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Choosing The Right Calgary Emergency Plumber

Quick! Your pipes are bursting and water is coming from all ends of your home. What do you do? 

Do you try to sop up the water with towels and make an appointment with your plumber for five days from now? I wouldn't.

I would call an emergency plumber. With an emergency plumber, you could have a solution to your broken pipes in just a couple of hours.

Don't sit around and wait until you're drowning in your own home. Make sure you call the right emergency Calgary plumber for your home. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right one for you.

Understand the Financial Responsibility

If you're calling an emergency plumber, you're having an emergency. But, even in the most urgent of situations, you're probably thinking about the price tag that comes with the damages.

You may not want to hear this, but finances are the last thing you should worry about. This is because waiting is more costly than taking action.

If you're worried about the money, you should understand that you'll end up spending more if you continue to wait. The sooner you act, the less you'll spend.

This is because more damage is done to your home over time. More damage to your home means more money coming from your wallet.

This being said, you should still ask your potential emergency plumbers for quotes. Just be careful not to spend too much time worrying about the money that you may have to spend. It will be worth it in the long-run.

We'll discuss specific questions that you should ask your potential emergency plumber later.

Know Who You're Calling

Before you start calling around to different plumbing organizations, you need to know who you're on the phone with. Are you speaking with the plumber who will be working on your home or a secretary who makes the appointments?

This does make a difference when you're trying to figure out what's going on with your home. It also determines how helpful the person on the other end can be.

If you're facing a true emergency, you need to know what to do in the meantime. You want to talk to someone who can help instruct you on what to do and what safety precautions to take.

If the person on the other end doesn't know what they're doing, you could end up in an unsafe home. You need to know if your home is safe to stay in or if you need to leave as soon as possible.

The person on the other end of the line could also help if you need to know how to conduct a quick fix until the plumber gets there. If your home is flooding, you need to know how to turn off the water so that the flooding stops. The right person can help you find out how to do this.

If you are speaking with someone who doesn't know the answers to your questions, you should be able to request someone else. If the plumbing company that you're speaking with won't let you speak with that individual, you should probably think about contacting someone else.

Make Sure They're Licensed

With any plumber or other professional that you bring into your home, you want to make sure that they are properly licensed. If they're not licensed, you may not be dealing with a true professional.

When you're calling around for the best plumbing company, you should make sure to ask if they're licensed. If you choose that company, you should ask for their licensure at the door before they do any work on your home.

It may seem excessive to license a company that may be popular in your town, but it will do more to save you in the long run.

You don't want an amateur working on your home, especially in an emergency. Make sure that the company you choose isn't going to send a trainee to your home in the middle of a catastrophe. Check their license before they ruin your home.

While you're considering who you want to hire as your emergency plumber, you should also take your provincial requirements into consideration. 

Be sure to look through those guidelines and ask if the plumbing company you're looking to hire is following those important requirements. Remember that these are there to protect consumers like you. Your province doesn't want you to have to pay for gross negligence on the plumber's part.

Discussing Emergency Plumbing Prices

It's time to talk about money. Earlier, we mentioned that you should understand that you'll have to spend money now to avoid spending more money later. Now, we need to discuss how emergency plumbing rates work.

If you're looking to get an idea of how much repairs will cost, you should ask what their base price is while you're talking to the company over the phone. Notice that we used the term "base price."  We don’t do any base pricing over the phone, we always try come and take a look first

When you're talking to an emergency plumbing business, they can only give you a base price. Until a plumber takes a look at the damage in person, they cannot give you a perfectly accurate price.

That being said, the plumber could come to your home and discover that the problem is a simple fix. However, the opposite is usually true in emergency situations. The plumber may walk in and realize that there is much more damage than they initially realized.

Make sure that you understand the meaning of a base price before you think that their estimate is the final price. Always assume that it'll cost more than you think. You want to be prepared.

Once again, you need to take into consideration who you're talking to over the phone. You could explain the extent of the damages perfectly, but the person on the other end may not understand.

You may want to speak with an actual plumber in this case. They may be able to give you a better idea of the repair fee.

However, keep reminding yourself that money paid now is money you save later. Pay the cost for repair now rather than paying for extensive damages later.

