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Water Line Repair in Ottawa, ON

No one can imagine a household without fresh water, but that’s exactly what can happen when your pipes are damaged, clogged or frozen. With the significantly cold winters in Ottawa, the ground and water can easily reach freezing temperatures and lead to these infuriating scenarios—and that’s just one of many pressure, vibration and weather problems that can cause damage. But what do you do if supply lines on your private property suddenly break? That’s where Ottawa water line repair services come in.

There are many reasons why you may need water line repairs. Ottawa, ON homeowners do not always identify the root cause of a plumbing problem that causes damage fast enough, and often, it’s not safe to access the affected areas. This is where your Ottawa plumber comes in with specialist tools and expertise to perform a professional diagnosis and complete repairs.

Our expert plumbers have the years of experience and training needed to inspect and diagnose issues correctly and eliminate them fast and effectively, so you can rest easy knowing that your system won't cause trouble again for a long time to come. Our dedicated and uniformed service technicians at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa always arrive in a marked van, so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

What Do You Need To Know About Ottawa Water Line Repair?

Water line repair is a situation no homeowner wants to face. Therefore, it’s essential to learn about your water main, so you know what could potentially happen or what you can do to keep these buried lines in good condition.

Many homes have either partly or fully furnished basements with a separate boiler room where you will find HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Through that complex pipe network, you will usually find your hot and cold water lines connecting to your hot water heater and washing machine. They also run through walls and ceilings to supply the rest of your home.

The most common and reliable pipe materials used for clean water in Ottawa are copper or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). Copper is widely used due to its durability and high corrosion resistance, whereas PEX has the ability to expand and resist cracks and freezing temperatures. PEX also doesn’t corrode or cause water hammer issues in the pipes. That said, copper pipes don’t contaminate water, whereas PEX can leach BPA. The common sizes of Ottawa's main supply branches vary from 3/4 to one inch in diameter, whereas most residential pipes range from 3/8 to 3/4 inches.

If you are experiencing issues with your water, it helps to examine your supply pipes’ overall condition with a thorough inspection. This way, you will have a better understanding of your home’s plumbing system and know if you need water line repair. Ottawa, ON property owners that schedule yearly inspections with our licensed plumbers will get a thorough diagnosis. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know to help you be better prepared.

What Causes Water Main Breaks?

These unfortunate incidents are very unpredictable, but you can avoid them with solutions like insulating pipes and taking other preventative measures, such as draining your garden hose and hose bib. However, older homes in Ottawa with outdated piping systems are more susceptible to main breaks and other problems. Also, Ottawa's public water source infrastructure can cause issues that result in problems within your home—and that’s not all. Even with preventative maintenance, main breaks can still happen due to these causes:

  • Extreme temperatures: The ground contracts when it’s freezing and expands when it’s hot. This pressure can be too much for underground pipes to bear and could trigger holes or cracks over time. Cold weather can also cause pipes themselves to burst when their contents freeze and expand.

  • Soil shifting: While soil shifting is part of your house settling, it can have adverse effects on your underground pipes. When you notice wall or ceiling cracks several years after your house was built, pay attention to further cracks on the exterior, such as your siding. It’s crucial to have a professional inspect any foundation cracks before they get worse. If it goes unnoticed, you may experience severe complications caused by an undetected slab leak. In that case, you may need sewer repair in addition to water line repair. Ottawa, ON property owners with any cracks in their walls or ceiling should always get an inspection to look for the potential causes of those cracks.

  • High Pressure: Plumbing systems need pressure for their contents to flow continuously, but especially high pressure could weaken your lines and eventually lead to a rupture.

Signs You Need Ottawa Water Line Repair

Ottawa, ON homeowners often notice fast if something is wrong with their water line. However, it’s always a good idea to watch for these signs of an underlying problem that needs immediate attention:

Fluctuating Water Pressure

Have you ever turned on the faucet and noticed that it struggled to provide you with the desired pressure? This doesn’t include someone flushing the toilet at the same time, but if pressure fluctuations happen frequently with no obvious causes, that’s a sign of something more serious.

Sounds Of Running Water

Do you hear running water behind your walls or ceiling on your main floor? You might think that you’re imagining things, but it’s likely that you’re not. When in doubt, turn off your supply valve and check your water metre. Look back a few hours later to see whether it has changed. If the needle has moved, you may have a leak.


All leaks should be fixed as quickly as possible. When leaking pipes are visible, there is less reason for concern, as we can easily figure out if it’s a loose fixture or joint that needs to be replaced, but they should still be fixed as soon as possible.

Hidden leaks like slab leaks or shower head leaks behind tile are more serious and require your plumber to run an in-depth diagnosis before proceeding with options for water line repair. Ottawa homeowners who choose our team will receive only the best, long-term solutions.

