When Was The Last Time You Had Water Quality Testing in Calgary? Learn Why It’s Important

Did you know that Canada’s water has higher levels of magnesium and calcium because it is sourced from the Rockies? While not harmful to human health, Calgarians are still left with the inconvenience of dealing with hard water. In Calgary, having clean drinking water is an overlooked luxury. With water that comes straight from Calgary’s Bow and Elbow Rivers that collect snow and rainwater from the Rocky Mountains, you may not even second guess your water quality. But when was the last time you conducted water quality testing in Calgary? As a homeowner in Calgary, it is important to know how often you should run tests for water quality to make sure that you and your family have access to clean water!

Our professional Calgary plumber can provide you with services for drinking water supply, including water quality testing in Calgary, as well as filtration installation and emergency plumbing repair.

Why You Need To Test Your Water Quality in Calgary

As a homeowner in Calgary, you typically don’t have to worry about testing water quality since the water goes through water treatment systems. These water treatment plants properly filter and clean the water, and frequently perform water quality testing in Calgary. Whenever there has been water contamination found, it is their responsibility to inform the public to prevent any health risks to Calgarians.

However, testing your water quality is essential when you notice signs, such as colours, odours, and tastes, that are abnormal. Making sure that there are no unsafe bacterial contaminants, such as total coliform bacteria or E. coli, which come from soil, plants, human waste, and animal waste, is crucial because they pose a health hazard. Bacterial contaminants are not common, but a burst pipe or sewer backup can result in the contamination of harmful bacteria. Additionally, testing for traces of heavy metals and chemicals is crucial for maintaining drinking water quality.

Another reason why you should test your water quality is to help with the excess minerals of magnesium and calcium. In Calgary, dealing with hard water is a never-ending task that can cause limescale buildup on your faucets, fixtures, drains, and pipes. Testing for the hardness of water can help us assist you with water filtration or water softener installations.

Who Tests For Water Quality?

Water supplies are sourced by utility companies, the city, or wells. If you aren’t sure where your water comes from, it more than likely is supplied through a utility company that is contracted through the City of Calgary. Each district and division of the city will have water supply providers that are assigned automatically to your residential home. These municipalities test their water regularly for the safety of their citizens, and you should receive water quality reports on an annual basis from your water supplier. Additionally, your local Calgary plumber has the tools to properly perform a water quality test if you would like to get a more personalized report on your water levels. You can also purchase water testing kits online to test your water quality on your own!

How Often Do You Need Water Quality Testing in Calgary?

When it comes to how often you should be testing your water quality, public health inspectors of Canada recommend that you should test your water for bacteria twice a year, and test for chemicals every three years. Our professional plumbers are able to test your water for you, or you can buy water sample testing kits if you would like to test on a more regular basis.

What Do Water Quality Test Results Mean?

Once you have received your results, it is important to look for key components that may be an immediate concern for your water supply. It is also important to recognize that finding trace amounts of certain chemicals and metals is not harmful.

Since your Calgary’s drinking water comes from the mountains, the rocks cause the water to be higher in calcium and magnesium, even after the water has been treated. Due to the high minerals in your Calgary drinking water, you may notice limescale buildup, which isn’t harmful to your health but can be a nuisance for your pipes, drains, and plumbing fixtures.

Get Water Filtration Services in Calgary to Treat Water Hardness and Remove Impurities

Our water treatment professionals offer water quality testing in Calgary, as well as water treatment devices for your water systems.

Water Softener Services:

Water softeners are the ideal solution to your hard water problem. Water softeners help with dry skin, scaling buildup, cloudy water spots on dishware, and other hard water issues.

Water softeners work by removing the calcium and magnesium minerals, but because of this, they do not filter out contaminants in your water the same way a filtration system does.

Types of Water Softeners We Can Install:

  • Salt-Based Water Softeners
  • Salt-Free Water Softeners
  • Dual tank Water Softeners
  • Magnetic Water Softeners

Water Filtration Services:

Water filter systems are great if your water quality tests show that your drinking water is dealing with chemical contamination (not bacterial contamination). Filters help with making sure any dissolved solids don't pass through. Water filters reduce sediment, chlorine, and acidity, making your water cleaner and tastier. If you want to improve the water quality in your home, ask your professional plumber for the best plan of action. We make sure that your plumbing system isn’t dealing with any issues that could be the culprit of contamination before we begin our filter installation.

Reverse osmosis filters are popular for homeowners in Calgary because they can help reduce limescale buildup, but overall, water filters are best suited for improving your water quality to prevent any negative health effects from common contaminants found in the Calgary municipal water supply.

Types of Water Filters We Can Install:

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters
  • Sediment Filters
  • UV Filters
  • Ceramic Filters
  • Ion Exchange Filters
  • Alkaline Filters
  • Distillation Systems
  • Carbon Block Filters
  • Biological Filters

When You Need Water Quality Testing in Calgary, Count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing!

Water tests for your drinking water are important for your health and comfort. Our professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary are happy to help you improve your water quality by taking a proper plan of action, depending on the results of your drinking water test. The first step to quality drinking water starts with identifying the issue. Get your water tested and see how water softeners can transform your life. Our water filtration services additionally offer you comfort in drinking tap water.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with your professional plumber for water quality testing in Calgary. We can assist you no matter the time of day, so if you are dealing with a water emergency, you can count on us to get safe drinking water.