You do now. If you hear any strange sounds while you're using faucets, toilets, or other fixtures, you should think about whether or not you need a plumber.

Gurgling toilets are especially concerning. Toilets in Calgary typically connect right to a main drain, so they're often the first place that serious sewer issues make themselves known. You might hear gurgling sounds when you flush your toilet, or you might hear them when other fixtures are running — like your bathroom faucet or your washing machine.

Other Warning Sounds Include:

  • Banging & thumping in your walls

  • Humming vibrations

  • Rumbling water heaters

  • Hissing

  • Bubbling

4. High Bills

You should always watch for unexpected changes to your monthly utility bills. If someone in your house suddenly develops a greater appreciation for long showers, then any increases will be explainable. However, if you ever notice a sudden spike that doesn't reflect the habits of people living in your household, then you might have an undetected plumbing issue somewhere on your property and you likely need a plumber.

If you suspect your high water bills are related to problems with your plumbing systems, check your meter. Does it run constantly, even when nobody in your house is using water? That's a problem. The best thing to do when you find a constantly running meter is to turn off your main supply. With your primary valve closed, check your meter again. Has it stopped? If so, then the issue is somewhere in your building, beyond the valve. If it's still running, then you've got an issue with the pipes running between your meter and your main valve. Many Calgary homeowners don't realize they need a plumber and opt to ask their utility provider's on-call emergency technician for certain plumbing issues, for example with a busted water heater. These technicians are oftentimes backlogged with other service requests and at the end of the day will recommend a professional plumber for your repairs, installations, and maintenance needs.

Problems that Increase Calgary Water Bills Include:

  • Dripping faucets

  • A constantly running toilet

  • Leaky pipes

  • Toilet leaks

  • Broken water heaters

  • Damaged sewer lines

Did You Know?

A hole in your pipe barely bigger than a pencil eraser could waste as much as 32,000 liters in 24 hours. In Calgary, the average cost of that waste could exceed $100 per day — and that doesn't even include paying for the costly repairs to fix waterlogged walls & furniture. Even if your leaks aren't causing obvious problems, you should still focus on fixing them.

5. Dripping Ceilings

If you own a multi-level home, watch out for any liquid dripping through your ceilings — especially below upstairs bathrooms as it's an obvious sign you need a plumber. Those problems might signal a burst pipe between floors, but it's more likely that your fixtures — or the seals around them — have failed.

If you see wet patches below your upper bathrooms, shut your supply valve immediately — and call an emergency plumber. While you're waiting, you may want to check your upper floors for puddles around toilets, tubs, and showers, but be careful. If enough water soaks through, the structural integrity of your weakened floors may be compromised.

These types of issues may be caused by problems that demand plumbing services, but issues like missing caulking or cracked shower tiles also lead to leaks. In either case, you need a plumber who has the professional expertise required to trace all kinds of plumbing disasters.

An intense plumbing emergency may create widespread structural damage throughout your home. Slab leaks have been known to send long cracks creeping out from foundations, up walls, and across ceilings in Calgary.

Other Examples of Structural Plumbing Damage:

  • Cracks in your walls, ceiling, or foundation

  • Reddish-Brown Moisture stains

  • Bulging floors & ceilings

  • Warped floors

  • Sagging wallpaper

  • White residue on bricks

  • Isolated yard sinkholes

  • Flooding yards & basements

6. Sewage Backups

If wastewater backs up into your shower when you flush your toilet, you need a plumber. Don't worry about your toilet though. Wastewater and sewage backups are usually connected to more widespread problems than the isolated issues solved by toilet repairs.

Both wastewater and sewage are toxic. Only certified professionals should ever work around those biohazardous materials. Improper, unsafe repairs have led to more than enough injuries, illnesses, and excessive damage in Calgary. Leave those dangerous jobs for the people with proper training as you surely need a plumber.

What Starts Sewage Backups in Calgary, AB?

  • Heavy rain

  • Melting snow

  • Municipal sewer issues

  • Cracked pipes

  • Hard blockage

  • Collapsed sewer pipes

Do You Have a Sump Pump?

If you live in lower-lying areas near the Bow River or other sources of water, you may want to consider getting a sump pump. It's one of the most worthwhile plumbing installations for people living in flood-risk areas. Sump pumps typically sit in basements, and they're responsible for pumping water away from your home whenever they sense levels are getting too high. You won't need a plumber anytime soon if you have this device installed as it'll readily prevent costly water damage from any flash floods due to a rainstorm.

7. Empty Taps

If nothing comes out of your taps when you open them, you may need a plumber. Before you call a local pro, check your other taps and call your neighbors. If your other taps work, then you know that the first faucet is faulty.

The reason we recommend calling your neighbors is that a plumbing emergency in the City of Calgary's public systems may disrupt water service for an entire block of homes. You'll also find information about the public main problems online.

If your neighbors do have water and you don't find any relevant information on the City of Calgary's website, then your lack of water is most likely related to an issue with the faucet itself — or your pipes. A plumbing repair professional could easily figure out what's wrong — and fix it.

Possible Causes Include:

  • Faulty emergency shut-off valves

  • Corroded connections

  • Older damaged lines

  • Corrosion & mineral clogs inside supply pipes

  • Undetected leaks

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