Puddles In Your Front Yard

Wet patches or discoloured areas on your lawn could indicate either damage in your sewer or supply lines. If you notice permanent puddles above buried pipes, you should call a professional plumber for a thorough inspection.

Musty Smells

Musty smells are a common sign of leaks that have gone unnoticed and resulted in water damage. Pay attention to any musty smells in your home, and consider calling Mr. Rooter Plumbing if they don’t go away, or if they get worse.

Flooding Basement

A flooding basement can be caused by heavy rains, but it’s possible for major bursts and leaks to cause flooding on the lowest level of your home. If your basement floods as a result of a leak, immediately turn off your supply valve and call a plumber for further assistance.

High Water Bills

It’s crucial to pay attention to your utility bills and look for any irregularities that could indicate increased usage. If your bills have gone up for seemingly no reason, you could have a leak or burst that has gone undetected.

Ottawa Water Line Repair Options

There are several repair options that we can provide for people in Ottawa, including for pipes that are buried underground or beneath concrete. Using trenchless technology is one of our preferred methods. It provides a clean method of repairing damaged lines underground, where your plumber drills two access holes to create insertion and reception pits for accessing and treating the affected parts of your system.

It is the safest and fastest way for plumbers to fix any underground infrastructure without disrupting surface traffic or creating property damage. We use this advanced method for sewer repair and water line repair. Ottawa, ON homeowners need not be afraid of excavation on their property when they choose our team.

That said, the existing line needs to be intact. There are occasions where they are either severely corroded or have collapsed. This is when traditional replacement through excavation will be inevitable. While invasive work is your last resort for repair, don’t lose hope until we have provided you with the results of a professional plumbing diagnosis.

101 Guide: Water Line Break in Ottawa

In the case of damage, professional water line repair is inevitable, but you can take these steps to stop your situation from escalating and avoid more costly repairs.

  1. Ensure everyone in the family is safe.

  2. Locate and turn off your shut-off valve.

  3. Ensure affected areas aren’t touching any electrical outlets.

  4. Grab old towels, rags or blankets to soak up puddles and place deep buckets in front of leaking ceilings.

  5. Call your local plumber for emergency services.

  6. Depending on your professional plumber’s instructions, continue to keep areas safe and dry. If the ceiling is mostly affected, poke a larger hole to prevent the flow of water from spreading across your ceiling. However, we do not recommend this if your ceiling is sagging.

Note: During repairs, we recommend limiting your liquid use as it might have come in contact with contaminants.

Protect Your Water Lines

Are you experiencing water hammer noises in your pipes? That’s a pressure issue. If you don’t have a pressure regulator, the city might offer to adjust it for you. Otherwise, your local plumber will do it for you. While many people love high pressure in the shower or when doing the dishes, it will eventually weaken your water lines and cause ruptures. Regulating the pressure will help extend your pipes’ lifespan.

You can also protect your pipes by adding our routine maintenance services to your calendar or creating annual reminders for check ups and drain cleaning services, during which we will inspect your plumbing system.

Other preventative measures that protect you from basement flooding include installing a backwater valve, installing a sump pump and inspecting your basement floor drain. Completing that maintenance and getting those installations will help you avoid issues caused by rainfall and burst pipes.

Ottawa Water Line Repair Emergency Services

As unpredictable as plumbing emergencies can be, our qualified local team of technicians takes these matters seriously. You won’t ever have to wait in line or deal with unexpected overtime charges because at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, you can expect fast, reliable emergency services 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

As your dedicated plumber, we want to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Our experts will arrive promptly with industry-leading solutions and technology to quickly identify and fix any plumbing emergencies. We will make sure your plumbing system remains in working condition for a long time to come. You may need emergency Ottawa water line repairs if you have:

  • Frozen pipes: Barely any water will come out of pipes when they’re frozen solid. Chances are that pressure will trigger a burst. Rely on our professional services to prevent any damage from worsening.

  • Burst pipes: Burst can be caused by frozen pipes, old pipework, improper line installation or external forces like tree roots or nearby construction work.

Do You Need Ottawa Water Line Repairs?

Our experts will deliver solutions, preventative measures and Ottawa plumbing repair services for everything from frozen pipes to main breaks. We also provide thorough diagnosis and inspection services to determine the best repair method for your home and make recommendations for how to care for new fixtures, along with when you should schedule routine maintenance and repairs. Our experts are here to listen to your concerns and guide you through a comfortable and safe repair process that will restore the health of your supply or drainage systems, fixtures and your overall plumbing system.

Give us a call at 613-746-0000 to schedule an appointment for Ottawa water line repair service or learn more about our inspection and maintenance services. We proudly serve Ottawa and many nearby communities in the National Capital Region, from Gatineau to Nepean and beyond.

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