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Well Systems

Mr Rooter® Plumbing knows wells. All well systems are built with many different parts; from expansion tanks and foot valves to pressure switches and pumps. We don’t expect you to be the expert! Whether you have a shallow well or a deep well, your Mr Rooter technician can diagnose malfunctions and repair or replace any necessary components of your system.

Shallow Wells
Shallow wells have a maximum depth of 25’. If you have a shallow well, your pump and pump system will be above ground. The pump system is normally located in a small pump house or a room inside your home. The water from a shallow well system is supplied by a large concrete basin located on your property.

Deep Wells
Deep wells are normally anywhere from 40’ to 400’ deep. If you have a deep well, the pump itself will be located at the bottom of your well. The remaining system components are located in a pump house or a room inside your home. The water from a deep well system is suppled by a small metal pipe drilled into the ground on your property.

Well System Check-Up
Did you know that many real estate transactions collapse because a well system inspection fails? Check and repair your well system before you sell.

Water Testing
While most well water is safe for all household purposes, including human consumption, a simple water test every two years is recommended to ensure water is safe.

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