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Garburator Repair

A garburator makes cleanup in the kitchen a breeze. Operate under severe working conditions, your garburator will eventually require maintenance or repair. And as soon as it stops working, you realize just how helpful this powerful little appliance really is. But don’t worry; Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is here to help.

Common Garburator Issues

  • Garburator doesn’t grind properly but motor keeps humming
  • Grinding noises are noticeably louder than usual
  • Garburator starts to run, but shuts off before you turn it off
  • There are leaks below the garburator
  • Water does not drain

If your garburator has suddenly stopped working, check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped in your circuit panel. There may also be a separate circuit breaker on the disposal itself—usually a red “reset” button. If resetting the circuit breaker works, you’re in the clear! However, if your garburator trips the breaker again, there’s likely a short in the wiring, and it’s time to call a professional.

Garburator Care Tips

  • Never dispose potato peels, eggshells, fish skins, large volumes of grease, or coffee grounds in your garburator.
  • Regularly freshen your garburator by grinding lemons halves or lemon juice and ice cubes.
  • Try treating your disposal on a monthly basis with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove buildup and harmful bacteria. Combine ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda, then add the mixture to the disposal while it's turned off. Let it sit until the foaming stops. Rinse with water and drain.

If your garburator is beyond repair, Mr. Rooter can install your new garburator.

Garburator Repair Near Me

Whether your garburator shuts off on its own or makes an alarming grinding noise, you can count on Mr. Rooter for professional garburator repair and garburator installation. Garbage disposals can be complicated to repair. Trust the licensed experts at Mr. Rooter to repair your garburator and restore your kitchen to normal.

Give us a call at (855) 591-0128 or request a job estimate online.

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