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Water Treatment, Softener & Filter Services

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Regions with hard water make for uncomfortable living, unless you have a water softener installed in your home. Letting hard water go through your piping without a water softener can eventually cause blockages, strip the color from your clothing in the wash, and stain your dishes, toilets, and showers with unsightly water spots. It may even corrode your pipes, requiring extensive replacement work or repair jobs to be done in the future.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton can assist you with any water softener and filter service you need. From installing new systems to repairing damaged systems to replacing inefficient system, we are the friendly, professional plumbing service technicians you can depend on. To put your mind – and your wallet – further at ease, we guarantee your satisfaction for both parts and labor we provide.

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We Use Hi-Tech Laboratory Analysis

Not every home needs the same water softener system as the next, even if they are in the same block or neighborhood. Multiple variables can change the hardness of your water unexpectedly. Our plumbers will perform tests and take samples of your water for a free laboratory analysis to find out exactly what system will work best for your home. Factors we will consider include how much water your household uses in a given week, different grain capacities for water softener systems, and more.

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It seems everyone knows of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton – and for good reason! We are absolutely committed to delivering only the best possible plumbing and drain services around, all completed with industry-leading parts and tools.

What you can expect from our plumbers in Edmonton:

  • Arrive on-time, in clean uniforms, and with a smile
  • Bonded and insured workmanship
  • Flat-rate, competitive pricing
  • Never any overtime charges

When your water softener is not functioning properly, or if you need a water softener and filtration system, you can come to us for one-stop service. We make plumbing hassle-free for our clients, giving them peace of mind from the moment we show up. You can also depend on us for commercial and emergency services.

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