Know The Company's Timing

If you're going to hire an emergency plumbing service, you should make sure that they're going to be there for you whenever you need them. Check their website or call and ask if they're a 24/7 emergency service.

You never know when an emergency could happen in the middle of the night. You want to make sure that you have access to their services at any time.

Your pipes could burst at any time of the day or night. Make sure that you're getting services when you need them by hiring a 24-hour emergency plumber.

Think about how difficult it would be to handle a plumbing emergency when you're half-asleep. Let the professionals take care of it for you.

If your pipes burst at 3 AM, you don't want to wake up to a puddle. Think about how tired and frustrated you would be. You won't have to feel this way with a 24-hour plumbing service.

Hiring a 24/7 service is also important for holidays and weekends. You don't want your plumbing to ruin your holiday break or a weekend with friends. 24/7 plumbing services can save you from that headache and rescue precious time better spent with friends and family.

Knowing the company's hours is imperative to understanding how they can be useful for your home. You don't want to hire a plumbing company that works from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Obviously, that’s not practical.

Your plumbing runs during all hours of every day. Don't risk an emergency incident when you don't have access to the professionals.

Know the Company's Location

Is the company that you're hiring down the road, across town, or up the highway? How close do you want your emergency plumber to be?

These are questions that you need to answer in order to hire the right emergency plumbing service for your home. You don't want to be caught with a plumbing emergency when your emergency plumber is two hours away.

If there is a closer emergency plumber with great hours, great prices, and great employees, you should take advantage of their closer location. The emergency plumbing organization's proximity to your home could make all the difference in how they can help you.

A plumber who is five minutes away can help you much faster than a plumber who is an hour away. Make sure that you're taking advantage of the closest plumbing service to your home.

If your home is flooding, you need the closer plumber. When you're hiring your emergency plumber, you need to make sure that you're choosing one that can help you the fastest in these situations. How long are you willing to wait if your home is slowly going underwater?

Check Their Online Reviews

As with most home professionals, past customers leave online reviews. When you're choosing who you want to hire, go through these online reviews.

If you're looking to hire a particular plumber, you should understand how others have interacted with them in the past. Were their experiences pleasant? Was the plumber helpful?

As with other companies, you should be sure to take the sum of the reviews rather than focus on the negatives. One or two negative reviews do not necessarily discount the positive ones.

You should also look at why they wrote those negative reviews. Was it a misunderstanding or an actual problem? Is there any way that you can avoid that mistake happening when you work with that company?

When you're reading through reviews, you should also try to find your problem (if you're currently experiencing an emergency). If you're experiencing a sewage backup, you should see if anyone has left a review about how that plumbing company helped them with that issue.

By comparing the existing reviews with your expectations, you can make sure to avoid problems with your plumber. You may also find a fantastic plumber who is an expert at solving your current issue.

When you're reading company reviews, you may also find that there is a specific plumber who is the company's best. You can see if you can request that top-rated plumber to come and work on your home.

Overall, online reviews are very helpful. Just make sure that you take every negative review with a grain of salt.

Check The Company's Background

If you want to work with plumbing professionals, you should make sure that the company that they work for conducts background checks, drug tests, and more. If you're inviting a stranger into your home, you should know who you're working with.

You don't want to work with someone who may be untrustworthy or under the influence. You can simply ask if the company requires any pre-hire testing or examinations.

Background checks could also include whether or not the company requires a training process. Are their plumbers trained before entering your home or will they send a trainee into your home? Many companies these days are skimping on necessary training.

Having a trainee may not be a big deal when you have a small plumbing problem, but it could make all of the difference when you're dealing with an emergency that could destroy your home.

Choosing the Best Calgary Emergency Plumber

After reading through all of these criteria, you may be wondering how you can choose the best Calgary emergency plumber for your plumbing needs. Juggling all of these wants and needs can be a lot of questions to ask.

But, don't worry. If you're looking for an emergency plumber in Calgary that meets all of these expectations and more, look no further than Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary. We can help you with all of your emergency plumbing needs.

Before your next plumbing emergency takes control of your entire home, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary at 403-640-7789 now!  We have the professionals you need to save your home.